Does CVS Sell Amazon Gift Cards in 2022

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Amazon gift cards are the perfect way to give them exactly what they're hoping for – even if you don't know it. Load your Amazon Gift Card with any amount between $10 and $2,000. Finding out if CVS sells Amazon gift cards is a quick and straightforward way to see if your local store has them in stock. This article answers the question: do they sell Amazon Gift Cards.

Of all the online stores, Amazon is one of the most popular sites. Everyone from students to senior citizens uses Amazon to purchase everything from office supplies to electronics. Giving gift cards to loved ones can be a great holiday or birthday present, but what if they're a CVS shopper? Is there anywhere you can buy Amazon gift cards locally? Amazon gift cards are one of the most popular gift cards available today. They're the perfect way to give someone something they'll use, and customers can use them on anything from groceries to home goods to tech.

CVS sells Amazon gift cards in person. However, you will have to pay an additional purchase fee when using the gift card to purchase at CVS. The denominations available are $15, $25, $50 and $100.

Here's everything you need to know about buying an Amazon gift card at CVS.

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Does CVS Sell Amazon Gift Cards in 2022


There are four denominations of Amazon Gift Cards that CVS sells2022: $15, $25, $50, and $100. There is no additional purchase fee for these cards. However, your gift card denomination may vary from location to location. It's best to call ahead before you head in to ensure they have the amount you want on hand. If you're looking for a specific denomination but don't see it on the shelf at your local store, check with a store employee.

Does CVS Charge a Purchase Fee for Amazon Gift Cards?

There’s no additional charge when you purchase an Amazon gift card at CVS locations. If you buy your card in-store, you will only pay for the denomination amount of the card. However, if you purchase a prepaid card from CVS, you will be charged a fee.

CVS only charges you for the denomination of the card, so if you buy an Amazon Gift Card with a value of $100, you'll have to pay $100. You won't get charged any extra fees or anything like that

Does CVS Sell Amazon Gift Cards Online?

CVS does not sell Amazon Gift Cards online. However, it is possible to purchase them at a local store.

If you're looking for an Amazon gift card and you live in the area, there's a good chance that your local CVS will have one for sale at the card rack near the cash register near the aisle end cap.

Does CVS Accept Amazon Gift Card Returns?

No, CVS does not accept returns on any form of payment, including gift cards, prepaid cards, and phone cards. It is because once the cashier activates the gift card after purchase, the store cannot deactivate it or take it back. It is considered non-returnable goods once purchased.

If you have an Amazon gift card, you can only redeem it online at for other merchandise.

Does CVS Reload the Amazon Gift Card Balance?

CVS allows you to reload your Amazon gift card balance at some locations using Amazon Cash. You can reload your Amazon gift card balance at the nearest CVS store.

Many people tend to forget that they must also add some money with their gift cards to use those funds for the purchase.

To reload the balance on your Amazon gift card, follow these steps:

Step 1: Access the Amazon cash’ and get the barcode.

Step 2:  Go to the customer service desk and tell them you want to reload an Amazon gift card.

Step 3:  Show them the bar code to verify that it's valid. If it isn't valid or doesn't have enough money on it for what you need, they won't be able to help you out.

Step 4: You’ll be asked how much money needs to be loaded onto your card to be valid for purchases at that location.

Step 5: After the transaction is complete, your Amazon gift card balance will be updated.

Besides Amazon Gift Cards, What Other Gift Cards Does CVS Sell?

If you're looking for a gift card that's a little more unusual than the usual Amazon or Visa, CVS is the place to go. Here are some of the most popular gift cards they sell: Walmart Gift Card, Target Gift Card, Best Buy Gift Card, Gap Gift Card, Old Navy, Nike, Starbuck, iTunes, Shell, Macy’s, and Beyond

Other Stores Selling Amazon Gift Cards?

Amazon gift cards are the perfect gift for any occasion, and they're available in most of the big convenient stores. You can find Amazon gift cards on the shelves at many major retailers, including

Walmart, Target, Kroger, Dollar General, Publix, Office Depot, Safeway, Best Buy, Village Market, Walgreens, Wegmans, Whole Foods Market, and Winn Dixie.

You can also find them in much smaller stores that cater to consumers who prefer to shop from home.

Bottom line

Amazon gift cards can be purchased in person at CVS or a retail store. Only a few select stores will sell Amazon cards in many cases, but CVS is one of the largest retailers that sell Amazon gift cards. You can check to see if CVS near you sells Amazon gift cards. Using their store locator feature, you can buy most of your favorite gift cards at CVS—from iTunes to Sephora.

But if you're looking for a specific one, you should check the CVS website to ensure it's available in your area. If not, keep an eye on the store's Facebook page or Twitter feed to see if they announce plans to add new gift card options in the future. If you're looking for Amazon gift cards, though, there's no need to wait—you can get them right now.

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