Kumho Tires Review: *Pros and Cons* Does It Worth to Buy?

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Are you tired of low-quality tires and want to try other options from different companies online or in your area? Then here comes the Kumho tires. If you got eh dream right, then never blame anyone for clicking here. Let us detail this company and find out if it is worth it.

Regardless of the situation, you got the dream vehicle; you are lucky you did it in life. You have been working hard to save the bucks and get a perfect vehicle for your dream. However, the dream is valid but remembers that that vehicle is not complete without getting the perfect tires. One of the finishing touches you must accomplish before getting on the road.

Many companies offer tires but not all last long and offer needed services compared to the pricing point. If you have tried different manufacturers, then you can agree with us. However, for this article, we are going into a reputable company Kumho and reviewing it in detail. We will break down the sections so that you can easily understand this company and what it has for you in its stores.

Kumho has been around for over 60 years and still counting. They brag about having a high-quality tire that comes at affordable pricing. Though, the question we need to answer by the end of this article is, how true is the above statement, and does it offer what they claim from their website? Well, we are together in this. Let us keep reading Kumho tires reviews article to the end and find out. Maybe they are true. But bet what? We need to start by looking at the company's history and where it is headed.

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Kumho Tires Review

Previously, Kumho Tire was well known as the Samyang Tires but later changed in 1996. The company was founded in 1960 in South Korea, where the founder was Park In-chon. It all started as a minor company that only was linked to producing roughly 20 tires daily. After that, the company gained momentum and grew to become a giant on the market.

In 1963, Kumho Tire, then known as Samyang Tires, established the network in the US. After a few decades, it spread to other parts, including North America. To date, the headquarter of Kumho Tire is still in South Korea. Because of the expansion, they still maintain their manufacturing plans in their home country South Korea. However, they have also established plants in the US, Vietnam, and China. In the US, the company has a headquarters in Atalanta, Georgia in the US and settled after several movements.

They became the new official NBA franchise sponsor, which made it cemented their home in the region. Regardless of what you love concerning off-roading and managing the heavy weather in the future,  Kumho Tire offers all types of tires you need to have on your list. The tires cover passenger vehicles, light trucks, CUVs or SUVs, commercial; tires, tire basics, tire finders, and original equipment.

Any vehicle or truck you have, the company gets you covered under one stop shop store. They target to keep their customer rolling. And in this article, we will also give you a close-up look into the company and their product.s also consider the best-seller tires, which are the RoadVneture MT51, Crugen HP71, and the Road Venture AT 51.

Before we start rolling out, let us look at other company aspects. Kumho Tire is the oldest tire company that has been around for over 60 years. They have also tried to maintain their social media accounts with thousands of followers, such as Instagram and Facebook, and even have a youtube account for guidelines on how to use their products. Kumho Tire has also featured in popular magazines like Tire review magazines, where it got a lot of customer attention and was an NBA Atlanta sponsors.

In this review, we will take a closer look at the company, their discounts to the customers, and what customers have to say about the tires and the company in general, then this will help us make a general conclusion for the next step. By the end of this article, we will be sure about what we need and whether we would go for Kumho Tire or get an alternative. Before then, let us start with eh pros and cons of the company.

Kumho Tires Pros:

Kumho Tires Cons:

Why We Like Kumho Tires

Though most reviews online bases their argument on off-road products and multi-terrain, the company offers all things for all driver type of tires on the market, there is a wide range where you can select the tire based on the type of vehicle and budget you have. That is an impressive selection, but again, there are other advantages you can get to purchasing products from Kumho Tires. these include-


The company produces unique tires with a strong reputation based on their durability. The tires are sustainable and are worth your attention. It is designed to have the capability to estimate the wear of a tire and hence can maximize the durability to ensure the customers are satisfied.

Budget, value, and warrant

The three are the reasons why most people love the brand when it comes to tires. When you consider the pricing, you will find that the company offers cheaper products, especially if you are looking for small car tires. But the value for the budget is awesome. This is because the tires come with unique treads, indicating commensurate quality.

The cost is low because they never invest in innovation and re-engineers the existing tire technology to come up with high-quality tires hence op[timzing on the cost and saving money. Warranty is another thing which you cannot ignore from this company. The tires come with guaranteed security, which gives users an excellent experience and assurance of the product from the Kumho company.

Performance and variety

The tires have indicated a top-notch performance, and many customers have complimented them. You can effectively, efficiently, and easily carry our braking with ease. The tire has advanced features such as anti-slip, waterproof, and anti-corrosion capability. This features maintaining high performance in public.

Hence, most people consider the Kumho tire to have stellar performance, making them an ideal investment. And what makes us proud to go for this firm is the variety. They know the need of the customers and have come up with different varieties to ensure that they cater to every customer on their side.

Advanced features.

The tires also come with advanced features such as Deep sipes, which are good while limiting the vehicle's hazards to keep users safe. The micro tread is another feature designed through proprietary technology and plays a vital part in ensuring proper traction while handling a vehicle safely. Other features involve the presence of silicon compounds for long-lasting durability and 3D imaging, which makes the Kumho tire unique on the market with this new air technology.

Lastly, the outstanding feature is the ESCOT tension control technology, which aims to improve the general vehicle traction visible as the solid coating found on the sidewalls, edges, and treads. There are many other things we can list as convincing to go for the brand, but the list can be endless to an extent.

Customer Review

From the reviews of the Kumho tires, you can conclude. However, you need also to consider what the customers are saying. Therefore, we will start with the external sites, 1010 tires. This site offers detailed Kumho tires customer reviews. Int indicates all details and all varieties covered. Though in this review, we are only focusing on the best-selling products. Here, Kumho Road Venture MTKL71 has managed to score a rating of 3.8 stars.

