Little Passports Review: Is It Good for Inspiring Kids' Understanding of the World?

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Are you looking for the best way your children can learn about the world, expose them to different cultures and make geography more exciting? Then consider purchasing the Little passports. In this review, we will take you through the Little passport box and find out the best kids' subscription box worth that is worth the money.

Every parent has their kids in mind, whether on a picnic, traveling, or at home. It is a good idea to let the kids not only explore the world but also get exposed to different cultures and understand the world geography in depth beyond the neighborhood.

Since not everyone can afford to be on vacation often, most parents are looking for the best alternative to try and engage their kids, even at home. If you are curious, then you are at the right place.

We are delighted to take you through the Little Passport reviews today. This site company offers kids subscription boxes that teach children about culture, history, geography, science, and many more from around the world. However, do these subscription boxes meet the children's and parents' expectations? Let us find out more in our article. But first, we begin with an overview of the firm.

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Little Passports Review

Little Passports is a company launched in 2009 by a mother and her best friend, Amy Norman & Stella Ma; They established the firm to help inspire kids while learn about the world. The two dues also had a relevant upbringing that exposed them to multiple geographical challenges and cultures worldwide. This exposure made them understand the importance of learning while still young.

The company, Little Passports, has grown over the years, and to date, they provide five varying causes. They are capable of shipping courses around the world. And to mention the brand met its target in 2016 by managing to ship 2 million boxes around the globe.

Going back, Little Passports has headquarters in San Francisco, California, continuously growing and expanding through kid inspiration and engagement while expanding the mind via creativity.

In summary, Little Passports is simply a subscription box that targets kids. The box has multiple features covering geography, STEM learning, and culture, all passed on using crafted stories and interactive experiments.

Little Passports has even been featured in prominent publications like Family Fun, Weird Family, and RealSimple. They have an impressive audience if you check out their social media platform accounts.

In this review, we will take you through the different sections, subscription boxes, and other related packages so that you can make an informed decision. To this far, you understand what Little Passports are and before we proceed to other things, let us have a closer look at the pros & cons of the Little Passports subscription boxes.

Little Passports Pros:

Little Passports Cons:

Why We Like Little Passports

Though this is a subscription learning box for kids, there are multiple things why you need to go for it today. Some of these are outlined below.

Five Plus Different Subscription Boxes

Every subscription box targets a specific age group. This means they are tailored to meet the needs of that particular group. The good thing about this company is that they ship boxes monthly, even worldwide, and they both contain tasks linked to particular themes, cultures, places, and subjects. You can select the subscription box based on your needs or the age of your kids.

In the packages, you can select the monthly packages and go for the 3, 6, or even 12-month subscription box. However, irrespective of the box you select, you must pay the fee during the purchase period.

Another unique thing is that when you do not need to get the subscription for a long period, you can decide to use the monthly package plans. After that, you can cancel the subscription anytime before the next monthly billing. Again, they individually sell the packages.

The five plans include Early explorers from 3 to 5 years, world edition 6 to 10 years, USA edition from 7 to 12 years, science junior from 5 to 8 years, and science expedition 8 and above years.

However, they recently launched the new Fuel kids passions, which can delight eh discoveries. This involves the packages like Animal Wild for kids aged 3 to 5 years. Then lastly, Space Quest is for kids aged 5 to 8 years. So, when you want a package, you can go for the latest two plans or select from the culture and geography and the STEP section for science-related mysteries.

There is a lot that makes us rank the brand for the reliable learning subscription boxes for your kid, which is delivered to your home. The other linked reason you need to go for this company is the plenty of discounts, referral programs, and promo codes to help you save bucks to your bank and purchase the next kit.

Also, you can share the subscription among the siblings by entering their names on the official website while placing an order. Remember that each package or subscription box covers a unique learning area or subject. Refers to the website for clarification.

Parents and Brand Parnershiship

The company has partnered with not only teachers but also parents so that they come up with the relevant learning subscription box for your kids. They always ensure that the box keeps your kid thrilled and engaged. Since they target kid learning activities, they ensure that the box contains varied and interesting teaching materials.

Therefore, the box comes with pen-to-paper and hands-on tasks with many more comics, stickers, and storybooks. Every box has been tested for engagement and fun. The boxes have been tailored to STEM, culture, and geography learning.

Customer Review

For the potential customer to get a better understanding of the company, we have also gone to the internet and searched for customer feedback. There is alot that customers have to say about the brand.

From our review, we will start with the official Little Passport website, where we have received multiple reviews and comments about the brand. Many people have recommended the Early Explorer package. If we can quote one review, it states, "This is a fantastic brand that delivers high-quality teaching aids directly to your door. This month, we received the first package of the Early Explorers subscription plan, which includes some fun things for preschool children!"

That sounds like an overwhelmingly enthusiastic response from the customers. It indicates that the teachers, parents, and kids love the quality of the subscription box.

On The Merry Momma website, the author expresses the kid's happiness as he received the Little Passport subscription box as a birthday gift. The author says: "Aidan, my son, is obsessed with maps and discovery. So when his grandmother suggested getting him a Little Passports subscription for his birthday last spring, I jumped at the chance."

