La Prairie Skincare Review: Is This Luxury Brand Really Worth the Hype?

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Do you want to try on high-end and effective skincare products but cannot gauge where to start? In this article, we have an honest La Prairie Skincare review. We will explore the brand and determine if it is hype online and whether these skincare products are effective.

Many things make you naturally opt for a particular skincare p brand. Among these, and what scares us more is the pricing. This alone can make you more skeptical. While you might love high-quality products, you will likely appreciate a brand when the products are effective, impress the innovative techniques, and give you value for your investment.

La Prairie is one of the brands that promised you heaven on earth through multiple latest products and luxurious blends. Most reviews and customers online have had real experiences and explored each product to access the formulation of this La Prairie Skincare. This review will bring everything to the table for you to make the right decision.

With such a strong presence and high-end technology, we were very interested in understanding this brand and what they store for you. Thus, we will break down this review into sections from the overview to the best-selling products, contacts, promotions, and testimonials. This is relevant in guiding us in making a reliable verdict. Before proceeding, let us learn something about this brand.

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La Prairie Skincare Review

La Prairie is a high-end makeup and skincare brand based in Switzerland and targets to serve women and men customers worldwide. Regardless of your skin type or goal, they have a solution for you. The Company has established a reputation through its famous pioneer of cellular anti-aging therapies. Most of the products from La Prairie aim to offer customers protection against not just the aging signs but also against damaging the surroundings.

This Company has been endorsed by many celebs and approved by professional dermatologists for extensive research before formulation. Without experiencing the power of these products, you will never appreciate and believe the outcomes. The online information shows that the brand's history is traced back to originating or being founded in 1931 Montreux, Switzerland.

The Company started originally as the Clinique La Prairie; through the inspiration and dedication of Dr. Paul Niehans, it has grown to what it is today on the market. The founder Dr. Niehans tried to bring unprecedented innovations into the industry as a cellular anti-aging therapy. This is the latest tech that never existed in the skincare industry till then. Therefore, this was the first brand to utilize extensive research and apply it to skincare products.

After that, they began to infuse the products with the exclusive cellular complex. La Prairie aims to offer their targeted customers high-end and unique fusion containing not just visual arts but also Swiss science with rare ingredients. Because of the dedication to the research, the Laboratories La Prairie collaborated with the global skincare company Beiersdorf of Humbur in 1991, based in Germany.

However, these guys still retain their headquarters in Volketswil in Switzerland. The brand claims to have opened offices in about 16 regions employing over 1200 staff, well spread across 15 states worldwide. With that well said, we now need to move to the next section. However, there is something else to complement the overview. Here is the comparison of the pros and cons deduced from our experience and customer feedback.

La Prairie Skincare Pros:

La Prairie Skincare Cons:

Why We Like La Prairie Skincare

Although La Prairie Skincare is more expensive than the alternative brands, the results and quality are worth the cost. There are countless reasons and selling points that this brand guarantees you to enjoy.

These range from effective products to an extensive collection to select from, which, depending on your skin condition. To help you make everything simple, we have featured some of the favorite and best-selling La Prairie Skincare products. This is based on our experience and honestly from the customer testimonials.

The Best-Selling La Prairie Skincare products

In this selection, we explore the products from the skin caveat to the platinum rate and white Caviar creme extraordinaire collection.

Therefore, the first in our line is a cream named Skin Caviar Luxe Cream. It targets to help you transform your mature skin by offering you the needed firmness and lifting. The cream features Swiss Caviar, making it a luxury product in a classic cobalt blue jar. It is effective in highlighting the -tone as well as tightening skin. Still, you can maximize the outcome by matching the Skin caviar Essence-in-lotion alongside the corresponding liquid lift serum.

The second is Skin Caviar Luxe Eye Cream. Since the Company understands the aging sign starts from your eye, this cream is either to take you back in time with an impressive skincare routine. It leaves you deeply moisturized around your delicate eye while instantly managing all the puffs and lifting the firmness. The presence of caviar makes the cream ideal for gaining a youthful appearance.

Up next skincare product is Skin Caviar Liquid Lift. The serum is housed in two separate chambers with clear front window packaging. It is made with a blend of caviar beads featuring milk emulsion. The results are:

The last in this category comes to Skin Caviar Essence-In-Foundation SPF 25. This is among the unique and compact caviar water-infused foundations. It features reflective silver packaging targeting to improve skin with a smoother feeling and hydration. It guarantees medium or lighter coverage, and you can select from 11 unique colors to protect your skin from UV impacts. The package is refillable from their website.

