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Bestqool Health is a USA-based company helping its customers achieve healthier lifestyles through the use of red light therapy. Their aim is to make overall well-being easily attainable thanks to its infrared light therapy line of products. Amongst their flagship products are red light therapy, Photon LED light therapy, and a variety of LED beauty devices.

As of this article’s writing, Bestqool has 11 products for sale live on their Amazon store which ship from the United States. The average list price of products sold by Bestqool Health is $201.1, which is considered well below average in the red light therapy device industry. This makes Bestqool Health a cost-effective option in the space, especially considering other costly and time-consuming alternatives such as visiting expensive spas or health-care professionals

Bestqool Health has a weighted average star rating of 4.43 based on 1355 customer reviews, which means Bestqool’s previous customers are overall very pleased with the red light therapy products they’ve purchased from them. This places Bestqool Health in the small business seller category within Amazon.

Based on the aforementioned, it can be concluded that Bestqool Health offers an array of high-quality products to perform LED face mask light therapy, red light therapy for body, and even near infrared light therapy.

Items For Sale From Bestqool Health

There are currently 11 products available for purchase from Bestqool Health as of July 1st, 2022. Up next is a list of the store’s available products:


Top 10 Best Selling Products Sold By Bestqool Health

  1. Bestqool Red Light Therapy Device - Near Infrared Light Therapy with Timer, 60 Clinical Grade LEDs, 660nm 850nm High Power Red Light Panel for Fast Recovery, Skin Health, Pain Relief. 95W. | 508 Reviews Analyzed | 22% Sales Share

  1. Bestqool Red Light Therapy Device - Infrared Light Therapy for Pain Relief, Red Light Therapy for Body, Inflammation Relief, Back Pain Relief Device with Timer | 92 Reviews Analyzed | 15% Sales Share

  1. Bestqool Red Light Therapy Device with Socket -18 LEDs Infrared Light Therapy Red Near Infrared 660nm 850nm for Pain Relief Anti-Aging | 231 Reviews Analyzed | 14% Sales Share

  1. Bestqool Photon LED Light Therapy - 6 Colors with Near Infrared Light LED Face Mask for Skin Rejuvenation SPA Facial Body Skin Care Beauty Salon Device | 18 Reviews Analyzed | 13% Sales Share

  1. Bestqool Red Light Therapy for Pets - Clinical Grade Near Infrared Light for Dogs and Pets - Rechargeable Device for Pain Relief, Reduce Inflammation, Heal Wounds | 139 Reviews Analyzed | 12% Sales Share

  1. Bestqool Red Light Therapy Device, 660nm 850nm Infrared Light Therapy with Timer, PRO Series, Adjustable Stand, Clinical Grade High Power Red Light Panel for Skin Health, Pain Relief, Fast Recovery | 114 Reviews Analyzed | 8% Sales Share

  1. LED Face Mask Light Therapy, Bestqool LED Facial Skin Care Mask Red | NIR | Blue Light Therapy, Clinical Grade Facial Care Photon Mask for Skin Rejuvenation, Anti Aging Skin Tightening | 141 Reviews Analyzed | 6.5% Sales Share

  1. Bestqool Red Light Therapy Device - Near Infrared Light Therapy with Timer, 100 Clinical Grade LEDs, 660nm 850nm High Power Red Light Panel for Pain Relief, Anti-Aging. 135W Power Consumption | 71 Reviews Analyzed | 3.5% Sales Share

  1. Bestqool Red Light Therapy Device - Near Infrared Light Therapy 660&850nm with Timer, 200 Clinical Grade LEDs, High Power Red Light Panel for Fast Recovery, Energy, Skin Health, Pain Relief | 45 Reviews Analyzed | 3% Sales Share

  1. Bestqool Light Therapy 4-in-1 Facial Wand, Red Light Therapy for Face and Neck, Warm Therapy for Anti-Aging, Reduce Winkles, Skin Health | 6 Reviews Analyzed | 2% Sales Share

Disclaimer: The price listed in the graph may not reflect what the exact price is right now. This price table is included for reference purposes only and takes into account the average prices based on their ranges from the previous two months after automated analysis and the application of algorithms. Therefore, should only be taken as a reference to give you a basic understanding of the prices for top Bestqool Health products. For the actual sale price of each product, click their link to open their corresponding product page on Amazon.

Our Unbiased Bestqool Health Review

Is Bestqool Health Legit On Amazon?

Yes, Bestqool Health is a legitimate niche seller on Amazon Marketplace. They’re based in the United States and ship their products all over the country under their Bestqool brand. Their store focuses on providing products for red light therapy at home, ranging from a red light therapy panel, a red light therapy lamp, and other near infrared light therapy solutions.

On the other hand, Amazon is also a reputable company with established KYC procedures that ensure they get plenty of information on each seller on their platform to identify and contact them if anything arises.

As a customer, you’re always protected by Amazon when purchasing from their platform. Therefore, you’ll always be able to return a product and obtain a refund of your money if you’re upset or dissatisfied with the quality of what you receive.

You can rest assured that both Bestqool and Amazon are legitimate and have pro-customer satisfaction policies to ensure their customers’ utmost satisfaction.

Does Bestqool Health Offer High-Quality Products?

After carefully analyzing Bestqool Health feedback from previous customers and performing a thorough research on their product reviews and ratings, it’s been determined that they have a weighted average star rating of 4.43 and have sold over 1,450 Health & Household items only counting Amazon.

It’s safe to say Bestqool Health provides high-quality products that have earned them the trust of their clients, as reflected on their positive ratings. Bestqool Health is highly recommended by the brand’s users and you likely won’t regret trusting them with your red light therapy device needs, whether it’s for yourself and even if you’re trying light therapy for pets.

