Brentwood Home Mattress Review: Would You Buy It?

Nicole J. Holstein
Are you in the market for high-quality, high performing hybrid mattresses? If yes, then you should look no further than the Brentwood Home Mattresses. The company has been manufacturing mattresses in the state of California for over thirty years.

Brentwood Home Hybrid Beds combine long-lasting support and responsive comfort of traditional spring technique, along with contemporary materials for effective pressure relief. Basically, the company has carefully selected premium materials that allow for a naturally cooler sleep.

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Brentwood Home Mattress Types

Mattress Types Brentwood Home offers several mattress collections including:

Overview pros and cons table for Brentwood Home mattresses

  Pros Cons
Materials Quality natural and organic materials  
Comfort Strong conforming ability for pressure relief Good motion isolation  
Aesthetics Attractive designs and textures  
Value   A bit pricey compared to mainstream brands
Convenience   Only available online direct to consumer Heavy mattresses could be hard to move

Brentwood Home Introduction

With Brentwood Home line of mattresses, you have an option for a tight budget (the Ojai), an option for a flexible budget (the Oceano), and the most luxurious option (the Cedar). You will enjoy long-term support and comfort backed by a limited 25-year warranty for all the beds.

All this is inspired by Brentwood’s love for the company’s home in California and the natural world. Brentwood Home was started to solve the problem of hefty markups by retailers. Thanks to this amazing company, you no longer have to deal with pushy salespeople.

Made in California

The Brentwood Home Mattresses are proudly made in California. Therefore, you do not have to deal with hefty markups of retailers anymore. In fact, you do not have to travel miles away to get the best mattress. Craftsmanship and comfort are brought to you.

120-Night Trial

With the 120-night trial, you have more than enough time to try the mattress at home. Technically, you need at least 30 days to get used to your new bed. You can always return the mattress if you are not satisfied with the product.

Free Shipping

The company offers you free standard shipping for all orders you make. A great number of orders are usually handcrafted and then delivered in about five to ten business days.

You can also use the company’s white glove delivery; all you have to do is incur an extra cost. With the white delivery, the manufacturer will bring the mattress to your house and completely set it up on your behalf.

In fact, the Cedar Cal King and Cedar King and Oceano Cal King and Oceano King orders are available with a complimentary white glove service. There are a few restrictions that come with free shipping. The company does not deliver to APO/FPO addresses or P.O. Boxes.

Returns and Warranty

The company requires you to sleep on your new mattress for 30 days in order to get used to it. If you are still unsatisfied after the 30 days, Brentwood will send their staff to pick up the mattress and offer a full refund. However, the free return is only viable for mattresses that are directly bought from

The Brentwood Home mattresses come with a limited warranty of 25 years. The warranty only applies to defects in material and workmanship, which are subjected to limitations as stated by the limited warranty.

Top-Rated Brentwood Home Mattress(Reviews and compare)

Oceano Mattress Cooling Gel Memory Foam Responsive Micro Coils & 5-Zone Support System Medium-Plush Feel $995
Cedar Mattress Responsive Natural Latex 3-Zone Pressure Relief & 5-Zone Support System Medium Feel $1,349
Ojai Mattress Cooling Gel Memory Foam 5-Zone Support System Medium Feel $795
*Price update at June 30, 2022. Please note that prices and product specifications mentioned in this review may change, and it is recommended to consult the official Nectar website for the most current information.Trial, Warranty, Free Shipping, & Returns

Brentwood Home Oceano

The Oceano Mattress is a hybrid type which incorporates varied layers and material to prevent motion transfer and to promote breathability. A two-coil system with a top layer comprising of gel infused memory foam makes it be a luxurious aesthetically pleasing products.

  • Who Is Suitable?

Looking for a thicker mattress? This deluxe foam is thicker than many of the available brands with a 14’’-15’’ thickness. While it offers excellent comfort, it is incredibly firm and supportive all because of the coiling system. It is one of the best choices in supporting weight.

Are you in for a hybrid or a more traditional mattress feel? The design has a traditional/hybrid feel that uses two pocketed coil systems with a nice quilt top. With the foam layers, and coil units, you are sure of experiencing a more traditional feel.

