Brilliant Earth Engagement Rings Review: *Pros and Cons* Is It Worth the Money?

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Are Brilliant Earth Engagement Rings worth the premium value charged for purchasing sustainable diamonds on the market? Brilliant Earth is a famous brand known for offering ethically sourced diamond jewelry. For more, read our Brilliant Earth Engagement Rings review article to the end.

By the end of these Brilliant Earth  Engagement Rings reviews, we should be able to evaluate if this brand is worth the money, gauge the best-selling products and where the company is located, and decide if the brand is the perfect choice for offering all engagement rings. This is because most customers and our readers online are all targeted at making the right decision before getting that diamond jewelry.

Still, some people even go deeper to consider a company's ethical practices. Because of this, we took time to go online and research detailed information about the Brilliant Earth Engagement Rings review and everything surrounding it. We will cover what customers have to say from their feedback and evaluate the worthiness at the end. Keep reading along to the end.

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Brilliant Earth Engagement Rings Review

Brilliant Earth is a brand that offers ethically designed fine jewelry. The company was founded in 2005 by the two duos Eric Grossberg and Beth Gerstein. It is a brand that prioritizes ethical practices to ensure quality trinkets and has grown to become the global market leader in jewelry production. This company currently offers conflict-free engagement rings, all sorts of diamonds, and fine jewelry.

You Can purchase from this company online or access the products from their showrooms. Brilliant Earth has been certified by the Responsible Jewelry Council, and besides cutting the cheaply found diamonds, they are trying to push their boundaries further. When you track the steps of their growth journey, the company grows well and maintains ethics from its factory to the delivery point on your doorstep.

They are trying to ensure they never get involved in slavery and human conflict for blood diamonds. Brilliant Earth remains eco-friendly as they recycle materials to design these stunning engagement jewels. The company donates 5% of the profit to supporting miners around the world. They also nurture rainforests that have been interfered with through negligent excavation projects.

The company also has a robust reputation, especially the world-class jewelry ranging from emerald engagements to morganite pieces. Most customers worldwide have complimented the brand for many reasons, resulting in a massive audience on social media platforms, e.g., Instagram. As a result, the brand has been featured in popular online publications like The Zoe Report as the most ethical engagement ring brand on the market.

The reputation online is not strange as the company, from our experience, offers numerous customization options. Their website is also simple but secure, with the option to control what you are doing, compare, and adjust the product selection options. If you want to learn more about the brand and its other products, keep reading to the end. We are just starting with the pros and cons here.

Brilliant Earth Engagement Rings Pros:

Brilliant Earth Engagement Rings Cons:

Why We Like Brilliant Earth Engagement Rings

Brilliant Earth is a famous brand that offers a massive collection of jewelry products to customers around the world. From special occasions to engagement rings, the company has got you. We will take you through some of the best-selling products under each category to create a clear picture. Since this article focuses on engagement right, it becomes our main part.

The Best-Selling Brilliant Earth Engagement Rings

There are numerous options to select from. And from their website, we have decided to research the 9 best-seller engagement rings under this category. We walk through the designs, features, and other related things.

The first on the list is the Brilliant Earth Petite Twisted Vine Diamond Engagement Ring, which comes with cushion, oval, pear, emerald, round, princess, radiant, etc. It has four claw prongs that not only highlight but also secure the diamond with different color options to select from, but the price is based on platinum.

Second among the best-seller engagement rings are the Brilliant Earth Demi Diamond Engagement Ring, which is classic, and an elegant band covered using diamond pave that glitters like a comet in the sky. It goes with any outfit in the world. There are 8 options to select from with unique materials and carat sizes.

There is also a Moissanite Waverly Lab Diamond Ring that stands as the champion, but a feature that makes it unique is its 8 dimensions, 4 gold, and 6 shapes to select from. It also comes with a timeless halo at the center of the stone to combine the pave band and highlight the sparkle capable of lighting up the room.

We have engagement rings like Brilliant Earth Tapered Baguette Diamond. They fall in the time-honored design since it is made for the prized family heirloom but use baguette diamond on either side to come with the remarkable glitter effect. Though different carat sizes, it has 8 unique shapes.

The list is endless, but the most important one is the Brilliant Earth Sapphire Waverly Diamond Ring which has an encircling diamond halo to add allure. Next is the Brilliant Earth Petite Comfort Fit Wedding Ring, perfect for people who do not care to whistle as well as bells though friendly and remain classic with traditional romantic pride.