This is a good rating from the platform, and most customers have given it 5 stars, where a large percentage complements the choice.

One of the customers on the platform put its clear, stating, "I have some KL71 muddies, 245/75 R16 - these wetlands tires are fantastic in the tropics and far north wetlands (NT AU), no more wooo wooo wooo and hearing us coming down the road!!! Like others, I thank Kumho for the tech; I will purchase these tires again."

From the statement, the returning customers indicate that the quality, performance, and price are awesome and are highly recommended to any potential buyers. They are pleased. Some clients base their rating on the industry standing, affordability, satisfaction, and variety.

Another platform where you can get positive reviews about the brand is Walmart. for instance, The Kumho Venture AT51 has scored a rating of 4.6 stars after over 320 reviews. Customers are happy with their quality and give a good complement statin that.

"I've driven with them on the main road, on back roads, through town, in the rain, and in the mud." "I am extremely happy." while there are others who still make compliments concerning the value for their money compared with the quality of the tire. What inspires more customers are the advanced features, as you can see from the below reviews

"The tread pattern is similar, with some sidewall tread. The ride quality is comparable to factory tires, and there is some road noise when driving fast. I usually have the radio on, but I can't hear it. My steel rims did require a number of weights to balance everything out. Excellent value."

And the list continues. We also count Consumer affairs as the best reviews site to date regarding tire selection. Kumho tire has scored a 2.8-star rating after 396 reviews on the platform. This indicates that customers are satisfied though some have raised their concerns on the platform about the quality, which we cannot agree with to an extent.

The reason might be the consumer bought from the retailer online, which does not guarantee high-quality products. But from the same platform, look at this happy customer:-

"Rated highly, durable, and reasonably priced. SUV has 20" wheels and is quite heavy. Track correctly, drive safely, and handle well. This company has a long history in the tire industry. Just don't spend too much money on marketing. Insiders are aware of them."

Many other external sites have relevant reviews from Amazon, Simple Tire, Tire Rack, Worst Brand, and Driving Press. Most of these sites recommend the company. And generally love the brand because of many things, as stated earlier. Large perntage of the custoemsra er satoifeid looking at the above reveiws.

Where to Buy Kumho Tires

The best and recommended place to get Kumho Tires or to make an order is on their official website. When you are on the platform, you can easily use their dealer locator feature to get all the relevant retailers near you. Otherwise, there are multiple retailers online who sell Kumho tires. These include:

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Are Kumho Tires Worth It?

Considering the overall customer reviews, we agree that Lumho Tire is perfect for high quality, super performance, and many other advanced features. The company has got multiple positive reviews online where customers mainly praise the affordable pricing, multiple varieties, and durability as well as the versatility or reliability of the brands from this company.

And reviews online conclude that the company is worth checking as there are many returning customers. Again, the company has been operating for over 60 years and understands what customers need. Therefore, regardless of your vehicle, Kumho remains a perfect choice. This is because the tire does not only guarantee your safety but also comes with a warranty and is strong. The company delivers based on its promises. Go for it without hesitating.

Kumho Tires Discounts

From the reviews and detailed research, we never came across any discount that Kumho offers on their products. So, currently, the company does not offer promotions or discounts. But, it would be best if you were informed when there are potential discounts on the market; you only have to subscribe to their site for the newsletter. Otherwise, the lack of discount may be because the pricing is friendly. Check it out for more details.

Kumho Tires Contact

If from the reviews you feel you are not satisfied, then you can always check out clarification from customer support. The company offers multiple methods through which you can call them. This starts from the telephone number at 1 (800) 445-8646 and only operates from 8 am to 6 pm EST time.

You can also contact them through the contact form on their website. You can also send them a main through the address on Kumho Tire USA., Inc., 133 peachtree street, NE Suite 2800, Atlanta, GA, 30303 anytime.


Q. What Types Of Vehicles Does Kumho Sell Tires For?

Kumho offers vehicle tires ranging from passenger vehicles to light trucks and SUVs or CUVs both in and off-road and still provides heavy vehicle tires for both the long and regional haul.

Q. Where Can I Find A Kumho Tire Dealer Near Me?

Locating the Kumho tire based on your location is very simple. Just head to their official website and click on the dealer locator. Clarify the mileage and click search. You will have a list of the available dealers in your area.

Q. How long has Kumho been around?   

Kumho was founded in 1960, indicating that the company has been operating for over 60 years. But in North America, it was established on the market in 1963.

Q. Where is Kumho Tires based? 

Kumho company has a headquarters in south Korea but has had other branches based in Georgia-Atlanta since 2015.

Q. Where are Kumho tires made?

Though the brand has manufacturing plants in the home country South Korea, they also have new plants t manufacture the products in China, the US,  and Vietnam. Most of the manufacturing plants are hence located in East Asia.

Q. Where can I get general information about filing a warranty claim with Kumho?

If you visit the official website, you will access details and more information concerning the Kumho warranties. You can check for the FAQ page found on the bottom right corner drop-down menu. Many warranty-related questions cover this concern.


In the article, we have exhausted everything about the Kumho Tires. The company has been in operation for over 60 years and has established a strong reputation among the customers on the market, with The come at affordable pricing. If you with advanced features and a variety of high-performing options hence a one-stop shop for all the vehicle tires and other items, then Kumho is your excellent choice. With only one click, you can locate the dealers near you for quality products with a great user experience for people with a passion for speed.

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