Are you in need of mattress that sleeps cool? With the tencel, gel and wool memory foam at the top, it makes it breathable and cool. The coil units allow for better airflow. Additionally, you do not get to sink or experience pressure points.

  • Who Is Not Suitable?

It is not suitable for a person who wants an all-foam feel. This mattress is a hybrid has a more traditional feel than all foam mattresses. Therefore, it has more bounce and is more substantial. If you love all foam this may not be your preference.

It is not suitable for a sleeper who doesn’t want a thick bed. This mattress is about 15’’ inches thick, which sometimes may shorten the headboard. If this is the case, you may be forced to acquire a new headboard so as to get a good quality sleep.

  • Construction

The first layer comprises of half an inch of New Zealand wool. It is a material which naturally regulates temperature. It ensures that sleepers stay cool during summer and warm in winter.

The next layer consists of two-inch gel memory foam. It offers soft contouring support without retaining any heat. Gel foam traps any heat and diffuses it away from your body.

It has 2.5-inch separately wrapped micro coils. These are tiny coils that are effective at responding to pressure than bigger coils. Every coil is independently wrapped; hence the movement of one does not affect the other, ensuring that there is less motion transfer.

It has a 2’’ air flux foam layer, which acts as a transition layer from micro coil layer to innerspring coil base layer. It is firm, but soft enough in responding to weight.

The next layer is an 8’’ individually wrapped base coils. This layer is made up of over 1000 individually wrapped coils. They all have different levels of firmness. A total of five support zones are available.

Three in the center for offering support for your head, shoulder, and hips while the two are on the side for edge support.

The last layer is half inch base foam, which protects the innerspring coils. It is extra dense and will not give away as long as it is resting on an adequate foundation.

  • Performance

The Oceano Mattress is the best-selling as it is made of luxury materials which are comfortable and durable. It rates as a six out of ten on firmness scale. This makes it a medium firm bed by most standards. Pros

  • Good cost to quality ratio
  • Helpful for sleepers suffering from painful pressure points
  • Zoning ensures you are properly aligned and comfortable
  • The foam holds up well with time
  • It is very heavy
  • It may be too firm for individuals with lesser weight

Brentwood Home Cedar

The Cedar Mattress is eco-friendly. It is filled with organic materials; with natural latex layers designed to offer comfort, breathability and pressure relief. It is the best option, which holds up to its high-quality standards.

  • Who Is Suitable?

Individuals who like to sleep cool. The natural latex layers and organic cotton quilt do not hold heat. This is a good choice for cool sleepers. The foam is aerated for airflow, with little body hug, allowing your body to be exposed to enough air.

It is suitable for side sleepers. The Cedar Bed is softer than the other natural latex mattresses available. It utilizes medium density foam with a grooved second layer, making it better for the side sleepers

Are you searching for a latex feel with a good bounce? The bed uses pocketed coil units and latex that prevents sink in and ensures enough bounce.

  • Who Is Not Suitable?

This may not be a suitable choice for a person who is interested in an all-foam bed. As a latex hybrid mattress, it tends to have more of sleeping on top when compared to memory foam that has a more pronounced body hug.

Are you looking for a super soft mattress? Then this is not the best choice for you. The Cedar bed is a medium feel as compared to others in the market.

  • Construction

Brentwood Home Cedar Mattress is a 13-inch hybrid bed, comprising of six layers that are all-natural materials with an organic cotton cover.

The first layer is made of New Zealand wool. It is compressed and knit into the unique cover, resulting into the mattress having a soft and breathable surface. The wool is responsible for absorbing moisture, preventing you from waking up sweaty.

It has is a 2’’ Dunlop latex. The comfort layer comprises responsive and natural latex that offers a mix of soft comfort and support.

It has a 2-inch grooved latex. This layer is grooved and is computer designed to create three comfort zones for back, shoulders, and legs. Sleeping in such areas in the right position is key to good spinal alignment.

Then there is the flaxseed fiber pad, which is a thin and supportive pad that is made from organic flaxseed. It separates latex from innerspring coil layers.

