Does Amazon Music Use Data? (How Much Is Used & How to Reduce)

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Knowing how much data Amazon Music uses might help you avoid overage fees if you're on a restricted data plan. Keep reading for more information about Amazon Music's data use, how to minimize data consumption, and more.

Amazon Music is a great place to listen to today's most famous musicians' latest releases and has an excellent collection of playlists and stations. However, do you have to pay to listen to the music? Here is a complete guide to using Amazon Music.

Streaming Amazon Music at a moderate quality level uses roughly 3 MB each minute. You can choose to listen to a stream or download for offline listening. Knowing how much data Amazon Music uses might help you avoid overage fees if you're on a restricted data plan. Keep reading for more information about Amazon Music's data use, how to minimize data consumption, and more.

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Does Amazon Music Use Data?

In the case of Amazon Music streaming, the average use over 20 minutes is 130MB, with the maximum usage over an hour reaching 400MB. If you listen to music continuously without saving your playlists to your device, you may use as much as a gigabit of daily data.

However, the precise figures will change based on your chosen quality thresholds. Depending on the quality level selected, consumers' data consumption might vary from 48kbps to 320kbps with Amazon Music.

Assuming that you have limited data on your mobile phone plan, you should reduce the quality of your music streaming to avoid exceeding your data limit.

Does Streaming Amazon Music Use much of Your Data Plan?

With daily streaming, Amazon Music may use up to a gigabit of data, although you can tweak the app's settings to consume fewer data. Because of this, Amazon Music does not use an excessive quantity of data. However, some app users complain that Amazon Music is a data hog, while others claim that YouTube uses much more data.

If you are worried about your data use on your phone, you can download Amazon Music on a device such as a tablet.

Is Amazon Music included in the Amazon Prime membership for free?

Amazon Prime Music is free with an Amazon Prime subscription. It provides access to a small selection of music, about 2 million, compared to the 90 million songs available with Amazon Music Unlimited. Amazon Music's free, ad-supported option is available to anybody who isn't a Prime subscriber. You may listen to any of the thousands of stations or playlists without paying a dime.

Amazon Prime Music is only one of several streaming music services that offer instant access to songs whenever you want them. You can do this on your phone, PC, or even an Amazon Echo smart speaker. You may ask Alexa to play a song, album, or playlist from Prime Music, making this the latter option one of the most practical.

How to Reduce Your Mobile Data Usage on Amazon Music

Although Amazon Music does use some of your data, the exact amount is unknown since the service does not provide the data rate it uses. However, the Data Saver option still limits how much data Amazon Music uses.

To adjust the streaming audio quality, enter the menu by tapping the three dots in the upper right corner. Go to Settings > Mobile > Data Saver. If you stream music from Amazon, this will lower the amount of data you use. Return to the Settings screen and choose Download Audio Quality if you also like to avoid downloading music using cellular data. Then, select "Download exclusively on WiFi" from the menu.

Does the Amazon Music Streaming Service Have ad Campaigns?

The free Amazon Music plan intersperses listening time with advertising as with Spotify. However, Prime, Unlimited, and HD subscribers won't hear any ads. If you already have an Amazon Prime subscription or want to join up for a free trial of Amazon Prime, you will be able to listen to Amazon Music without any ads.

To keep the service free, Amazon Music relies on advertising revenue, so if you want to stream thousands of songs and listen to hundreds of radio stations, you'll have to go through some commercials. You may subscribe to Amazon Music Prime, Unlimited, or HD to avoid commercials.

Is It Possible to Download Amazon Music to Listen to Later?

You may listen to Amazon Music online or offline, but you must first download your playlists and save music to your phone to utilize the service offline. Although you can use Amazon music offline, you should be aware that it still consumes data, which might be an issue if you don't have an unlimited data plan.

Is There Any Data Used from Amazon Music While You Are Not Actively Using It?

Amazon Music does not use any data when you are not streaming. On the other hand, if you leave the app running in the background, it may use some data to maintain the connection. You may avoid this by closing the app after use.


A lot of people use Amazon Music as a mobile music streaming service. Keep an eye on your data use to ensure you don't go beyond when streaming your favorite tunes. When possible, utilize WiFi to stream music from Amazon Music, and then save songs to your phone so you may listen to them without using up your data plan.

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