Hickory Farms Gift Baskets Review: *Pros and Cons* Is It Worth the Investment?

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Are you curious about what is featured in the Hickory Farms Gift Baskets subscription treat? Here is everything you need to know about the Hickory Farms company and their delicious gift baskets. Please read to the end before concluding.

Online shopping has made things simpler today with advancing technology. Many customers receive their packages delivered directly to their comfort. And with that perspective, nothing is compelling and sweet about receiving your delicious meal and a treat at your doorstep or in the mail. Regardless Of the joys, gifts are outstanding surprises we tend to receive.

Therefore, there are numerous gourmet gift services you can trust online for delivery that target recovery after surgery. In this article, we intend to learn more about Hickory Farms and explore if their online reputation is hype or simply claims.

Among the popular food gifts, we will pay much attention to the Hickory Farms Gift Baskets. We will start with the brand's history, review its available subscription plans,  and test to rank the company as if it is worth the investment. That is from the experts and honest testimonies online. Here is the overview of the company in summary.

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Hickory Farms Gift Baskets Review

Hickory Farms was founded in 1951 by Richard Ransom and is based in the Picturesquare farmlands in the Ohio region. The company specializes in delivering gourmet food products and gift baskets, and the collection features crackers, condiments, artisanal cheers and meat. It has established its reputation online because of its impressive savory gift baskets as well as a top-notch variety of sweet gift packages.

The website has an extensive collection of gift sets containing award-winning products with various flavors to meet your preferences. The company has a perfect gift for that special occasion and holidays. Hickory Farms has a solid social media presence; reputable publications have also mentioned the products. If you are unsure if the brand is worth the investment, keep reading and explore more about these guys.

This is vital before making any final decision or commitment. Thus, Hickory Farms began with cheese as the first product in the package. Robert started with hand-cut cheese, which he sold at the local trade shows as well as fairs. This delectable dairy immediately became a hit, which steamed the founder's success to continue expanding the business and started to bring in and explore more products into the package or repertoire.

Some of these are famous beef sticks as well as summer sausages. Through development, Hickory Farms opened the first retail store outside Toledo in 1959. The retail store's success made the founder become a buzz on the market, and Hickory Farms steamed, created more job opportunities, and struggled to meet the product demand among the customers.

Today, Hickory Farms indicates a robust online presence, and its products have become more accessible. Customers can now purchase from the Hickory Farms online stores, supermarkets, and shopping centers. Hickory Farms is here with a simple mission.

That is to serve customers with a unique approach while delivering the wholesome Hickory Farms authenticity and goodness to your comfort. With this simple history of the brand, we must proceed to the possible customer-favorite gift baskets. Beforehand, we also have something for you here. Read these pros and cons as a summary of the overview.

Hickory Farms Gift Baskets Pros:

Hickory Farms Gift Baskets Cons:

Why We Like Hickory Farms Gift Baskets

Hickory Farms has established a strong reputation online. The brand is here to stay, extends its product collection, and reaches top customers. This gives us hope to trust the company's smoked cheddar, classic nut mix, etc., which comes in different quantities. It is a perfect treat for delivery, and the ingredients are delicious. Second, we have a Hearty Bites Gift Basket.

The firm also gives you multiple high-end gift sets to select from. The products are unique, featuring a variety of options ranging from savory to sweet flavors for different occasions and routines. Therefore, if you are stuck locating a perfect appreciation gift, Hickory Farms has something for you in the store. Open the top for the basket; the company also allows you to add a bonus for the matching touches.

These include customizing with the ribbons and occasion tags at a small fee. Most customers have complimented their collection of cheese balls and many more. On top of the free shipping service, the brand also gives us many more reasons to smile from our comfort. We would also like to present you with some of the customer's favorite gift baskets from their website.

The Favorite Hickory Farms Gift Baskets

There are multiple gift sets and baskets on the platform. With the option to customize the packaging for the gift delivery, customers can choose based on their preferences, though you cannot personalize the content. Some of the best picks on the research are as fellows.

First, there is an impressive GiveBack Gift Basket. For every purchase of this gift basket, a portion of the money will be donated to the No Kid Hungry charity to alleviate childhood hunger in the US. In the basket, you will find a variety of the 4 cheeses, two nut mixes, farm sausages, and two mustard. It is a perfect gift while at a family gathering and with friends.