The Best-Selling La Prairie Platinum Rare

Besides the above skincare products, La Prairie also features the Platinum rare products. These come with anti-aging features, which were launched in 2008. We have gathered a few of these Platinum Rate skincare products in-store.

Therefore, you can start with Platinum Rare Cellular Night Elixir. The packaging of these products is the art reflecting their creative skills. The product offers an inspired detoxification process, improving your wrinkles and line appearance on the skin. It guarantees your skin the perfect life-infusing nutrients but applies after toning and cleansing it.

Platinum Rare Cellular Life-Lotion is second here. The lotion is recommended in the morning and evening in your skincare regimen. It helps in many ways, such as antioxidants infusion offering protection, while the main key mechanisms target enhancing skin detoxification. The result is smoothened wrinkles, lines, improved elasticity, and skin condition.

The last option is Platinum Rare Haute-Rejuvenation Protocol. This is meant to revitalize your face treatment routine. It offers the perfect month-long intensive face treatment, which you can use at least 4 times a year. This gives your skin time to rebalance through intensive application. It effectively addresses primary rejuvenation, improving the aging signs, restoring skin volume, and gaining fresh-faced skin glow.

There are also two major products we would like to mention. Among these is the famous La Prairie White Caviar Crème Extraordinaire. This is designed to target the age spots among aging men as well as women in their 40s plus. It is used as the last option in the skincare routine twice a day. Attain the general illuminated skin complexion with these products and complement using the sleep mask. The main ingredients are luminous and golden caviar extract to guarantee intense moisture, elasticity, and firmness.

The last product is La Prairie Light Fantastic Cellular Concealing Brightening Eye. It is also among the cheapest skincare products in stores. It is a basic highlighter product responsible for conditioning and soothing skin. They are available in 3 colors, but cartridges are still refillable. It is ideal for mature skin, improving wrinkle appearance and illuminating the lines. Try out these extensive skincare products to your best and reverse time.

Customer Review

Learning from the customers and their experience shopping from the brand is a good move to give you a clear conviction about La Prairie skincare products. Therefore, this review wasted the opportunity to venture into the testimonies online. We have explored different sites, which are discussed in this section.

The Derm Review  has a detailed blog that evaluates the brand where La Prairie is ranked among the best 5 famous skincare brands. The author praises the effective ingredients in the products. Though they are not cruelty-free, they are working well.

On Who What Wear, the blog analyzes the La Prairie tightening serum. The results are amazing, and the author analyzes the best and most popular serum the Company offers. Moving Ahead, we find Byrdie's website  and actually, the editor compares the pros and cons of the brand to arrive at the verdict that:-

"It's like an illusion trick, except it's extremely real (and proven by science) and made with high-quality elements." If you've been debating whether or not to test this product, consider this your final push to do so. Plus, if you want to see rapid benefits, try its freshly modified Sleep Mask."

Nylon website also evaluates the brand products but focuses on the pure gold collection. The author discusses the ingredients of these products targeted solutions for your skin routine. Harper Bazaar  is also another reliable site that goes behind this icon brand to delve into the experience editors had using these La Prairie skin caviar. The brand has become the skincare star in the shortest time possible, as seen in the verdict:-

"The outcome is an excellent combination of art & science: rich, lenient, effective products that make your bedtime routine feel like an act of elegance."

Amazon still rates the Skin Caviar Luxe Cream with 3.5 stars after accessing 175 global ratings. The author of Marie Claire's blog was impressed with what she got after using these skincare products for a month. The test was effective to upgrade the skin complexion and improve confidence. MakeupAlley also features a 3.4-star rating on the Company after evaluating 80 reviews on the site. 48% of the customers would repurchase the products.

The last site to consider is Town and Country which the editor terms the products as tried and true skincare regimen to lift the secret. The packaging is another thing that the blog mentions as beautiful with a blue glass vial appearance.

Most people praise the La Prairie skincare products and appreciate their sustainable goal. The products are effective, as we can attest.

Where to Buy La Prairie Skincare

There are many online retail stores where you can purchase La Prairie Skin Care products. But based on your location, you must consider a few factors. We want to encourage you to order from the official store, which is

Although we have not identified the brand Sephora section from our research, we have a few of the retailers you can try if the Company does not ship to your location. Among these online retailers approved for the La Prairie Skincare products includes:-

Is La Prairie Skincare Worth It?

