Amazon Prime Cancellation Policy (How to Do It?)

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Amazon Prime is a subscription-based membership program that gives you access to free two-day shipping, unlimited music streaming, free e-books, and other features. To keep your account, you must pay an annual fee, which varies with your subscription choice.

The more time you spend on Amazon shopping, the more benefits you'll get from the membership. However, there are reasons people may cancel their membership sooner rather than later. Maybe you want to support your local business, opt for other media, or lack the money for another subscription. This article will guide you through the prime cancellation policies and processes and everything you need to know. Read on.

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Can I Cancel Amazon Prime Anytime?

Yes, as long as you are subscribed, your subscription will continue until it is terminated. Canceling the Prime subscription will ensure that you won't be charged again. But if you are unsure about canceling your subscription, you can pause your membership. Your account won't be for a long time after you suspend your membership.

How to Terminate Amazon Prime?

Canceling your Amazon Prime membership is possible via desktop or mobile, as explained below.

On a Desktop

Step 1: Find the Amazon website and log in to your account. Visit the Amazon website and click Accounts and Lists. You can log in using your phone number, email address, or Amazon password.

Step 2: Already in your account, on the Accounts and Lists section, scroll downwards in the menu and select Prime membership. You can also select directly from the Accounts and Lists, redirecting you to the Benefits and Payments Settings.

Step 3: The next step is to end your membership. You terminate your membership and the benefits by going to the Membership Management segment on the left-hand side of your screen. Click on the link to redirect you to a cancellation page.

Step 4: You will be asked to confirm if you are sure you want to leave the prime membership. Cancel your Prime membership by clicking on I Do Not Want My Benefits. Amazon might prompt you to opt for a monthly plan if you've been on an annual subscription. But if you want to cancel your prime subscription entirely, stick to the above steps.

On a Mobile

Step 1: On the Amazon app on your mobile device, tap the three horizontal lines in the rightmost corner. Then go to Your Account.

Step 2: On Your Account, locate Manage Prime Membership.

Step 3: Log in to your Prime account. You can use your saved details or input the detail. Other devices will request you to use your fingerprints for logging in.

Step 4: Tap Update cancel and more from the drop-down menu under Manage Prime Membership. Click on it to start the cancellation process.

Step 5: Click on I Do Not Want My Benefits, then tap on Continue to Cancel. The next step is going to the confirmation page. Amazon will ask you if you want to be reminded three days before the membership renews. Cancel the membership if you want to quit the subscription plan entirely.

How to Cancel Amazon Prime Membership Renewal Settings?

After the first sign-up for prime membership, your subscription will always renew at the end of your membership period. Amazon gives you the option to cancel this auto-renewal. Canceling the auto-renewal can happen automatically when you discontinue your prime membership with Amazon. But to stop auto-renewal, the following steps will guide you.

Step 1: The first step is to go to Manage Prime Membership.

Step 2: Review the renewal date on the left-hand side of the page. If you were on Amazon's free prime trial, select Do Not Continue. This means you will receive prime benefits until your free trial period ends. Your membership will end without your credit card being charged.

Step 3: When on a paid prime membership, select End Membership. It will cancel the prime membership auto-renewal after the subscription period. Remember to turn off auto-renewal by clicking on the link below the auto-renewal date. It will ensure that your membership expires without charges on your credit card.

How to Cancel Amazon Prime Free Trial?

Amazon offers free prime membership for up to 30 days. When you sign up for free trial membership, but sadly the 30 days are ending, you can cancel the prime membership. Canceling the free trial will ensure that your credit card is not charged after 30 days. You can set your account to make a reminder three days before the free trial ends to avoid the charges. To cancel your free premium trial, follow the following procedure.

Step 1: On the Amazon app or website, go to Your Account.

Step 2: Then click Manage Prime Membership.

Step 3: On Manage Prime Membership, tap End Trial and Benefits. You will be asked if you want to continue your trial membership. 

Step 4: Click Continue to Cancel. You are confirming your discontinuation of the trial membership and its benefits by clicking it.

Do You Get a Refund After Canceling Your Prime Membership?

Even after canceling your prime subscription, you will still get a full refund if you have made no purchases while subscribed. That means that even in the middle of a subscription, you should not hesitate to make a prime cancelation.

Amazon will give you your money back. If you cancel your Prime membership, Amazon will make regular charges for any Prime benefits you received during the membership period. Such benefits include music and book downloads and streaming. The refund policy depends on the exact amount you purchased. For example, if you purchased an electric device, you will get a refund minus the shipping charge and the device's price.

What Happens Once You Cancel Amazon Prime Membership

The following will follow you successfully cancel your Amazon Prime membership.

Remember that the subscription is valid for the paid period after you cancel.


The Amazon Prime cancelation process is designed with your needs in mind. It can be seen in the easy-to-follow and self-explanatory steps outlined above. You can expect that you will receive prompt assistance if you require Amazon Prime Cancellation Assistance.

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