Is Amazon An Ethical Company? (Our 2022's Case Study)

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In a short time, Amazon has developed into one of the world's most successful and significant organizations. This is because they have a vast selection of products and ship them quickly.

Is Amazon an ethical company? Possibly you're wondering if Amazon is ethical in its business affairs. If you want to know if Amazon's massive commercial operation is ethical, read on! Amazon is a global e-commerce company that sells electronics, books, films, and music, among other items, through the internet. The company focuses on cloud computing and online business.

Jeff Bezos launched Amazon in 1994, and its headquarters is located in Seattle. Amazon is anticipated to have the most significant marketplace as of 2022, with a valuation of $1 trillion. The firm is an online giant that has revolutionized the customer experience.

The organization's global scope and stakeholders' interests are vastly diverse. The activities of this company affect investment, employment, and even inflation. So, is Amazon an ethical business? This will be the subject of our discussion in this post.

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Amazon Statement On Ethics

Through a set of regulations outlined in its code of Ethics, Amazon promotes and enforces the rigorous observance of state, local, international, and federal laws. Amazon is dedicated to treating its customers with fairness and integrity. Employees who feel they are in a conflict of interest are directed to the company's Legal Department, and some instances of when that department could be needed are given. According to the Amazon Code of Conduct, Amazon does not tolerate unethical practices, including fraud or unlawful activity.

This code indicates the kind of products Amazon offers online. Any actions that are not in Amazon's best interest or those of its workers, suppliers, or customers are strictly discouraged. Amazon promotes a healthy and safe workplace that is free of discrimination and danger, enabling employees to carry out their duties without interruption.

What Ethical Conduct Does Amazon Exhibit?

Amazon is dedicated to upholding and supporting the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights and other UN international organizations. Amazon partnered with Article One Advisors in 2020 to undertake their first enterprisewide saliency assessment, which aims to identify the most significant human rights concerns throughout Amazon's company.

Amazon collaborates with community partners to address some of the world's most serious issues and develop long-term initiatives with a positive, lasting effect. In addition to focusing on the future, the organization offers initiatives that assist in STEM education and skill development.

Amazon has increased its usage of recyclable paper padded mailers in the United States, replacing approximately 70% of mixed material bubble mailers by 2021. Amazon removed all single-use, thin film plastics from their packaging in 2020, becoming a founding member of the India Plastic Pact.

Is Amazon An Ethical Company As Of 2022?

As of 2022, It is generally accepted that Amazon is an ethical company. The Amazon Code of Conduct stipulates that Amazon does not participate in unethical acts such as deceit or unlawful activity. People who shop at Amazon appreciate the company's commitment to ethical business practices. This is because it allows people to purchase things from an environmentally friendly company.

It is a business where employees and clients are treated decently. Amazon items are manufactured responsibly, and the Amazon site is a non-profit entity. It is an ethical business that cares about the environment and the people engaged in the production of the items it offers. Amazon's ethical principles state that it is dedicated to treating all parties fairly and ethically;

hence, it will seek to guarantee that the items it sells are produced ethically. When it comes to customer service, Amazon has gone above and beyond to design and execute a set of ethical principles that the company adheres to and that we, as consumers, should expect it to uphold.

Does Amazon Ethically Treat Its Workers?

According to Amazon's statement on ethics for its employees, the company works to ensure its employees have a safe and healthy workplace, free from harassment and danger. There are different opinions from current and former employees about whether or not Amazon ethically treats its employees.

Employees at Amazon like working for the firm for various reasons, the most significant of which are the high payout rates, the flexible work schedules, and the substantial benefits. Amazon understands that without its workers, nothing is possible. Therefore, it is ethical for Amazon to provide high pay and benefits to their employees. In addition, the firm provides tuition reimbursement, assistance with adopting children, and the desire to start out in different positions within the organization. Amazon offers full-time and part-time workers great benefits, including health, vision, and dentistry coverage.

Some Amazon employees feel that the company sets unreasonable and unattainable targets. Other workers claim that there is persistent labor abuse and that they are compelled to work excessively long hours for insufficient pay.

Does Amazon Engage In Any Unethical Behavior?

Despite its size, Amazon does not engage in as many unethical acts as other large-scale businesses. The majority of complaints of Amazon's unethical behavior originate from its overseas offices. Some publications, for instance, claimed that workers were overworking themselves and receiving inadequate pay. In addition, a Guardian story revealed poor working conditions in Amazon facilities situated in the United States.

The article said that employees who got hurt on the job weren't compensated and that ambulances were called more than 100 times in three years. Amazon is suspected of dodging tax payments in 2012, but insufficient evidence supports this allegation. As a result, several former consumers left the company. Some claim that sellers are forced to cut their pricing by Amazon. According to several publications, Amazon warehouse employees in the United Kingdom and China were paid significantly below the minimum wage.

Bottom Line

As of 2022, Amazon is an ethical company. The Amazon Code of Conduct is a set of ethical standards established by Amazon. It states that Amazon has a set of moral guidelines and that it will make efforts to make sure that the goods sold on its website adhere to those guidelines.

Amazon continues to make progress towards being an ethical and sustainable business. For instance, the company has boosted its use of recyclable paper-padded mailers in the United States, with the goal of replacing nearly 70% of mixed material bubble mailers by 2021.

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