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Discover Apple Music statistics in this guide. Learn more about Apple Music subscriber numbers, revenue, user demographics, royalty rates, and more. Uncover the data behind this leading music streaming platform.

Established in 2015, Apple Music is one of the most popular music streaming services in the world.

Even though the platform has been around for only eight years, its growth and impact on the music industry has been nothing short of astonishing.

In this relatively short span, Apple Music has achieved extraordinary milestones, boasting a staggering subscriber base of over 88 million users.

But what else do you need to know about Apple Music? Here are some interesting Apple Music statistics.

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Apple Music Quick Statistics

Apple Music User Statistics

When Apple Music was launched in 2015, Spotify had already been operating for nearly a decade and had achieved significant success in the music streaming business. By that time, Spotify had around 68 million users and 22 million paying subscribers.

However, Apple Music wasted no time making its presence felt and quickly gained ground in the music streaming arena. In just one year after its launch, Apple Music had 11 million subscribers. By December 2016, Apple Music's subscriber count had risen to 20 million.

Currently, Apple Music has over 88 million subscribers. It is the second most popular music streaming platform, right after Spotify. Here's a table of Apple Music user numbers over the years:

  Year   Number of Users (Million)
2022 88
2021 80
2020 72
2019 50
2018 40
2017 27
2016 20
2015 11

Source: Business of Apps

Apple Music US Subscribers

Apple Music has 32.6 million subscribers in the US. According to Music Business Worldwide, Spotify tops the list, with 44.4 million subscribers in the United States. Amazon Music occupies the third position, with 29.3 million paying subscribers. Here’s a table showing subscriber numbers in the US:

  Streaming Service   Number of Subscribers (US)
Spotify 44.4 Million
Apple Music 32.6 Million
Amazon Music 29.3 Million
YouTube 8.5 Million
Pandora 2.4 Million

Source: Music Business Worldwide

Apple Music Revenue

Apple Music generates its revenue from user subscriptions. Users often pay a monthly fee to access the platform's extensive music catalog, which boasts over one hundred million songs and more than 30,000 playlists.

Apple Music offers four different subscription tiers: Voice, Student, Individual, and Family. Unfortunately, there is no free version of Apple Music, but the platform does provide a one-month free trial for new subscribers. And if you purchase an eligible pair of AirPods, Beats, or HomePod, you get a free subscription for six months.

So, how much revenue has Apple Music generated over the years? Well, Apple does not actually provide details about Apple Music's revenue. But, Apple Music revenue was estimated to be $8.3 billion in 2022. Here’s a table with Apple Music revenue over the years:

  Year   Apple Music Revenue ($)
2022 8.3 Billion
2021 7 Billion
2020 6.3 Billion
2019 4.4 Billion
2018 3.5 Billion
2017 2.3 Billion
2016 1.7 Billion

Source: Business of Apps

Apple Music Market Share

Apple Music is one of the major players in the music streaming industry, but the platform faces fierce competition from other platforms like Spotify. In fact, according to this year's IMS Business Report, Spotify dominates the global music streaming market with a share of 30.5%.

Apple Music follows Spotify, with a market share of 13.7%. Tencent Music occupies the third position, with a market share of 13.4%. Amazon Music and YouTube Music take the fourth and fifth position, with a market share of 13.3% and 8.9%, respectively.

Here’s a table displaying the market share percentage for different music streaming platforms:

  Music Streaming Platform   Market Share (%)
Spotify 30.5
Apple Music 13.7
Tencent Music 13.4
Amazon Music 13.3
YouTube 8.9
NetEase 6.1
Yandex 2.2
Deezer 1.5
Other 10.2

Source: IMS Business Report

Apple Music Demographics 

Apple Music caters to a wide range of users. Its user base includes teenagers, young adults, and even older generations. According to 2018 data, Apple Music is most popular among millennials and adults over the age of 55.

While Apple Music caters to both men and women, data from 2018 indicates that more women use the streaming service as compared to men. The data disclosed that 56% of all subscribers are women, while 44% of subscribers are men.

The table below displays the percentage of Apple Music Users for different age groups:

  Age Group   Apple Music Users (%)
18 - 24 17
25 - 34 23
35 - 44 22
45 - 54 15
55+ 23

Source: Statistica

Apple Music Royalty Rates 

In 2021, Apple revealed how much artists are paid on Apple Music. In an open letter sent to artists, Apple revealed that it pays about $0.01 per stream.

" While royalties from streaming services are calculated on a stream share basis, a play still has a value. This value varies by subscription plan and country or region but averaged $0.01 for Apple Music individual paid plans in 2020," Apple said in its letter.

Many artists actually prefer Apple Music to Spotify as Apple Music's pay-per-stream is higher than Spotify's. Spotify pays artists an average of between $0.003 to $0.005 per stream.

Apple Music Counts a 30-Second Play as One Stream

When a user listens to a song for at least 30 seconds, Apple Music often counts it as a stream. So, if you want your favorite musician to be among the top-streamed artists on Apple Music, you need to stream their tracks for 30 seconds. This greatly contributes to their stream count.

Apple Music Catalog

Apple Music offers an extensive and diverse music catalog that includes millions of songs from various eras and regions. In October 2022, Apple Music announced that it had 100 million songs. When you subscribe to Apple Music, you gain unlimited access to play all these songs on demand.

Apple Music also has over 30,000 playlists. The playlists are curated by the Apple Music editorial team. The team curates playlists based on various themes, moods, trends, and genres. Popular playlists you can find on Apple Music include top hits, seasonal tracks, and new releases.

Unlike Spotify, Apple Music does not allow third-party individuals to curate playlists. However, you can easily create a playlist of your favorite tracks in Apple Music.

Apple Music's Most Streamed Artist

Ed Sheeran is the most streamed musician on Apple Music. The English singer-songwriter has more than 59 million streams. In fact, four of his songs have crossed the 5 million listen mark.

Taylor Swift is the second most streamed artist, with over 44 million listens. Drake is number three with 39.8 million streams, and Post Malone and Billie Eilish follow him. Post Malone has 34.6 million streams, and Billie Eilish has 33.6 million listens.

Here are the top 10 artists on Apple Music:

  #   Artist   Streams (Million)
1 Ed Sheeran 59.1
2 Taylor Swift 44.9
3 Drake 39.8
4 Post Malone 34.6
5 Billie Eilish 33.6
6 The Weeknd 33.2
7 Dua Lipa 28.6
8 Ariana Grande 27.9
9 Harry Styles 24.44
10 周杰伦 24.40



Apple Music may have been launched in 2015, but this has not prevented it from becoming a major player in the music streaming industry. With its global subscriber base of over 88 million subscribers, it has established itself as one of the top music streaming services worldwide.

Apple Music generates revenue from user subscriptions. It has four different subscription plans: Voice, Individual, Student, and Family. As of 2022, the revenue generated from these subscriptions was estimated at $8.3 billion.

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