The flaxseed fiber pad is followed by an 8-inch independently wrapped coil system. The bulk of the bed consists of an innerspring coil core that offers optimal support to each part of the body. The coils form five support zones; three of which offer support to the back, legs, and shoulders while the remaining two offer edge support.

Then there is a 1-inch coconut husk support layer. This is a hard and supportive base. It is the foundation for the innerspring coils that ensure the mattress distributes weight evenly.

  • Performance

The cedar mattress comprises responsive latex, which keeps a sleeper on the bed rather than in it. The rating on the firmness scale is five out of ten. It is softer than the average hybrids. This rating may be a bit softer for stomach sleepers Pros

  • Made of eco-friendly materials
  • Consists of a unique layer of grooved latex which is computer designed, cut into the targeted zones
  • Has a medium firmness level
  • Works well on all surfaces including box springs and adjustable beds


  • Has a low motion isolation
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Brentwood Home Ojai

The Ojai Mattress is a hybrid bed, featuring natural latex, memory foam and individually wrapped coils. It is hand-tuffed and is designed to employ the most modern sleep technologies with eco-conscious materials that offer cool, supportive and comfortable sleep surface.

  • Who Is Suitable?

It is suitable for a person who needs a medium firm feel. It combines individually pocketed coils and memory foam, making it not overly soft as compared to memory foam and not too hard like other innerspring mattresses. It allows easier movement and readjustment.

If you are looking for both comfort and strong support, this bed incorporates heavy duty coils, which make it sturdy and dependable. The coils offer firm support when you are asleep. At the same time, it has three layers of memory foam offering soft comfort.

Want to stay cool. This foam comes with a tencel cover, which shields a layer of wool that wicks away moisture, ensuring that you are cool and comfortable at all times. A layer of natural latex is also present which is designed to dissipate excess heat.

  • Who Is Not Suitable?

If you prefer a foam mattress, you may consider buying another type since this mattress uses a pocketed coil system and memory foam. As it is a hybrid mattress that incorporates spring coils, it will not function like traditional memory foam.

It is not suitable for a person who wants a bed that retains heat. While others prefer thick memory foam, which retains heat and keeps them warm at all times, this mattress is designed to stay ventilated and cool.

  • Construction

The cover is made up of tencel. It is popular for being very soft and breathable. The New Zealand wool is a natural moisture-wicking material, which allows for adequate air circulation and also regulates sleeping temperature.

The first layer is a 1.5’’ FLO-foam. It offers comfortable pressure relief by perfectly adapting to your body curves. The layer also prevents too much tossing and turning as you will feel relaxed sleeping in almost all positions.

The second layer is a 1.5’’ thick gel memory foam layer. It efficiently relieves pressure points as it evenly distributes the body weight across the foam. In addition, this layer renders Ojai mattress best for couples due to great moisture isolation.

The third layer is made of 1’’ latex and it is slightly thinner. It adds a bit of bounce and responsiveness. It is entirely natural, completely free of any synthetic ingredients and toxins.

The last layer is made of 8’’ individually wrapped coils that serves as a strong foundation to the mattress. They are prudently positioned to offer targeted support to sensitive body parts like hips, shoulders, and back. The base layer also provides support to bed edges adding to durability.

  • Performance

The bed is a premium mattress made of high-quality materials. It rates as a six out of ten on the firmness scale. This makes it ideal for most types of sleepers. Foam layers are quite dense while the stretch-knit covering compresses them even further. Pros

  • It is ideal for all sleeping positions
  • Uses non-toxic, eco-friendly and healthy materials
  • It has exceptional pressure relief, making it ideal for individuals with joint problems
  • Sleeps cool with breathable and temperature regulating materials


  • Fairly heavy requiring two people to maneuver
  • You may also like other hybrid mattresses listed here.

The Wrap Up

With Brentwood Home Mattresses, you get the best of every dollar you spend. The company’s best seller is the Oceano Mattress, which offers five-star hotel comfort at home. Being a hybrid bed, it combines supportive 5-zone base, responsive micro-coils, and pressure relieving gel foam.

A tight budget should not prevent you from experiencing the comfort offered by Brentwood Home Mattress. You can buy their cheaper option, which is the Ojai mattress. With a bigger budget, you can enjoy the benefits of all natural materials of the Cedar Mattress.

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