Listening to Music While Sleeping: Benefits, Risks, and Types of Music to Choose

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Music has a very powerful influence over people as it encourages unity. It has many benefits, but did you know that listening to music while sleeping also improves the quality of your sleep? Yes, it does, and there are more advantages, as we have discussed here. Read on to find out!

Are you struggling with insomnia? Listening to music while sleeping can help you develop a healthy sleep pattern and sleep for longer hours. Even though there are many music genres, there are only a few that can help you get to sleep. This article covers everything you need to know about the benefits and risks of listening to music when sleeping and much more! So keep scrolling for more details.

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Is It Bad to Listen to Music While Sleeping?

Is it bad to listen to music while sleeping? No. Listening to music when sleeping can help you fall asleep faster. Many people struggle with insomnia due to stress and health issues, so music is a lifesaver. But you must also consider the type of music you choose and how it affects you.

4 Benefits of Listening to Music When Sleeping

How does music help you when sleeping?

Music plays a critical role in helping you develop a healthy sleep routine. Make sure you listen to calm music each night before bed. Make this a habit and be consistent with the songs you choose. Eventually, your brain will learn to associate music with sleeping.

Listen to music if you have a bad day and feel stressed at night. Music can alter your body chemistry by altering your strong hormones. When you listen to happy music, your brain increases the serotonin hormone levels that help reduce stress hormones.

If you have a few hours to sleep at night before a busy night shift, your body will need to have a deep sleep. It also applies if you want some afternoon naps but have some errands to run later in the evening. Listening to some good music will help you get a deeper sleep for a short period.

Sometimes you may go to bed but end up having a lot of distractions about how your day was or your tasks for tomorrow. Although it's quite normal, it's unhealthy for you as it may cause insomnia. When you find yourself in this situation, turn on some music when you get to bed and relax.

There is a broad genre of music, but not all of them are ideal for you if you want to sleep. This section discusses four types of music suitable for you if you want to sleep.

Meditation music is a form of relaxation music, and many people use it for therapy sessions, according to the" Journal of Advanced Nursing." Listening to meditation music with your eyes closed at night will help relieve stress and relax the mind.

What is an Audiobook? It’s a voice recording of a book you can listen to instead of reading. Audiobooks are also quite effective to listen to if you have trouble falling asleep. Some people prefer them to music because they have consistent volume, unlike music.

Classical music is quite complex, formal, and mostly characterized by a harmonic organization, especially polyphony. When you listen to classical music, your body releases the dopamine hormone that stimulates pleasure by hindering the stress hormones. Its calming effect on your body prevents you from having anxiety. Thus, try listening to classical music when in bed to stimulate sleep.

Instrumental music is great for sleep because it has no lyrics or other vocals, so you only listen to the instruments playing. Unlike other genres, such as pop music, they lower your blood pressure, making them suitable for sleep.

Risks of Listening to Music When Sleeping

You can listen to music when sleeping, but you should also know it has some risks, such as:

Factors to Consider When Choosing Music for Sleeping

Here are some important tips to remember when choosing good music for sleeping.

Types of Sleep Music

According to researchers, sleep music is also known as soothing music. The five main types of sleep music are:


Listening to music while sleeping is known to have some positive results in the long run. You get to develop a healthy sleep pattern, reduce stress and get a deep and longer sleep. But, avoid using headphones at night, which may cause discomfort and wax build-up. Instrumental music, classical music, meditation music, and audiobooks are some types of music recommended to encourage sleep.

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