Lastly is the Brilliant Earth Yvette Diamond Ring, one of the most famous among the exquisite marquise diamonds, which highlights a single round diamond at the center by angling down. It has that magnificent diamond shine alongside the fine grafted piece of gold to catch your attention.

The option is endless, but you must select the perfect element of the jewelry. Most engagement rings also come with high-quality videos to understand the quality of the items you want to purchase. Most importantly, the brand sources the material for eco-friendly without causing abuse or conflict to anyone.

The company offers customers flexible payment options so that all members are not stressed about getting their perfect piece through Affirm and many other options, e.g., Wells Fargo. Therefore, if you are socially conscious about looking for lab-crafted diamond rings, then Brilliant Earth has all you need regardless of what vintage selling you prefer.

Customer Review

We felt that for this Brilliant Earth engagement ring review to be complete, we must supplement it with customer feedback from different websites online. This will give you a clear view of the brand, from its website to its reputation online. There is also opinion from the buyers on these diamond rings. There is little feedback from their official website at, but it has been dubbed from the popular review sites directly.

Therefore, this leads us to these external sites where you can access them. First of all, there are reviews on WeddingWire. The company gets 4.4 stars rating based on the professionalism, quality of the rings, value, flexibility, and response time. Based on the simplicity and sustainability, here is what a customer has to say about the brand:

"It was a simple and welcoming encounter. They were able to deliver rings to the closest location so that I could inspect them in person. I'm happy I did because it made my decision much simpler! Engagement and wedding rings that are both gorgeous and sustainably sourced!"

On Sitejabber, the brand scores 4.85 stars after 63 reviews. This command means customers are pleased with these Brilliant Earth Jewelries. The rating is based on the shipping and return policy, the value for money, services, and quality. A satisfied customer on this site complements:

"It's difficult to buy things on the internet. Comparing competing companies, pricing, and hoping that what you're purchasing looks the same in person as it does online. This was not an issue with Brilliant Earth. There is plenty of information to put your brain at ease. Depth photos, videos, and excellent customer service are all available to assist. I purchased a lovely ring, and my wife adores it!"

Trustpilot has a poor rating of 2.7 stars after 110 reviews, but 47% of the customers are happy and recommend the brand with 5 stars. But on Yelp, this company gets a 4-star rating after 973 reviews. Most of the customers on this platform are content with the orders they receive except for one or two claims raised. A returning customer complemented the brand from San Jose with a good rating, saying:

"Brilliant Earth has provided me with excellent service. We went to visit them several times in San Francisco, from the initial browsing session to finally selecting my wife's engagement ring. We returned today, a little more than a year after purchasing the ring, to have it scrubbed and possibly replated."

There are also similar reviews on the Your Diamond Guru, CreditDonkey, and Diamonds. Pro and The KNot website. The overall score on these sites is excellent. As for The Knot, the company has a 4.2-star rating after 450 reviews. The first comment on the platform says everything about this firm and its products:

"Brilliant Earth was where I found my engagement ring, which my fiance bought. The ring is stunning and exactly what I was looking for. My fiance said that conversing with customers was excellent and that they were very nice and accommodating when she first ordered the ring and again when it was resampled. I also like that the stone was made in a lab and is conflict-free!"

Customers from the review sites clearly indicate appreciation after purchase. Though few complaints, they have been addressed for particular customers.

Where to Buy Brilliant Earth Engagement Rings?

To this far, you must be looking for a place to purchase the Brilliant Earth Engagement Rings. Well, from our research, the best and most reliable place to get the jewelry of this brand is their official website at

Does Brilliant Earth Engagement Rings sold on Amazon?

Not yet. We have not found Brilliant Earth Engagement Rings stores on Amazon.

Is Brilliant Earth Engagement Rings Worth It?

When we compare the brand's reputation and customer feedback, there is no denying factor to hinder us from giving the brand a recommendation. This is because, first, it is a compassionate company concerned about environmental sustainability, and so are the customers. Secondly, the company offers top, high-quality jewelry customers have counted as the most significant purchase ever.

This Is a good reputation online. Also, looking at their return policy, many people have complimented it for being exceptional, as the brand also guarantees free shipping when you meet a certain threshold. In addition, Brilliant Earth also has to Affirm as the alternative payment option alongside their ever-present and professional customer support staff. Buying Brilliant Earth jewelry has become a lot easier.

A good number of customers have given the brand a perfect rating as their diamond rings are durable and look stunning, with an option for customers to request customization. When you get the jewelry, the results are always incredible and meet all your expectations.

