The Classy Home Review: *Pros and Cons* Is It Worth the Hype?

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Want to better your home space with affordable furnishing? Then The Classy Home brand is here for your rescue. Though popular, we need to evaluate if the furnishings are the hype on the market. Please find out more in the review from our experts.

Finding reliable and affordable home space furnishing tools that don't sacrifice quality is hard. Though demand is high currently, shoppers are also looking for cheaper alternatives with a considerable collection. To upscale your abode and kill that home space only takes you a few bucks if you have the right brand at heart.

For this reason, we have taken our time to research, purchase, and experience The Classy Home furnishing and services. From the data, this company has tried hard to build its reputation online but is yet to get enough traction compared to alternatives.

Because of what we found, these guys deserve the credit and can help you step out of the shadows to spotlight their products. In this article, we will take a deeper review of the company's history since its inception to the best-seller products, promotional services, retailers, and customer feedback to guide us in evaluating if it's the force to reckon with on the market.

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The Classy Home Review

The Classy Home is a company that has been on the market for the last 17 years. While launched in 2006, the company has established a strong reputation for offering affordable furnishing and services to kill that home space. These guys claim to be here with a solution for the people after decorating their homes cheaply. The company has developed and grown to offer over 100 brands online.

In their inventory, The Classy Home has over 170 000 products for you. This means the company has anything you want and anything that can easily match your home space style. Furthermore, they have made everything from their services, products, construction, and order delivery using their qualified and professional customer support team, complemented with well-explained video tutorials.

In all aspects, the brand understands their customer and knows how to impress them. However, we all can agree that as long as there are good things about a business, there ought also to be opposing sides. Thus, before going into details about their products, we also have to highlight a comparison between the pros and cons of The Classy Home.

The Classy Home Pros:

The Classy Home Cons:

Why We Like The Classy Home

Filling that home space in your room is not easy. But The Classy Home brands have you covered with numerous pieces of furniture to select from. We have covered a simple introduction; we must dive deep into the products category to discover why we love this marketplace. The Classy Home inventory carries over 100 brands under one roof. Let us get started below.

The Best-Selling The Classy Home Elegant Bedroom Sets

Suppose you have a spacious bedroom and want to fill it. There are numerous options for elegant sets. These items are perfect for bringing elegance to your bedroom at an affordable price. The first one is America Ariston Rose Gold 2pc Bedroom Set with Full Bed that adds to your bedroom life luxury feeling. It contains a table and a bed frame. It is the most popular that many customers are going for online because they are unique and surprisingly designed with rose gold furnish.

It can actually glamorize that classic sleep in your room. The second and last popular best-seller is the Willow White 2pc Bedroom Set with King Upholstered Bed that ensures your room's natural condition. It not only features the soft tan upholstering but also contains the gentle willow and realizes its king-size bed that comes with the side table set.

The Best-Selling The Classy Home Cosmos Furniture

The brand also has a cosmos collection on its website. When you focus on the table, the selection is stunning and strikes any room brilliantly. Among the favorite options is Cosmos Furniture Carissa Talia Gold Black 2pc Coffee Table Set. This set always keeps all the surroundings rounded using the marbled top, which is black. The tables catch any gaze in the house due to the gold bars placed sporadically with rich coloring.

Cosmos Furniture Arlene Gold Console Table comes second and last because of time in this category. It is black but comes with a gold tabletop, and this unique design ensures that your four rings are balanced perfectly to separate slabs and tops. The pieces add something else on top of contemporary furniture than typical furniture. It features a luxury dash and a fun sprinkle that fits any point.

The Best-Selling The Classy Home Lamps

Besides furniture, the company also offers lamps intended to light your day. In the research and experiment session, we also identified a few of the best-selling lamps in the inventory. Our exp[erts highlighted Chandelier Lamp as outstanding with a strong reputation online. You can use it for dining, living, and even the bedroom. It fits anywhere but gives you the hanging chandelier appearance, saving you space.

These 3 lights appeared hanging on the lamp with a single base; they branch outwards. They shine the light using crystal beads and silver-coated branches to elevate your room while bringing the hope of glimmering. A reputable Ivory White Ceramic Faux Linen Table Lamp also ensures that customers remain simple in their routine. The light features gold, ivory, and cream tones, warming your room with a soft glow. Though looks traditional, they are affordable for the perfect decor combination besides being designed to last long.

