How to Listen to Music on a Plane?

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Discover the ins and outs of enjoying music during flights. Our guide provides practical methods on how to seamlessly listen to your favorite tunes onboard, making your air travel more relaxing and enjoyable.

Flying for long hours can be boring, uncomfortable, and tiring, especially when traveling alone with no one to chit-chat. While most folks prefer reading a book during such flights, this doesn’t work for everyone, particularly those with poor concentration.

During such long hauls, listening to good music creates a serene environment to soothe your ears and mind. It can be a perfect time to discover new songs. So, how to listen to music on a plane? Read on to learn more.

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3 Best Ways to Listen to Music on a Plane

There are different ways to listen to music while flying, complementing your in-flight experience. Here are the 3 finest ways;

1. Sign Up for a Premium Music Streaming Service

This trick is viable if you have ample time before your next flight. Music streaming apps like Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube Music have a premium subscription that allows you to download music and listen to it offline. The music platform allows you to select and download the songs you wish to listen to offline.

You can download the music on your device; smartphone, laptop, tablet, and iPad. You will be able to play in airplane mode without necessitating you to have WiFi access. With Spotify, you can also listen to podcasts if you want to listen to something different from music.

How to Utilize the Offline Mode on Spotify

Spotify has an offline mode that is handy when playing music offline. Here’s how to use it;

Note: Switching off your internet or WiFi connection is to ascertain that the songs will be playing offline.

How to Utilize the Offline Mode on Apple Music

If you are using Apple Music, here’s how to about;

Downloading music on Spotify and Apple Music offline mode allows you to listen to the music while offline. However, to use this approach, ensure you get to the airport on time to curate an excellent playlist before boarding the plane. Once you are on the plane;

2. Take Advantage of the In-Flight Entertainment System

Most airlines have entertainment systems at the back of the seats on their planes. This in-flight entertainment system is another convenient way of listening to music on air. If the entertainment system works, you will find games, movies, TV shows, podcasts, and music of different genres that will keep you entertained throughout your flight.

And this system's charm is entirely free for you to utilize during your journey. The secret advantage of the in-flight entertainment system is it saves your battery drainage issues! This is a worrisome aspect when traveling and using your device as entertainment! You can stream or listen to music as long as you want since the flight entertainment system is powered by the plane.

On the downside, most in-flight entertainment systems will only be compatible with the headphones offered by the airlines. You might need a separate adaptor to utilize your headphones. To enjoy music through the in-flight entertainment system;

3. Use Your Smartphone/MP3 Player/Tablet

If you want to personalize your playlist without subscribing to a premium music streaming service, downloading music on your device is your perfect choice! Prepare a list of your favorite tracks at home or before boarding the flight, download and save them on your device. There are several music websites where you can download unlimited songs for free, including;

Like downloading music from premium music streaming platforms, download your music to your device before boarding the plane. Plug in your headphones or connect them via Bluetooth and enjoy your music once airborne.

3 Secrets for Listening to Music on a Plane

Listening to music on a plane can help you kill time and reduce boredom. Here are easy tips to ensure you have a relaxing time listening to your cherished music on a plane!

1. Invest in Noise-Canceling Headphones

Noise-canceling headphones can improve your flying experience by:

Bluetooth headphones are the best as they save you from the hassles of wires.

2. Monitor Your Volume

Your music playing volume should not be a nuisance to your fellow passengers. Your immediate neighbor should be fine with your volume. Thus, also avoid playing music on high volume and on  loudspeakers.

3.  Don’t Miss Important Announcements

Be on the alert! Do not use headphones when flight attendants are making important announcements. You don’t want to miss any safety briefing instructions!


You can listen to music on a plane by utilizing offline modes of music streaming services like Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube Music. Alternatively, download music on your device before your flight or use an in-flight entertainment system. However, don’t be a nuisance to your immediate neighbor by playing loud music on your headphones. Also, remember not to miss out on any announcements from flight attendants!

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