If I Cancel Amazon Prime, Does It End Immediately?

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Amazon Prime is a membership feature that provides members with free two-day shipping on thousands of items. You're likely asking whether the cancellation would take effect immediately or at the next renewal date. You can cancel it at the beginning of the renewal date by default. Read below for more details

The Amazon Prime subscription provides clients with thousands of movies, television series, and books, expedited shipping, and exclusive savings. Your Amazon Prime subscription does not expire on the day you cancel it. It expires on the date it begins automatically renewing. If you prefer to cancel before the renewal date, do so before the launch of Amazon Prime.

Amazon Prime provides members with free two-day delivery on thousands of items and a membership perks program. Nothing will happen to your purchases or orders when you cancel Prime with absolute certainty. The only significant loss would be the movies, television shows, and titles you can access.

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What Happens If You Canceled Your Amazon Prime Subscription?

If you plan to termite your Prime subscription, please do it before the annual renewal date. If you are utilizing the Amazon Prime free trial, you must cancel your account within three business days of receiving your official Amazon Prime membership.

Once you cancel your Prime subscription, you will stop receiving Amazon Prime benefits such as free two-day shipping, access to Amazon Prime Video, Prime Day, and more. Other than giving up free two-day shipping and other perks, canceling Prime has no significant drawbacks. If you have not utilized any Amazon Prime features since the start of your free trial and you cancel your membership, you will receive a full refund.

How to Cancel My Subscription?

If you are new to Prime and don't know how to cancel your subscription, don't worry; Here's how you go about it. You can cancel your Amazon Prime subscription via Desktop or mobile device. Follow the below steps:

1. On mobile

Follow the guide below to cancel your Prime subscription using your mobile phone.

Launch the Amazon app on your iOS or Android device. Tap the three horizontal lines in the screen's upper right corner. Visit Your Account. Find Prime Membership Management Manage your Prime membership by navigating to Account Settings > Manage Prime Membership.

You will be prompted to log in even if your account data are preserved. Apple requires iPhone users to scan their fingerprints.

Choose update, cancel, and more options from the drop-down menu under Manage Membership. You'll find End Membership there. Clicking the End Membership initiates the cancellation process when clicked.

I. Navigate and tap I Do Not Want My Benefits if you do not want the benefits. Like the desktop version, Amazon reminds you to maintain your subscription until it expires. If you do not wish to continue, click Continue to Cancel.

II. After clicking Continue to Cancel, they'll direct you to a confirmation page where you'll be asked for the final time if you want to cancel your subscription or if you want to be reminded three days before the membership's automatic renewal.

III. Scroll down and select Cancel Subscription. You will have the choice to terminate on a specified date or close the account immediately. Your subscription expires on the date that the billing cycle concludes. If you wish to terminate the subscription immediately, click on End Now. Clicking on it cancels the subscription and causes Amazon to refund you the remainder of the current billing cycle's payment.

2. On Desktop

Here's how to cancel your Prime subscription on Desktop.

Visit the Amazon website and locate the sign-in section under Accounts and Lists. Sign in using your email address, phone number, username, or password.

After successfully logging into your account, pick Your Prime Membership from the Accounts and List drop-down option. Alternatively, you can navigate your Benefits and Payment Settings by selecting premier under Accounts and List.

You'll find End Membership and Benefits on the left side of the screen in the Membership Management section. This link will take you to the membership cancellation page, where you can cancel your membership.

Amazon does not want to lose consumers; therefore, it will redirect you to a new page that asks if you're sure you want to leave. If you are certain, click to confirm and proceed with the cancellation process.

Amazon could push you to convert to a monthly plan if you have been paying annually. Click Continue to Cancel to cancel your subscription after the paid period if you do not want this. You can also "Pause" your membership to make resubscribing easier in the future. After the expiration of the subscription period, the suspension will take effect.

Your membership will be active until the conclusion of the subscription period. You will receive confirmation that Amazon will cancel your service on the subscription renewal date, and your Amazon Prime membership will not renew beyond the End of your current billing cycle if you complete the steps outlined above.

Amazon’s Refund Policy

Amazon is one of those companies that are stringent and straightforward regarding returns. According to their terms and conditions, only individuals who did not utilize any Amazon incentives are eligible for a return. They consist of the following:

Prime members who utilize the shipping service four times or more are eligible for a refund. Amazon provides a complete refund if you only use Prime once. Contact Amazon's customer support to determine how much they will refund you for discontinuing your Prime membership. Please call Amazon's customer support department for additional information regarding their refund policy.


The Amazon Prime cancellation policy may be challenging for many individuals. Especially if you've recently acquired an annual membership, it's a subject that requires a great deal of mental effort to comprehend. Your membership will be active until the conclusion of the paid-for time. You may qualify for a discount. Amazon stated that you will receive a full discount on your current enrollment period if you have yet to utilize the benefits. There may be many individuals who need help comprehending the Amazon cancellation policy. Hopefully, this post assisted you in overcoming the challenge.

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