Love Wellness Review: *Pros and Cons* Is It Scam or Legit?

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Love Wellness is dedicated to women's personal care and health issue. But ladies should be cautious about choosing these products. Is that why I wrote this article.

Everybody is concerned about their health and hygiene. A lot of women check out different brands to ensure they keep up with their vaginal health and hygiene. There is always a need to be healthier than before and also improve their current hygiene. However, it can be very difficult to source nice products that will help improve your hygiene. When it comes to the products you apply to your body or supplement you take, you should not use your body to test if the product is good or not.

Love wellness supplement produces personal care products specifically for personal hygiene, vaginal, and vaginal health. If you are confused about how to go about quality products for your health and hygiene needs, why not read this review on Love wellness, this will enable you to get information about what the brand is all about, the products they have, and other services they offer.

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Love Wellness Review

Love Wellness is a company based on producing healthy products for women such as personal hygiene, vagina, and sexual health products. They also produce cleansers, multivitamins, supplements, lubricants, etc. It has a vast array of natural ingredient products to help women feel and look better. This company is owned by an American Television personality, Lo Bosworth. It was founded in the year 2016 in New York City.

The aim of this company is not only to produce these amazing products, but women should also find it very easy shopping for self-care products. All of these products are based on science. When it comes to the ingredients and how effective it is, they have tried to maintain total transparency. They also offer promotions and discounts to customers.

This review aims to explain the things I like about this brand, the pros and cons, how to go about getting the products, the things customers are saying about the brand, Frequently asked questions, discounts, promotions, and many more. This will help know if the brand is worth the praise it gets.

Love Wellness Pros

  • you can get a variety of women's products for health and supplements
  • The products are cruelty-free, gluten-free, and science-based
  • They are transparent about their products and ingredients
  • They have positive testimonies from customers
  • You can buy now and pay later using the Klarna payment method

Love Wellness Cons

  • Shipping is limited to only the United States Of America, Canada, and Puerto Rico.

Why We Like Love Wellness

Love Wellness the Killer

The Killer is a boric acid suppository. It is a highly effective treatment. This product is meant to prevent a yeast infection. You must take care of your vagina. If you don’t properly take care of that place, it can cause pain and even get exposed to infections. Killer uses to maintain healthy levels of vaginal yeast, bacteria, and pH levels, and made with a single ingredient, it is specifically designed to balance the ecosystem in your vagina area. You can get it for $20 for a one-time purchase or you subscribe for $15.

The Good Girl Probiotics

This product is also for the vagina. This brand made several products so that you can take good care of your body with some sensitive parts of the body such as the vagina. This product helps to maintain and improve urinary tract health and good bacteria. The products help to create balanced vaginal pH. It cost around $25 but you can get it for $19 on a subscription.

The Wellness Metabolove

This is for your usual monthly circle, it can get very painful during monthly flow. Most young women generate emotion during this period and you cannot blame them because of the pains they pass through. It is designed to ease the tension during this period. It also helps to enhance metabolism in the absence of chemical stimulants. You can get it for $25 and a subscription for $19

The Mood Pills

Most women always have a mood swing. However, you cannot tell when the mood swing will take you. It is very surprising when you see a lady just change from being a happy person to someone looking angry within a few seconds. The supplements contain GABA, vitamin B6, and organic chaste berry. You can get it for $25 but you can get it for $19 on a subscription.

Bye Bye Bloat

Bye Bye Bloat is their product specifically for bloating problems. It contains digestive enzymes that help break down fats, proteins, and carbohydrates, aiding digestion and addressing food-related bloating. This anti-bloating product has long been popular. But Love Wellness recommends that you take 1-2 capsules after each meal or before bed and not more than 4 in a day.

Customer Review

This review is based on the real experience of customers. What they are saying is both positive and negative reviews they gave. During my research, I made use of the official website to get insight into the exact experiences and testimonies that customers of this brand made. These are honest reviews made by different customers.

I made use of the official website to carry out this analysis. On the Love Wellness website, there is a 4.8-star rating from 34319 customers who gave their honest reviews. Most of them talked about the effectiveness of the products, good customer service, and quality at an affordable price.

When I started taking these products and supplements at first, I thought they were not effective. However, after a while I noticed changes, I don’t get mood swings, I can control my cravings and some other things. They have good products.

I am loving these and would totally recommend them. My OBGYN recommended probiotics and fiber to me after my last pregnancy. I tried these as a supplement and also have been using sparkle fiber everyday, both which help with digestive issues!

Where to Buy Love Wellness Supplement

For the best price and subscription, check out the official website. However, you can check out other online retailers

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Is Love Wellness Worth It

This review will encourage you to check out this brand. You might be wondering if this brand is worth it, yes I can recommend this brand because it covers a lot of vital health benefits for women. Each Love Wellness product description is written with healthy skin in mind and goes over ingredients as well as which parts of the body they're best suited for. You are exposed to a variety of supplements, cleansers, skin care products, and other products like lubricants and multivitamins.

There are so many positive reviews about this brand. Despite the little negative remarks about the supplement, the positive testimonies still rank higher. One good thing about this brand is that it gives full information about the product and necessary recommendations for use. This also contributed to the credibility of this brand.

They have a good blog website where they try to educate and create awareness about personal hygiene. They share vital information about the female body and how it works. Vagina odor, water weight, and period bloating are the common topics being discussed.

After knowing about this brand, you should register to have a feeling about what people are saying. You should have your own story.

Love Wellness Promo Code

Some of the discounts you can enjoy while shopping on Love wellness are;

Love Wellness Contact

You can contact Love wellness for more information that is not included in this review through the following


How many capsules should I take?

It is recommended by Love Wellness to take one capsule after every meal or before bedtime, but no more than 4 should be consumed.

What are the payment methods accepted by Love wellness?

For a one-time purchase, you can use all types of major credit cards, Amazon pays, Apple pay, Google pay, Paypal, Buy now, and pay later with Klarna, Shop pay, etc.

How long does their shipping take?

They commit to starting the process as soon as they receive your orders. After placing your orders, it will take about 2-5 working days. These days are for the processing, packing, and shipping.

How can I track my orders?

Once they have started to ship your order, they will send you information regarding your order tracking via email. You can use the tracking details to know where and when you will get your shipment.

Can I cancel my order?

Once your order has been processed, you cannot edit or cancel the order. However, you can contact their customer support to help with information about cancellation and or modification of your order.

What is the best way to use Love wellness?

We recommend that you do not rely solely on the information presented on our Web or Mobile sites and that you review the product description or contact the manufacturer directly if you have specific product concerns or questions.


Creating a wellness solution that women deserve is the key mission and aim of Love Wellness supplements. So far, they have been able to achieve this and even added to it. Creating a variety of women's wellness products that are cruelty-free, science-based, and gluten-free are some of the basic features of their products. This review will help you make your decision.    

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