Instacart Gift Cards - Everything You Need to Know!

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Instacart is currently among the most widely used grocery delivery services. With Instacart, you can have products delivered from your favorite local store in a matter of hours. You may wonder if Instacart sells its own gift cards, given that most of the stores it works with do. We were wondering the same; the following is what we uncovered.

Companies such as Instacart have become even more important following the recent pandemic, which necessitated many people remain indoors. Instacart alleviated the problem by doing all the shopping for you (at a store of your choice) and delivering the products to your doorstep. Instacart has partnered with various retailers, including Sam’s Club, CVS, ALDI, and Kroger, among others.

Thanks to the over 900 retailers in Instacart’s marketplace, you don't have to worry about missing out on a product. A gift card from Instacart is a simple way to share the joy of shopping with friends and family. If you want to learn more about Instacart gift cards, this post is for you.

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How To Purchase An Instacart Gift Card?

You can purchase Instacart gift cards directly from Instacart or a third-party vendor like Amazon. To purchase the gift card directly from Instacart, follow the guide below.

Step 1: Visit Instacart’s official website and navigate to the service area

Step 2: Enter the recipient’s zip code.

Step 3: Visit the Instacard Gift Card page and select the “send a gift” option.

Step 4: Navigate to the Gift Card Value section and choose one of the preset amounts. Alternatively, you can set a custom amount.

Step 5: Add the recipient's personal details, including the name and email address. You can also add a personal message to go with the gift card.

Step 6: Choose a gift card design that you like.

Step 7: Enter your name.

Step 8: Enter the date that you would like the gift card to be sent.

Step 9: Once done, click on the “Check Out” option. If you want to send another gift card, click on the “Add Another Card” option instead. Please note that you can only purchase ten gift cards in a single order.

When purchasing a gift card, it is important to note that currently, Instacart gift cards can only be purchased, sent, and redeemed in the same country. As a result, you won't be able to redeem a gift card purchased from another country.

This is especially important if, say, you have friends and family in a different country. Moreover, you will want to keep the following things in mind when purchasing an Instacart gift card.

Once you have placed the order for the gift cards, Instacart will send you an order confirmation via email. The gift card will then be dispatched via email to the recipient. The email will contain additional information on how to redeem the card, just in case, they need to learn how to. That’s it! The process of buying and redeeming an Instacart gift card is that easy.

The only caveat to Instacart gift cards is that they can not be used between two countries. If you or the recipient encounter any issues when using the gift card, contact your country’s Instacart customer support. The following are the emails you can use to reach them.

Customer support will be more than happy to help you once you contact them.

What Is An Instacart+ Membership Gift Card?

Instacart+ is a rebranding of Instacarts former subscription service—Instacart Express. Free grocery delivery, 5% credit back on qualified pick-up orders, lower service fees, and the option to share subscriptions are just a few of the many benefits of this service.

An Instacart+ membership can be used for many things, including purchasing the actual membership. The gift card can, however, not be used to pay for items, give tips or pay taxes. When purchasing an Instacart+ membership, you have the following three options.

Please note that if the recipient of the Instacart+ gift card does not have an Instacart+ membership, the membership will not auto-renew upon ending. If the recipient has a membership, it will auto-renew as normal. The gift card amount will be added to the existing balance.

How To Buy Bulk Instacart Gift Cards

As aforementioned, you can only buy ten gift cards in one order. So what should you do if you want to purchase, say, a hundred gift cards? Just visit Instacart’s corporate gift card portal and order as many cards as you like. You should, however, keep in mind that when making a bulk gift card order, there is a $2000 purchase minimum.

How To Use Instacart Gift Cards

So, how do you redeem an Instacart gift card? You can do this in two ways: using your phone or the official website. To redeem an Instacart gift card, follow the guide below.

Step 1: Sign into your Instacart account. To redeem the card, you'll need one, so if you don't already have one, make one.

Step 2: When logged in, you'll notice three horizontal lines in the top left corner. Click on them.

Step 3: You will see a section labelled “Credits, Promos, and Gift cards.” Click on it.

Step 4: Click on the option labeled “Add promo or gift card option.”

Step 5: Enter the code attached to the gift card and click on the “Add to account” option.

That’s it! The card balance will be added to your account. If you want to use the browser instead, follow the guide below.

Step 1: Sign in to your Instacart account if you have one. You should make one if you don't already have one.

Step 2: Once you log in, you may access your account by clicking the “Account” link in the upper right.

Step 3: Select the choice to "Add promo or gift card."

Step 4: Enter the gift card code, then click on the “Continue” option.


You can purchase Instacart gift cards directly from Instacart or from third-party vendors. You can personalize digital gift cards however you like by choosing the dollar amount, card design, and message that goes along with it. The only caveat to Instacart gift cards is that they can only be used in the country they were purchased in. So make sure you plan ahead before purchasing the gift cards.

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