Featured Product Reviews Related to Bestqool Health


Real Bestqool Health Customer Reviews And Comments From Bestqool Health’s Previous Customers

Customers are the best jury and judge for any product being sold online. As such, real customer reviews are a great indicator to measure an online’s brand reputation and reliability.

Below you’ll find several customer reviews pulled directly from Bestqool’s products listings on Amazon.

My young child has eczema and loves dancing in front of the red light for a few minutes every other day. The light has healed the eczema in a week better than any of the many prescriptions or steroid creams we have ever used over the years.’ - commented Emily on Bestqool’s Red Light Therapy (High Irradiance 660&850nm)’s product page on Amazon.

Wow! Wish I had known about this powerful pain reliever a couple years ago. The heat really penetrates deep tissue. I used it today for the first time and I’m so happy with my purchase!’, mentioned Maggie on Bestqool Red Light Therapy Belt’s Amazon product page.

Hard-to-reach right upper back area easily treated with this large and flexible pad. Rapid reduction in pain. Remarkable. Have seen lots of health-care professionals, traditional and alternative without any reduction in pain. Finally some relief that may well become permanent’, detailed Kate H on Bestqool Red Light Therapy Belt’s Amazon product page.

‘Before purchasing this Red Light, I did tons of research online and asked many friends for recommendations. Bottom line, I picked the Bestqool brand due to the low EMF and the bulb is not getting too hot like other brands’, reviewed Samir on Bestqool Red Light Therapy Device with Socket’s Amazon product page.

In conclusion, Bestqool Health seems to be enjoying a healthy reputation thanks to its red light therapy at home products. Customers seem to be satisfied and praising Bestqool for delivering exactly what it promises and for meeting its customers’ expectations on professional grade red light therapy products.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the Bestqool Health Return & Refund Policy?

To obtain and return and subsequently a refund from Amazon, you need to read the Amazon Return Policy and the Amazon Refund Policy carefully. For specific inquiries directly tied to the seller, such as warranties, defects, technicalities and other issues, you can contact the seller directly.

Note: Items can only be returned through Amazon if they are defective, damaged, or you receive the wrong products within 30 days from the purchase date. For Amazon to act as a mediator in this process, products need to have been sold and/or fulfilled through Amazon FBA directly. Otherwise, the customer may be responsible for paying for any return shipping fees.

How Can I Check My Bestqool Health Order Tracking Information?

If it’s been days since you placed your order on Amazon and it still hasn’t arrived yet, it’s normal for you to want to track it. In order to do so, you can visit Amazon and contact the seller you placed an order from. For a more thorough explanation, follow the steps below.

4 Steps To Track Your Package Sold By Bestqool Health:

  1. Go to Your Orders.
  2. Find the specific order you want to track within your list of previous orders.
  3. Select ‘Track Package’ next to the desired order.
  4. Select ‘See all updates’ to view every delivery update from previous days.

If you still have questions, visit this section on Amazon’s helpdesk for more information on how to track your package from Bestqool Health.

Can I Contact Bestqool Health Before My Order Is Placed on Amazon?

Yes, you can contact Bestqool Health before placing your order on Amazon. To do so, head to the Bestqool Health Amazon Storefront and locate the ‘Ask a Question’ link to contact the seller and clear any doubts you may have before placing an order.

Amazon’s Buyer-Seller Messaging Service will act as a mediator and send your question to the seller. Merchants tend to respond to inquiries and emails within two business days at the latest.

How To Contact Bestqool Health To Claim A Warranty On Amazon?

To contact Bestqool Health to claim a warranty on Amazon, all you need to do is go to the order page and find the specific order within your list of previous orders.

Within the chosen order, select ‘Problem with Order’, choose the corresponding problem, and then ‘Contact Seller’.

You’ll then need to provide information on your case for it to be reviewed. The steps to follow are listed below.

How To Contact Bestqool Health After Placing An Order With Them:

  1. Go to Your Orders.
  2. Find the specific order within your list of previous orders.
  3. Select ‘Problem with order’.
  4. Choose your specific problem from the list displayed.
  5. Select ‘Contact seller’. (This step-by-step explanation was obtained from the Contact A Third-Party Seller page in Amazon’s Help & Customer Service section).

If you’re not satisfied with a product you purchased and there is a problem with the seller, you can easily contact the seller on Amazon to request a refund using Amazon’s A-to-Z Guarantee Refund policy. To find out how, read the following steps.

If You Need A Refund From Bestqool Health, Follow These Easy Steps:

  1. Go to Your Orders.
  2. Locate the exact order you need a refund for.
  3. Select ‘Problem with order’.
  4. Select your specific problem from the list displayed.
  5. Choose ‘Request refund’.
  6. Enter your comments in the text box provided.
  7. Select Submit. (This step-by-step explanation was obtained from the Request an A-to-Z Guarantee Refund page in Amazon’s Help & Customer Service section).

What Can I Do If I Got Charged Without Ordering Anything from Bestqool Health?

The first thing to do is to check your credit bill to find out whether the order was placed in an online store or directly from Amazon.

If you still have questions about the charge after doing so, and you’d like to request a chargeback or refund, you can get in touch with the Amazon seller directly to get confirmation on the steps to follow.

Scroll down to find out how you can contact a Seller on Amazon in the next section of this page.

Can I Find Bestqool Health Contact Number And Location?

You can find Bestqool Health’s business name and address from Bestqool Health’s Storefront page on Amazon Marketplace. There, you’ll have access to the seller's location within the United States for warranty, return, and refund purposes. However, you won’t be able to get the seller’s phone number or email address as per Amazon’s policy.