Lastly, the company has a simple purchase process, and its website comes with an easy user interface for navigation where customers have full control of everything. And considering all the above facts and many others, the brand is worth checking out, especially its engagement rings and other huge jewelry collections.

Brilliant Earth Engagement Rings Discounts

First of all, the Brilliant Earth brand also has plenty of promotions to offer. The likes of Affirm are alternative payment options, free returns, and shipping on all orders. And if you look keenly, you can unlock all the special offers by signing up for the newsletters or creating an account. This guarantees all new customers lucrative deals.

And during the time of writing this review, we also came across the free diamond Studs when you place orders from $1000, which translates to a value of roughly $300. At the same time, students get silver studs when they purchase worth $250, which also applies to all medical professionals, teachers, and the military. Visit their promotion page for more discounts and promotions that suit you.

Brilliant Earth Engagement Rings Contact

We have provided all you have to know in the above article. But for any questions or concerns you have about Brilliant Earth jewelry or any products, you can contact the customer's support team. Besides the social media presence on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc., the company has listed various means through which you can contact them.

They have live chat services anytime you want, 24 hours and seven days a week. There is also an online form you can use to fill out and contact them, and they guarantee you will get back to you via email. Lastly, they have listed the phone number you can call at 1-647-498-5665. The most crucial thing they also offer is a virtual appointment through the showroom. When you are around, visit them.


Q. Who is the owner of Brilliant Earth company?

From the above review article, the company was founded in 2005 by the two duos Erick Grossberg and Beth Gerstein, the brand's current owners. The company today is operated in San Francisco.

Q. How do I select the Diamond ring from the Brilliant Earth website?

The process of selecting the right Diamond ring from the brand is simple and fun at the same time. However, there are a few details you need to consider. Though, its custom user interface is simple to access. From the start, you can select the diamond from 8 diamond shapes on the platform and rely on the slider for the price range, clarity, color, carats, and quality. From this point, you can access the diamond of your choice based on your preferences.

Q. Are Brilliant Earth Diamonds natural?

This company clearly shows that they have both lab-made and naturally sourced diamonds. In addition, the diamond stones are authentically sourced from environmentally conflict-free resources.

Q. Are Brilliant Earth Diamond rings certified by the GIA?

From the information on the official website and online reviews, the brand is a loose diamond, and the rings are certified. GIA and the brand are also certified by the GCAL, HRD, and IGI grading firms. These firms count on the color scale of the GIA to a group and organize the stones.

Q. Which size does the Brilliant Earth brand offer to customers?

The engagement ring size varies from 44.2 to 62.2 mm, sizes 3 to 12, respectively. You can request the company for the sizes so that you can select the right fit from the inventory so that there is always an error-free buying experience from the brand. They also have the sizing guide on the platform, which you can print and then use to wrap on your finger to get the fitting measurements or size.

Q. Do Brilliant Earth rings come with a lifetime warranty?

In this engagement ring, we have found that the Brilliant Earth ring comes with a lifetime warranty covering all fine jewelry. From the inventory, the warranty does not cover vintage or estate items. A lifetime warranty from Brilliant Earth company only applies the manufacturing defects; hence alteration by someone not based in this company is termed null.

Q. What is the Brilliant Earth shipping policy?

Brilliant Earth guarantees free shipping if you are a customer based in the UK, Australia, Canada, and the US. Even though they do not specify the delivery period, the company partnered with FedEx to deliver all customer orders.

The duration is specified because their products are fragile and unique to the extent that they need enough preparation. Otherwise, by the time order is confirmed, you must be sure that the order will be delivered even before the date specified through the confirmation. You can arrange the delivery through phone support at 1-647-498-5665.

Q. What is the Brilliant Earth Return policy?

If you purchase the Brilliant Earth product and realize that the item has a defect or does not fit you, this company has a favorable return policy. All customers have 30 days to return the products just in case for a full refund or to get an exchange. The company takes care of the return cost if your order is a diamond, loose gemstone, or ring, but you must check all the boxes for a smooth return process.

The process is simple and just a phone call away within 300 days. However, the item must remain in its original condition, not worn, and there are some exceptions here. All custom-designed, changed, modified, or resized products do not qualify for a return. You must include all the original documents that came alongside the item while returning and pack all things in their original package.


Brilliant Earth is one of the famous brands around the world known to offer fine engagement rings, diamonds, and loose gemstones. Besides working on the conflict-free philosophy, the company is also committed to providing socially responsible, lab and naturally sourced ethical diamonds at an affordable price. Because of multiple positive customer reviews online, we highly recommend this brand if you want a fine engagement ring.

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