The Untold Morsels website also expands the brand's pros to the market. The author also praises the brand with multiple options for different age groups. And here is what she recommends for the parents"If you wish to get the most out of your Little Passports subscription, you should take a seat and go over each element with your kids. This method appealed to me because it allowed me to share some of my interests with my children in a way that they could understand." She loved the quality of the entertainment, engagement, and many other things about the brand.

Going to Amazon, you will realize that the Little Passport subscription box has a 4.2 stars rating after 728 reviews. 68% of the customers recommend it with five stars while only 8% are again for mere reasons. But generally,  The brand is praised for its quality, multiple options, and free shipping.

The Bare Foot nomad and The Deliberate Mom also give detailed reviews of the brand and state clearly what to expect from the company subscription box. Though there are few complaints about the costs, the general customer rating is awesome. This gives the Little Passport subscription box a good reputation for its ability to inspire kids worldwide.

Where to Buy Little Passports

You must be thinking of purchasing the Little Passports subscription box for your kid. Now, note that the company offers international shipping. Therefore, the best and only method to purchase the kit is by subscribing to their official website. The process is very simple.

Once on their website, select the box you want, click on it, and choose the plan for your kid. After that, you must state the duration, add the name and birthday, and proceed to add to the card. Once you make payment, wait for the subscription box shipment, and if you are in the US, you can enjoy free delivery.

That is simple without intermediaries or any other retailer involved.

Is Little Passports Worth It?

We would not hesitate to recommend the company on the customer reviews and multiple advantages of this subscription box. It will guarantee your kids' happiness, and you can get excellent learning tasks for them at an affordable price. Though preferences vary, Little Passports offers multiple options, ranging from culture and Geography to STEM subjects.

Well, indeed, some kids do not appreciate the importance of the Little Passports subscription box, which is fine because these kids are maybe into something else. But when you are interested in learning about worldwide culture, science and travel, never hesitate, this is the best option for your kid, and it is worth a click.

The company offers US customers multiple promotions, discounts, and free shipping. Each box ranges from $24.95 monthly, which gives you a great value for your money which we guarantee will help expand your kid's mind.

The brand even makes it clear that the subscription box is perfect with the help of adults. Parents and teachers have fun tasks to do with kids learning. They also ensure delivery and access to age-appropriate content with high-quality supplies and learning tools. The subscription comes with everything a kid and parents need.

Little Passports Discounts

Little Passports company is the master when it comes to giving discounts to the customers. There are multiple programs when you visit their website. During our research and review writing, we came across some of the discounts and promotions on the site. This includes the 15% off sitewide when you use the promo code AVENTURE15.

When you refer a friend, you are entitled to the $25 as a gift for the next purchase. This site's award-winning learning subscription box for your kid allows you to save your money. The other things you can enjoy involve free delivery if you are in the US, free access to the DIY tasks, and discounts when you subscribe to their newsletter, which is only a click away.

And when you sign up on the website, you are also entitled to get free screen projects, hands-on tasks, special discounts, and STEM experiments. The best place to be. Ship based on the price, collection, or age.

Little Passports Contact

If you have an urgent thing that needs a professional response concerning this company, then rest assured that Little Passports company has customer support to help you if not covered in our article. There are limited means through which you can reach out to them. That is, they have provided the email addresses at So far, there is no phone number listed on their website. Instead, there is a live chat button.

Equally, you can still get in touch with them on their social media platform accounts like Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter anytime.


Q. Who started Little Passport?

From our article, the founders of the Little Passport company are Mon and friend Stella Ma and Amy Norman, that launched the company in 2016. Luckily, the two duos were exposed to unique cultures while growing hence inspired to provide the same experience to the kids.

Q. What age group are Little Passports for?

To date, Little Passports offers five main plans with two new additionals. However, in terms of age, the packages vary, covering different age groups. The least start at 3 to 5 years which is animal wild or early explorer package.

Q. How much do Little Passports cost a month?

The cost of the Little Passports packages varies from one age group to the next. Therefore, the price is based on the plan you select. But generally, it costs you a $24.95 monthly subscription, which you can cancel anytime with plenty of discounts and promotions.

Q. How do I cancel my Little Passports subscription?

The Little Passports company offers you the option to cancel a subscription anytime. You must log in to your subscription accounts or consider emailing them on their official email addresses. On the subscription status, you can cancel the plan but makes sure you do that before the next month's billing period elapses.

Q. What is Little Passports’ Shipping Policy?

First of all, the company offers free shipping to US-based customers. International customers need to pay upfront, which varies depending on the location. For detailed data, consider visiting their website.

Q. What is Little Passports’ Return Policy?

Unfortunately, it's sad to state that Little Passport has no refund policy; the purchase is final with no refundable option. However, you can transfer the costs to another kid whom you want to receive the subscription box.


as a parent, you might wonder how you will help your kid expand their mind about the world, geography, science, or different cultures. The only place with a subscription box package for your kid is the Little Passport. It is not late to help your kid learn geography, world culture, and many more.

Engage your kids with relevant content based on their age, your budget, or the collection. The company offers multiple discounts and promotions. Explore the games, toys, books, and all the activities geared toward learning. It is one of a kind gift to guarantee kids' happiness.

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