This is because it features numerous varieties of charcuterie, and everyone has at least something to enjoy. The content starts from the summer sausage spicy beef summer sausages to the classic nut mix, smoked cheddar blend, etc.

The second is the Hearty Bites Gift Basket. This is a good option if you are a cheese and meat enthusiast. Although the gift basket is small, it is affordable. The package will have an extensive mustard, sausage, and cheese selection. There are delicious blends of different flavors where customers can pair the means and cheese with the zingy mustard.

There are five products in the basket, ranging from the Belgian Ale Mustard to three cheese and onion, farmhouse cheddar, etc., like the first one; these products come in varying quantities, up to 1.98lb. You can complement the basket by adding wine and crackers for a party.

There is also a special basket which is popular on the site. This is the Wine & Savory Snacks Collection. This kit is ideal when you are going for a date night out or even at home. The package comes with good products, which include a box of crackers,  two varieties of cheese, a bottle of California cab sauce, and a nice dry salami. This gives you a perfect approach to elevating your night or gifting a friend. In the baskets, you will get up to 5 products. Among them are jalapeno cheddar blend, smoked cheddar blend, etc.

Next up is the Thank You Treats Gift Basket. If you think of thanking someone in your life, this is a good move. The basket comes in a presentable style, and sure, it guarantees you a grateful smile from the recipient. This box features world sausage, crackers, savory-sweet chocolate, and cheese. For the sausage, you will get signature summer, and other products are dark chocolate sea salt caramels, sweet hot mustard, smoked gouda blend, etc. Thank You Treats Gift Basket comes in a box of 1.39lb, cheaply priced for you.

Savory Snack Time Gift Basket is another worthy gift basket. The products featured are a variety of solid tastes, including savory, smooth profile, and smoky. You will get the mustard, cheese, and crackers in the selection. As a bonus, the set comes with the cheese spreader tool.

Thus, the basket has  9 products packaged: honey pineapple mustard, golden toasted crackers, harvest cheddar blend, mission jack blend, etc. refer to their website for more products. The gift basket weighs 1.69lb and comes at a discounted price. Use this affordable gift basket to show appreciation as well.

The last set in this category comes Signature Favorites & Wine Gift Set. This is a premium gift set on the website, and it is a superb choice if you are going to a family gathering or organizing a party. The set features a variety of meats, nuts,  mustard, nuts, and a bottle of the California Cabernet Sauvignon wine. This ties up a total of 12 products in total.

You can find the specific products on the website, but some are classic nut mix, creamy Swiss blends, sweet hot mustard, and smoked cheddar blends. Though the basket set is highly priced, it contains special items weighing 4.54lb. Give these guys a try and make your gift delivery and surprises top-notch.

Customer Review

We were forced to go the extra mile and evaluate the customer feedback to make this Hickory Farms Gift Baskets review. Countless reviews online confirm the brand is worth special gifts targeting any occasion.

From their official website hickoryfirms.com there are many customer testimonies, but for the sake of illustration, we focused on the Give Back Gift box which has a total of 1235 reviews and an overall of 4.8 stars. This is impressive, and customers are happily satisfied with their orders. Some of them praise the brand, saying:-

"What a treat. This item was bought for my loved ones. It was a lot of fun for us. Whatever is wonderful and refreshing. I am overjoyed. If you're on the fence about buying something from Hickory Farms, don't be. All of my purchases have exceeded my expectations."

Counting on the reviews found on the Sitejabber, they are pleasing, and from their 53 testimonies, the company scores an average of 3.23 stars. The same deal is located on Trustpilot. From 7 reviews, there is a 2.3-star rating. Though poor, there are also compliments.

From the USA Today, the author gives us many reasons to trust the best gourmet food gift to go for and the one to skip.. from the list, there are multiple treats the author considers favorite. Also, Red Flag Deals goes beyond to cover different aspects in answering whether these gift baskets are any good. You will come across numerous feedbacks here.

