Is Sephora Publicly Traded? (All You Interested In)

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Is Sephora company available on the stock market today? From the research, we have combined everything about Sephora's public and privately traded companies. Here is everything for you to internalize.

Sephora is a profound store, and because of its tremendous success worldwide over the years, the company has attracted investors. The company has established fame for reaping enormous yields through its operation.

Thus, multiple investors seek a way to invest in the company. If you are among them, you are likely wondering: Is Sephora a publicly traded firm? To find the answer to this question, It took our time to research, combine, and analyze through facts.

Hence, please read our article and learn more about Sephora, whether it is a private or publicly traded company. Here is all we found online.

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Is Sephora Publicly Traded?

Sephora is not a publicly traded company. It is a subsidiary of LVMH Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton, a French multinational luxury goods conglomerate. LVMH is publicly traded on the Euronext Paris exchange and in the US under the stock symbol LVMUY. Therefore, while you cannot directly buy Sephora stock, you can gain exposure to the brand by investing in LVMH. However, it's important to note that Sephora is just one of many brands owned by LVMH, so the performance of Sephora may only have a limited impact on the overall LVMH stock performance.

If you are really into understanding Sephora and how to buy Sephora shares, let us explore every aspect we have found from the research. First, we are delving into the parent company that owns Sephora.

Who Owns Sephora?

We have recently clarified that the Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton LVMH owns Sephora. This company was established in Paris in 1969 by Dominique Mandonnaud. Then, with time, in 1997, LVMH bought this beauty company under the same umbrella. Due to this acquisition, LVMH owned Sephora by gaining 100% ownership of shares. This explains why you will never find this beauty company, Sephora, listed under the World Exchange Companies.

While we know Sephora exists as a successful and profound retailer for beauty and cosmetic brands, it remains one of the business units of LVMH, the parent company.

Many online research claims Sephora is just among the 75 unit firms or divisions LVMH owns. In return, the LVMH is owned by the ETFs- exchange-traded funds. Hence, the LVMH is listed as the first S&P Global Luxury Index stock. That aside, let's find out how a user can buy the Sephora shares indirectly.

How to Buy Sephora Stocks?

Though Sephora is a private company today, and one cannot purchase stocks or shares directly, there are a few ways around it.

Parent company Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton allows you to purchase the share. This is because LVMH is a public company listed on stock available on the Euronext Paris Euro. Thus, we have explored multiple ways to buy the LVMH stocks today. These are as outlined below:

1. Buy through the over-the-counter market.

The over-the-counter market allows you to buy the LVMH shares and own part of the company. But today, it is always recommended to remember that the Over-the-counter market is very challenging and risky when you compare it with other available major exchanges because the OTC is not regulated.

Still, the share volume of the LVMH over the counter is very high. Hence, the liquidity is less, which raises concerns compared to the other available over-the-counter shares.

In the LVMH base, today’s share volume is less than 1.5 million, as indicated by the daily trades at the Paris exchange. If you are based in America, you can count on the American Depository Receipt to invest in this firm directly as a non-US share or foreign stock.

In summary, if you are a global manager, advise them to purchase the European shares easily instead of using the over-the-counter approach for the LVMH stocks.

2. Buy through the exchange-traded funds.

If you want to buy the Sephora store via LVMH, the parent company, then as an investor, you are also advised to go for the luxury sector, the Exchange-traded Funds.

For the nev=bie in the industry, the ETF is a simple form or type of security vital in helping investors track an index, sector, asset, or even a commodity. Thus, you can purchase and sell at a particular set of typical stock. One of the advantages of the ETF is that it facilitates diversification. This is because ETF tracks various extensive stocks while mimicking the returns of particular countries.

We also have to mention that the ETF is managed passively. Hence, its expense ratio is meager compared to other available mutual funds managed by active personnel.

3. Buy Sephora shares through Closed-End funds.

The other method to acquire LVMH shares or stocks is through closed-end funds. In short, using the closed-end fund, investors can easily access the portfolio of the particular pooled assets, which increases or raises capital amount via the initial public offering -IPO. From this point, it lists the stocks on the market for purchase or trade. To an extent, the closed-end fund works with a mechanism similar to the Etf and a manual fund.

The closed-end fund features an expert manager who accesses the portfolio, considering active selling and buying of the assets.

Still, the Closed-end fund works like equity because it factors in the price fluctuation for the whole trading day. Thus, similar to the ETF still. The difference between closed-end mutual funds and ETFs comes from closed-end funds IPOs. This means the parent company never issued extra funds in this scenario. Translated, the Closed-endClosed-end fund cannot generate enough money to buy back the shares. Hence, you can only buy and bring the fund through the secondary market, which works like the typical individual share.

Sephora Stock Price/LVMH

From the Liberated Stock Trader website, we can see a detailed report on the Sephora/LVMH stock chart, price, and dividend information. The report clarifies that Sephora is a profound brand with famous stock, and its price has risen to 215% compared to 2023 and the previous year. Thus, this LVMH has gathered a  bullish interest from worldwide investors during the pandemic.

Thus, the LVMH financial information substantiates the share price tag. This alone is evidence indicating how the company is consistently growing and increasing its profitability in the industry. The number of millionaires or investors is also growing because it increases the number of customers in the long run.

The Stock Rover report  also states that LVMH offers a dividend that has yielded 1.76%. Thus, for the 2023 share, LVMH paid a total of $12.84 per share, which we anticipate will increase in 2024.

Are LVMH Stocks Worth Long-Term Investment?

Based on my experience and various online recommendations, there is a high chance that LVMH is an ideal option for long-term investment. But remember, the stock is currently never cheap. Multiple reasons explain why LVMH is the perfect company for long-term investment.

First, organic revenues and sales declined in 2020. Hence, this revenue, as well as sales, are likely to increase, according to the experts on the market. Secondly, high-end companies like LVMH face less competition than the cheaper brands.

Still, the company features affluent customers who consistently shop from the company through not only economic downturns but also unturns. Hence, LVMH is worth a long-term investment.


Q. When was LVMH listed as a public company?

According to the information on the internet, LVMH was published in 1990. However, keep in mind that most of the shares are owned by the founder, who is popularly known as Bernard Arnault.

Q. Is LVMH stock available for US-based users?

If you are based in the USA, then it is currently unfortunate that you cannot buy direct LVMH shares. The reason is that LVMH is a foreign company in the USA market. But there is one workaround where you can purchase the American depository receipts-ADRs, enabling you to buy the LVMH stocks. ADRs are negotiable certificates or a simple USA security issued through the depository financial institution representing the non-US brands. As long as you have the ADRs, you can trade on the USA stock markets without facing any challenges.

Q. Does Sephora have the stock symbol?

Sephora is owned by or as part of the LVMH Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton. Hence, it doesn’t exist as an independent company, meaning it doesn't have an independent stock symbol. We have seen that LVMH is available on multiple stock exchanges, and its stock symbol changes based on the country in which you are based. European-based users get to trade through the ticker symbol LVMH. The US-based user trades using the ticker symbol LVMUY or LVMHF.


Sephora is a privately owned company. Hence, it is not a publicly traded brand on the stock market today. It is owned by the parent company Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton LVMH. But in the above article, we have explored numerous ways investors can still buy Sephora stocks indirectly via LVMH stocks. LVMH has been a publicly traded firm on the market since 1990.

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