Mahabis Slippers Review: Ultra Breathable & Light As Air!

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Are looking for fashionable yet functional slippers? Let us help you get the best one. Read more about Mahabis slippers, their discounts, promos, and other services it offers.

Good footwear will always make your appearance and outfit very attractive. There are different types of footwear in the market. The fashion world has undergone different series of advancements in recent years. When choosing the best footwear that will suit you, you will need to consider some factors before choosing such as the type of footwear, the design of the footwear, the styles available, some other features such as comfort, durability, affordable price, nice colors, and some other extra feature that can distinguish from other regular footwear.

This review aims to help you know the right brand that will fit what you like. Mahabis slippers is a company that has won a lot of awards because of its innovative way of making footwear. They produce eco-friendly slippers of premium quality for women and men. If you are confused about how to go about this brand, then you can read this review on Mahabis slippers to get all the necessary information about the brand, its slippers, and other services they offer. The review aims to let you know if the brand is worth it.

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Mahabis Slippers Review

Mahabis is a brand that offers premium quality and eco-friendly slippers for both women and men. Mahabis slippers is an award-winning brand based on footwear production, they design their slippers with style and function in their mind. There is no information about the founder of the brand. However, the review found out that their head office is located in London.

The review will dive into the information about this brand, the customer reviews received from customers of this brand, the pros and cons of Mahabis slippers, the reason why I like using the brand, where to buy Mahabis slippers, and much other important information that will aid your decision making.

Mahabis Slippers Pros

Mahabis Slippers Cons

Why We Like Mahabis Slippers

Mahabis Classic Slippers

This is among the bestsellers of this brand. These slippers are always comfortable, versatile, and always warm. One good thing with this shoe is that you can have a color combination if you want. You can choose the color of the sole as well as select the color of the upper part of the slippers. Dark Grey, Light Grey, Navy, Red, stone, black, etc are the common colors for your selection. You can also get the upgraded version of the non-color. These slippers can be used throughout the day, it is made for both women and men. You can get a nice one for about $109.

Mahabis Curve

If you are looking for eco-friendly shoes, then you can jump on this one. It is made as a great welcome for home usage. Mostly outdoor and indoor. This bestseller is made to be luxurious and classy with Italian wool and wool lining that is 100 percent organic. If you have been looking for a heel with great neoprene, then this is the best slipper to buy.

The slippers also come with a design for your toe that is unique and that can protect the footwear from wear and scuffing. These slippers come in different colors such as blue, pink, orange, bright orange, green, black, greenish-black, Grey, yellow, etc. You also have the choice of selecting different colors for the upper part of the slippers and the sole. You can get yourself these fashionable and functional slippers for $130.

Customer Review

This review found out that Mahabis customers are satisfied with their slippers. This customer review found out that there are a lot of positive reviews on this brand. Some customer reports have shown that the brand has been able to meet up with the demand of its customers by providing fashionable but functional shoes. This goes a long way to explain the generally positive review gotten.

Some customers even stated that the prices for their footwear are affordable which is even low for the kind of high-quality slippers they provide. Some also made a positive review on the customer service. They said the customer support team is always ready to help solve a problem at the right time. This research was centered on the products and individual experiences.

Trust pilot review website was used to carry out this review. The website has honest reviews from customers of this brand. There is a 4.4-star rating for this brand on the website. There are also over 60% excellent remarks about this brand. The review was centered on the services they render, the slippers, customer services, the bestsellers rating, the quality, etc.

I love the slippers from Mahabis. I have a little health condition around my feet caused by diabetes. My boyfriend did some little research and found this brand. I have been using it, I am comfortable because it provides support.

Where to Buy Mahabis Slippers

For you to enjoy the best deal, you have to buy from their website. This review did not find another means of buying from them

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Are Mahabis Slippers Worth It?

If you have been thinking if this brand is worth it, then you are right with your assumption that the brand is worth it. The brand is into the production of high-quality slippers that are fashionable, trendy, and functional. Customer research has shown that some customers even gave testimonies that these slippers help in giving support to the leg for people with feet issues.

The brand enjoys a positive high rating from the majority of its customers. There are some other aspects of the brand such as good customer service, nice returns, and exchange policy. I will always recommend this brand at all times.

Mahabis Slippers Discounts

You can enjoy some discounts from this brand in many ways. You can even check from time to time to know available discount

Mahabis Slippers Contact

You can reach out to the brand for more inquiries or questions via the following


Q. What is the return policy of Mahabis slippers?

The brand offers a 30-day return policy. This applies when you are not fully satisfied with what you ordered. Then you can also make a return when there is damage to your shipment upon arrival. What you just have to do is to send them back for either refunds or exchange. You can expect your return within 7 to 10 days. You can start the processing of your return by the input of your shipment number, and following all the required returns steps. Make sure the product is not worn or used.

Q. What is the shipping policy of Mahabis slippers?

The brand offers international shipping. The brand is located in London. They offer to ship to the United States. They offer standard shipping which is free within the UK, while express and custom shipping are not free. They also offer free shipping to the United States for item above $130, you can also ship by custom and express which is paid. You have to place your order before 1 pm UK time so that it can be processed immediately. Depending on the country you are importing, you might have to pay for customs or other charges.

Q. Who is the owner of Mahabis slippers?

This review could not get the information about the owner because the brand did not provide enough details. But the review found out that they are based in London.


Wearing the right slippers is very important. It tells much about your personality, appearance, and outfit. It also shows how fashion-oriented you are. Mahabis slippers try to produce footwear that is fashionable yet functional. This review will help you make the best choice.

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