The Best-Selling The Classy Home Sofa

On top of all the above furniture, the brand also has numerous collections of the sofa that you can count on to sit and feel comfortable. There are multiple popular models on their website. But from thousands of options, we have picked a few best-selling ones for your consideration. First is the Denim Sofa. While it is made rustic and homey, the sofa is still classy and timeless.

The chesterfield design inspired the design and utilized the homier approach. Thus, it acquired the weathered denim look. With gold accents, the company keeps it standing, and you can pair it with any blue couch to make it perfect. They have perfect headrests due to the nature of their rolled arms. The after-work naps include soft down cushioning.

The second sofa to consider here is Global Furniture U8210 Pluto White Sofa. The sofa features a clean color to class up your space in the room. It comes with an adjustable headrest, which makes it perfect, and you can lounge to the perfect angle by tipping the headrest to put on your feet or face TV after having a long day.

Therefore if you want to change your home space style with the perfect and unique furniture or lighting tool, we guarantee you will be satisfied with The Classy Home products. They have a vast mix of designs and fashion, but you do not have to break the bank to acquire them.

Customer Review

The Classy Home review now takes a unique direction. Although we have seen that the company offers reputable and high-quality furniture at an affordable price, we also need to verify that these pieces of furniture are worth it. We can only learn this by considering what previous clients have got from their purchases. This leads us to the customer feeds from numerous sites.

Starting with the official website,, there are so many reviews. Customers had a lot to say, and they complemented the quality of the sofas, extensive collection, customer support services, lucrative deals, and matching designs, among others. One of the customers completed the sofa, saying:-

"Wonderful sofa!! Elegant and incredibly comfortable. If you're on the fence about buying it, do so! By shopping with The Classy Home, I accurately capture 50% off the flagship store price. It was delivered in four days."

Even though on Trustpilot, The Classy Home products get an overall of 3.3 ratings which is average after looking at 9 reviews, 56% gave it 5 stars. This indicates that most of these clients are happy with the deliveries. People are pleased with the products, praising the shipping policy, the quality, etc. for instance, a customer on Trustpilot says:-

"I was hesitant to use an online store, but classy homes went beyond what I expected, also with swift shipments, I'm very pleased with the living room set!"

When it comes to Sitejabber, this is where you can easily deduce the conclusion. The company gets a good rating of 17009 reviews which presents a statistic of 4.58 stars rating. Almost everybody is satisfied with the items; over 62% of these positive reviews were received last year. The company is doing great, and one attests on the site:-

"This dining chairs were exactly what we needed! Quick shipment to my place and simple assembly. It complements our table and chairs perfectly. Thank you very much."

The same also applies to the Reseller Ratings platform. After 573 reviews, the company scores a 3.51 stars rating which is cool, praising the pricing point, the excellent customer support, awesome shipping, and favorable exchange procedure when items delivered have a default.

Comparing the BBB rating with the reviews on the sites such as Yelp, Shopper Approved, and Houzz, we wholeheartedly recommend as well to go for this brand. Multiple positive reviews online give us clear proof of the reason to try the firm's products.

Where to Buy The Classy Home

The company claims to have a vast collection of brands worldwide; it is time to understand from which site one can order The Classy Home furniture or services. Unfortunately, we inform you that the only place you can purchase The Classy Home furniture is their official store at They have a massive collection of products in their inventory. We never spotted any online retailer with The Classy Home products.

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Is The Classy Home Worth It?

This is the perfect section you have been yearning for from the start. Before we conclude, we also mention that The Classy Home has all you need to fill that home space. They have an extensive furniture collection; as the name states, they are classy with all living room, bedrooms, mattresses, kitchen, dining, bars, occasions tables, entertainment, decor, outdoor, kids, and home office furniture needs.

The brand offers customers numerous deals and discounts to help them save on budget. The Classy Home comprises modern furniture with an exclusive range, and this great selection makes us conclude that it's only the brand you can trust; it's worth your money. The company has an excellent customer support and offers 100% secure payment service as well as fantastic shipping and returns policy.

While extensive selection wins our attention, they also offer this furniture at a low price for high-quality items. You can easily access the brand with a single click, and with that in mind, we stand for yes, give it a try and enjoy the new styles. Multiple positive customer feedback says a lot.

