Is Cravetv Free with Amazon Prime? (No, But You Can Do It This Way...)

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Does Amazon Prime guarantee free access to the Crate TV services? This is a question that many customers have been asking online. We have done thorough research, and here, we are ready to present you with a detailed article and teach you something important.

Amazon has grown with its leads, ranking, and customer base. Hence, many customers from around the world are signing up for the special Amazon Prime membership on the site.

There are many lucrative deals that these dedicated members enjoy with Amazon Prime. However, in most situations, you might be asking yourself whether Amazon Prime and CraveTV are separate services or whether, surprisingly, the place gives you free access to CraveTV.

In such a confusion, we are here to set things straight and help you understand the Amazon Prime membership plan and available offers. We all know that CraveTV is a firm based in Canada that offers streaming services. You might still wish to access it through sensors, and it comes with geo-restrictions. Therefore, this article will answer whether Amazon Prime comes with free CraveTV services. Without wasting time, let us get started.

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What Is CraveTV?

This should not confuse you so much. In summary, CraveTV is an online streaming service based in Canada. Bella Media owns the company, and currently, the platform has given popular sites like YouTube, Netflix, Disney+, as well as Hulu very stiff competition.

Using Cravetv, you are all exposed to the original television program, which theoretically covers the TV shows and released films available on US TV.

There are many programming suppliers for CraveTv, but the most popular suppliers include Paramount Comedy Central, Showtime, and MTV. Starz and Warner Media are the other suppliers, comprising Warner Bros Film and HBO.

Is CraveTV Free with Amazon Prime?

CraveTV is not a complimentary service when you have an Amazon Prime subscription. Instead, this streaming service is available as an add-on application, which you can download and install with your Fire Stick device, as well as available on Amazon Prime Video.

Therefore, CraveTv is a separate ad -on streaming, which customers must also pay for the services to access when they have Amazon Prime.

CraveTv pricing plan

The next possible question in this article is how much Cravetv costs you to start a streaming service. Well, there are numerous membership plans for CraveTV. But all these allow you to watch the latest TV shows, stream movies, and many other offers.

But for the total plan, the CraveTV will cost you about $19.99 monthly, but this is subject to future charges. This plan will give you high-end streaming and quality resolution.

Still, with this plan, you can download the shows, movies, etc., to watch later while offline. Still, customers can watch on multiple screens simultaneously.

The CraveTV also offers a mobile plan that costs $9.99 monthly. These are incredible offers for you to try out. Because it still gives you access to high-quality films and TV shows streaming. Unfortunately, customers cannot download the shows and movies. You are also restricted to streaming on a single device each time.

Besides the monthly plans, CraveTV also comes with the option to commit yourself to their annual plan. This is the best if you are economical and have money to spend simultaneously.

The CraveTv mobile plan will cost you $99.90 annually, while the  CraveTv normal plan charges you $199.90 annually. If you are a dedicated customer and decide to go with the annual plan, then CraveTv guarantees you two months of free streaming services. It is terrific; grab this today.

Amazon Fire Stick

While we have been discussing that for a customer to get the CraveTV, they must have the Amazon Firestick in the above section, some might be asking what this Amazon Firestick is in the first place. Well, we can settle it here.

In summary, the Amazon Fire Stick is a simple device you can directly attach to your television. It is through this Amazon Fire stick that you can have the power to stream movies and shows from multiple outlets. This means the Amazon Fire Stick gives you the best and most effortless approach to streaming when you cannot access the smart Television gadget.

Hence, once you install the Amazon Fire Stick, you can easily download the CraveTv application, create an account, sign in, and start streaming from the go. Unfortunately, even after downloading the CraveTV with your Amazon Firestick, you must first pay for the CraveTV subscription services before streaming.

CraveTv is worth the price tag and investment. There are many reasons for making such a  general conclusion. Once you subscribe to the streaming services, you are guaranteed to access numerous and thousands of movies and TV shows.

In the collection, the TV gives you multiple categories, and among the popular ones are sports, music, kids, reality TV, comedy, drama, documentaries, etc. On top of that, the TV also allows you to stream all those famous shows on Starz, Showtime, and HBO.

The above services might change, and everything is based on the fact that the streaming service is based in Canada. This means you can access the geo-restricted shows in Canada alone but not in any other region. For such a case, you can use the proxy or relevant VPN online and stream beyond the geo-location limitations.


Q. Can I register CraveTv on multiple devices?

From the above article, we have seen that you can attest to streaming the services as long as you have an active plan. However, the number of devices one can register and log in to the CraveTv totally depends on the plan you are going for. For instance, the CraveTV Total gives the customer access to upto five devices using one account, but with the CraveTV mobile plans, only one device is allowed to sign in at a time.

Therefore, when you have a big family, the CraveTV Total subscription plan is ideal as it can be used by multiple users simultaneously.

Q. Does the CraveTv subscription plan have a free trial?

From the information we have got online, the CraveTV comes with a one-week free trial period, which is enough to gauge and make the right decision before committing to the premium packages.

Once the 7 days elapse, the CravetV charges the plan from your linked debit card if not your credit card. They decide charges monthly or based on the subscription plan you have selected. You can enjoy the two-month free streaming when you go for the annual plan.

There are many more things that you can learn as far as Amazon Prime Video is concerned in relation to other add-on services. Thus, keep changing for future updates. Also, read our previous articles for the guides on multiple topics.


While Amazon Prime and Amazon Fire Stick come with multiple deals and offers,  CraveTv comes as an add-in streaming service or application. Therefore, in the above article, customers must pay for the CraveTV monthly or annual plan to gain access with a free trial period based on the plan.

Optimize your streaming experience with the latest movies, TV shows, and more using the premium CraveTv plans. Download and start watching today.

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