The question of whether La Prairie Skincare products are worth the investment has been surfacing the internet, and where to clear all the doubts. Therefore, this brand is worth checking out if you are a customer with the upward bucks to invest in skincare products. However, there is a challenge here as this brand collection does not cover customers with sensitive skin.

Otherwise, the Company is worth the investment looking at multiple positive customer reviews online, their robust reputation, and celebrity endorsement regarding the skincare products. The Company guarantees users immediate results and a long-term goal with relevant products. We accept that La Prairie is among the few pioneers in the skincare industry.

Thus, it is a no-brainer brand if you want to run the hand of time back and look younger, fight aging signs, and enhance your skin radiance. Though the products are expensive, the quality is guaranteed. The Company gives you great value for your money, many lucrative deals on the site, and a top-notch customer support team.

La Prairie Skincare Discounts

One thing every customer appreciates is the La Prairie Skincare products for their lucrative deals. Through our research, we have spotted a few of the running offers on the site. First, all customers are entitled to a free consultation for the beauty advisor on their homepage. The site presents you with detailed guidelines and tutorials.

They claim that when you subscribe to the newsletter of the mailing list, you get a chance to enjoy access to the offers, deals, exclusive events, etc. The brand engages in heritage and promotes the art commission hence committed to the culture. The package also comes with samples and sometimes gift wraps. Keep checking the site for future promo codes and product discounts.

La Prairie Skincare Contact

If you have a pending question, we request you skip to our FAQ section. If not, you can proceed with searching for the contact information. Thus, the La Prairie brand has outlined a few contact addresses for inquiries to contact the support team. First of all, you can call the support team using their official telephone number 1 800 821 5718. you can fill out the contact form on the website and submit it for further direction through your address.

Still, on the webpage, they have the live chat button, which makes your hustle less demanding. It gives you simple access to the team anytime from any location. Otherwise, the Company also has a strong reputation on the social media platform. Try following their marketing team on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. You will have all the updates and deals and get our pending issues addressed in real time.


Q. Who owns the La Prairie brand?

Our research indicates that La Prairie company has been owned as well as operated by the retailer as well as a Germany-based manufacturer since the year 1991. that is, Beisdorf, who still also owns many more skincare firms. Among these includes Nivea, Copperone, Tesa, Eucerin, etc

Q. Aare La Prairie skincare products cruelty-free?

These skincare products are not cruelty-free. This is because these products are sold in mainland China where the region needs products tested on animals as the law outlines.

Q. Are La Prairie skincare natural?

From the data, we have seen that La Prairie is a vegan brand. The evidence is derived from the fact that their products contain animal ingredients. These are beeswax as well as caviar.

Q. What is the shipping policy of La Prairie Company?

The review has also revealed that this Company has international shipping services. However, for an efficient process, ensure that when ordering, you choose the right location based on the destination to be redirected to the relevant international site. For customers located in the contiguous US regions, the Company guarantees them a free standard shipping option on all orders.

However, the other shipping services are premium. For instance, overnight costs you $22, while 2-day shipping costs $15. Once your order is dispatched, the customer can easily track the transit through the website using the order number The Company takes at least 24 hours to process your order. This only includes the working day, not holidays. All orders placed after 2 pm ET are processed and shipped the next working day to the relevant destination.

Q. What is the return policy of the La Prairie company?

The good news is that the La Prairie brand offers products with a favorable return policy. Customers have a return window of 30 days from the date of purchase to return the products in case they have issues. But always remember that returning products must accompany any samples you receive and their promotional products in the package. Initiating the return is very simple.

Therefore call the team at 800-821-5718. If not, email and seek the return process to receive the return shipping label. From there, fill out the form and include the prepaid mailing outside the package. From there, you can drop the package at the UPS, dropbox, or post office and give the UPS drive based on your preferences.


La Prairie is a popular cosmetic brand unique in the skincare industry. The Company offers multiple beauty products, lucrative deals, and favorable return and shipping policies worldwide. Though products come at a hefty price, the quality and instant results guaranteed are worth the costs.

In the above review, La Prairie has gathered numerous customer testimonials praising the beneficial ingredients. We have also seen the best-selling products, and based on the rating, there are countless reasons why the brand is a no-brainer choice for the skincare regimen. Give it a try and achieve your skincare routine with countless options.

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