What Does "Held for Pickup at Carrier Location" Mean on Amazon?

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Are you one of the senders who prefer their package to be sent to a specific place and held there until you are ready to pick it up using the Hold for Pickup service? Then t it's necessary to find out what Amazon's "Held for Pickup at Carrier Location" status means in this article.

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What Does "Held for Pickup at Carrier Location" Mean on Amazon?

Carrier services offer a special service called "Hold for Pickup," through which an item can be delivered to a carrier facility and held there until the recipient collects it. After the package has been delivered to the designated pickup place, Amazon will notify the recipient via email that it is ready for pickup. The recipient must produce a valid photo ID matching the information on the mailing label to receive the delivery. If you want to know why your package has been held up, keep reading.

Why Is My Package Held for Pickup at the Carrier Location?

Suppose the carrier tried to deliver your package but could not because, for example, no one was home to sign for it or because they needed a gate code to enter your neighborhood or building, and you still need to provide it. In that case, the package will not be delivered but returned to the sender. And that is the reason your package may be sitting at the carrier location.

Why Is My Package Sitting at A Carrier Facility?

If you're tracking a long-awaited online purchase, you might find it has arrived at a carrier facility. If nothing is done for several days, it could just sit there. The shipping firm may be slammed with packages, causing a bottleneck in loading boxes into delivery vans. Alternatively, there may have needed to be a secure location to leave your goods for delivery. But how do I decide where to send this box, so it arrives safely? Read on.

How to Choose an Amazon Locker?

When checking out or adding a new address to Your Account, you'll have access to Amazon Hub Locker locations. If you're looking for a Hub Locker on Amazon, try these steps: Find a safe deposit box on Amazon.com. Try to find something by its name, number, or location on a map.

Can You Use Amazon Lockers Without Prime?

Amazon Prime members get their orders in two days on average, but anyone may utilize Amazon Lockers. A quick tip: Amazon Lockers are physical lockers, so they have size restrictions per the order. Your order must be at most 16x12x14 inches or 10 pounds in total weight or dimension to be placed in Amazon lockers.

What Is Free Locker Delivery Amazon?

Amazon provides its customers with a parcel locker delivery service called Amazon Locker so they can handle their packages on their own time. Customers who have ordered from Amazon and have their packages delivered to a Locker can retrieve them from any location by entering a pickup code into the Locker's touchscreen.

How to Collect a Package at an Amazon Hub Locker?

Once you have your pickup code, you can retrieve your package from any Amazon Hub Locker. Take your package out of the Locker no later than three days after it has been delivered. Amazon will return your package and issue a full refund if you do not pick it up by the third business day after delivery. One of the following must be done to retrieve your package: Any Lockers that need a code to be retrieved. Therefore;

Using the barcode and 6-digit pickup code included in your delivery confirmation email, please.

Either type in your pickup code on the touchscreen display or scan the barcode using the Locker scanner.

The Locker has a scanner built into the base of its touchscreen. I need assistance figuring out how to receive my reward. You should keep reading.

How to Pick Up a Package at an Amazon Hub Apartment Locker?

Your parcel will be waiting for you with a pickup code at the Apartment Locker after you receive an email notification. Pickup instructions:

Step 1: Get your apartment's Locker and enter the one-of-a-kind pickup code you were sent in an email.

Step 2: On the touchscreen, type in the code given to you.

Step 3: Just do what it says on the screen.

Step 4: Until the Property Manager removes the package to create room for fresh deliveries, it will remain in the compartment. Please double-check with the Property Manager before filing a missing-package report.

Step 5: When you dial 1-888-283-0577, you'll be connected with a helpful expert who can assist you with your Apartment Locker needs. Someone is always here to help you, whatever time of day or night.

How Long Will Amazon Locker Hold Item?

Amazon Hub Locker is a free and easy-to-use package delivery option for customers. It is entirely automated, secure, and convenient.

This a reminder that packages must be retrieved from the Locker no later than three calendar days following delivery. Amazon will return your package and issue a full refund if you do not pick it up by the third business day after delivery.

How Big Are Amazon's Storage Lockers?

The Amazon Hub package locker can hold up to a whopping. The apartment-sized Amazon Hub is 6 feet broad, 1 foot 10 inches deep, and features 42 individual cubbies. Each expander is 3 feet by 1 foot and 10 inches and has 23 separate sections.

Two factors will prevent an Amazon Prime order from being delivered to a locker. Let's start with mass. Weight must be under 10 pounds. Dimensionally, it can be, at most, 16 inches by 12 inches by 14 inches.

Are Amazon Lockers Accessible Without Prime Membership?

Amazon Prime members get their orders in two days on average, but anyone may utilize Amazon Lockers. As a quick reminder, the Amazon Lockers are, in fact, lockers and, as such, have space constraints. Your order cannot exceed 16x12x14 inches or 10 pounds in total weight or dimensions.


Amazon retains products until the recipient picks them up through a process known as "Hold for Pickup at a Carrier Location." When the delivery is delivered to the pickup location, Amazon will notify the recipient through email. The addressee must produce a photo ID matching the delivery mailing label.

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