The Classy Home Discounts

The Classy Home reviews also went a step further to determine if the company is offering discounts to customers, which is the best selling point. Like other alternatives online, The Classy Home has seasonal sales and numerous constant promotions on its website anytime you click.

Thus, while checking on the webpage, we noted that the brand offers free shipping for New York City orders, but the condition remains that you must place an order stalking $200 and above. When writing this review, we also came across the stock clearance sales where the products were discounted by up to 40% off. During the tax season sales, the company offered a flat discount rate of 10% off when using the promo code TAX23.

On the special deals, you can get to enjoy up to a discount of 10% off. When you sign up for their mailing list or the newsletter, you enjoy a discount of 11% off on the first order. Therefore, before placing an order, check out these discounts and capitalize on them.

The Classy Home Contact

If you still have an unanswered question about The Classy Home reviews, the good thing is that the company has availed means you can contact them. They are available to address all the questions you have. For this reason, we also had the role of researching these means and presenting them here. First of all, you can give them a call at 1-877-718-CLASSY(2527).

This number is operational Monday through Thursday from 9 am to 5 pm, while Friday is from 9 am to 12 pm ET. Contact them through fax at 347-772-1212 or fill out the online form and send them a notification, which he will respond to via email. Equally, they have listed the support email through which you can mail

If the above methods are not preferred, try using their website's live chat button. Still, they are available on social media platforms. Follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and engage with them anytime. With the above means, rest easy, as all inquiries will be handled swiftly.


Q. What is the Classy Home brand?

This is an online marketplace that offers home and office space furniture. Based on the above information, the brand was founded in 2006 when it first came to light on the market.

Q. How many brands constitute The Classy Home?

The online data shows that The Classy Home comprises over 100 unique brands, including the whole stock. Hopefully, this does not sound too shabby for such a single location.

Q. Does the Classy Home brand have a physical showroom and store?

We can conclude that the company has no showroom or store. Since their products are affordable, the company resorted to only operating as an online store to avoid other related charges.

Q. Does the Classy Home furniture come with an extended warranty program?

Definitely, all The Classy Home products offer customers an extended warranty. Although this is available during product checkout, the service is done through third-party purchases.

Q. Where does The Classy Home brand ship its products to?

After this review, we hope you will continue the purchase process. Therefore, as of the latest information, this company offers shipping to customers based in the US alone. This means other regions outside the US are not lucky enough today. If you can order, then you must understand that the company only offers customers two shipping services.

You will see the standard shipping at the checkout, where the curbside drops off items. But with the white Glove service, the company delivers the item to the desired collection point. Still, they offered you the set-up as well as assembly of the items to the selected state, which you can access at the checkout. All the shipping charges are based on the region where you are found and the state of the order.

So, the max price that meets delivery is $150. To verify the cost that applies to the shipping charge, enter the zip code, and it will automatically be added to your order. If you are based in New York, you qualify for free shipping for a pacing order of $200 and above. The company schedules the delivery time, indicating that you don't have to track your order here. They organize the drop off with the customer using numerous means, but missed delivery incurs re-delivery charges. So, always be available for an appointment.

Q. Does The Classy Home accept returned orders?

First, remember that much money is wasted on returning The Classy Home products. Thus, we do not recommend replacing your order. This is because the return process undergoes a long process, primarily if the order does not involve any damage to the products. From email to requesting the return is complicated. But when the brand accepts the return, you can start the process.

The company gives you a maximum of five days to ensure you deliver their return order. Initiating return customers must first accept that you will pay the 25% restocking fee, which they deduct from the refund; you must pay the shipping charges and ensure all the items are maintained in the original package.

The process is long and demanding only to get a portion of the refund back to the account. But when the items are defective and damaged, you can request an exchange by calling the support team. If the thing is not pleasing, consider reselling it online.


Our conclusion on The Classy Home reviews is based on the multiple customer feedback online. Although the company has an unfair return policy, they offer a favorable shipping policy to customers based in the US. The online marketplace has over 100 brands that offer all your home or office space furniture needs at an affordable price.

It has established its popularity from its competitive quality and massive collection of furniture. In addition, they also offer numerous lucrative deals that will not only save you money but also attract new customers. Join the marketplace and try this high-quality furniture, office items, and more.

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