Still, the Facebook Page, though with 180k followers, has many compliments from the followers and gives you the option to shop from the platform. We are summing up with the Amazon, the Hickory Farms meat and cheese large gift box scores 4.6 stars from the 2416 ratings. This sounds excellent, and it gives you a reason to try them. Like other brands, BBB also accredits the company with an A+ grade.

When customers are happy, praise the top-notch support team, pleased with the gift boxes, and count on the company when it comes to preparation for the occasion, we have nothing other than endorsing it.

Where to Buy Hickory Farms Gift Baskets

Where to purchase Hickory Farms Gift Baskets is not a concern to date. This is because the packages are conveniently available for everyone. The first option to consider is the official site hickoryfarms.com. This should not give you a headache when the company doesn't ship to your location.

The products and gift baskets are also available through online retailers. The website has an advanced store locator feature, which we can refer you to for the detailer authorized dealers. The findings now insist that these Hickory Farms Gift Baskets or the tasty goods are available in online retailers such as:-

Is Hickory Farms Gift Baskets Worth It?

Whether the Hickory Farms Gift Baskets is worth the investment is vital. And before giving you a verdict, you must remember that the company is here to stay and has been on the market for a long time. Thus, we have condire4ed the expert experience shopping from the site and customer testimonials. Everything is excellent, and the brand is ideal; we crown it for pleasant gift ideas and packages.

You can give it a shot because the firm is worth it all. Though a few cons might change your overall decision, the reputation is tempting, and it might be a perfect choice to consider the company and never discount it for such small challenges. Otherwise, the company has impressive gift baskets featuring high quality and numerous varieties of products at a relatively fair price. Order and wait for the company to deliver to your doorstep.

You can also count on the gift baskets and have a chance to sample the lucrative deals and brand offerings. It gives you a smile to give to someone and shows them gratitude for your care as you pay forward the kindness. Often, the brand has something special in the gift baskets and guarantees customers uncompromised quality in the fruit baskets, gourmet cheese, and gift baskets. The company is worth trying for the incredible value of your investment.

Hickory Farms Gift Baskets Discounts

Like other brands, Hickory Farms offers methods to reduce expenditure while shopping on their website. However, the promotions are limited. At the moment, the company has special offers of corporate gifts. There are countless online exclusive sales. Still, they guarantee you 10% off on the first order when you only sign up for the promotional emails. Note that the company claims that most of their food gift baskets are shipped free of charge. And every product on the site eligible for free shipping features a unique icon in the collection.

Regardless of the shopping goals, there are always holiday deals, discounted gift baskets, and many special gift prices yearly. They also have extra promotions. You only have to keep checking for offers like the buy one and get one free, the frequent gifts for all occasions, etc. Hickory Farms Gift Baskets come with guaranteed freshness and quality, regardless of your location. The company also has black friday offers, which you can often watch for discounted promotions. They are worth it.

Hickory Farms Gift Baskets Contact

The information in the above Hickory Farms Gift Baskets review might be insufficient to justify the brand and give you all the solutions to the questions. Therefore, we have a way to get the answer. You can contact the Hickory Farms support team for extra information and clarification. The company has various methods, from the website, to contact the team for support. If you are located in Canada, you can get the team through the official number 1-800-625-6612. For the US customers, call using the number 1-800-753-8558.

The above numbers are only accessible Monday through Friday, from 9 am to 5 pm. Also, you can email them and share the concern or query to the address cserv-canada@hickoryfarms.com. We have also seen that the Hickory Farms support team is active on social media platforms. This gives you an extra approach to connect them. Therefore, follow them and engage with the team on their official Instagram, X(Twitter), and Facebook page.


Q. Should I refrigerate Hickory Farms cheese?

In case you need to conserve the cheese, then it is recommended that you refrigerate it. It is not a sin to keep your cheese for a while at room temperature because it never gets damaged easily. However, when it is unopened, it might last longer, even outside the fridge.

Q. What is the durability of the typical Hickory Farms sausage?

For the opened dry summer sausage, the company states that it can last for up to 3 weeks while in the refrigerator. Although you can freeze these sausages, they taste perfect in the fridge.

Q. Hickory Farms' shipping policy

Currently, the company offers free shipping for military gifts sent to addresses like the FPO, DPO, and APO. Otherwise, the company provides shipping services across the US states. Through standard shipping, customers' orders can take up to 3 to 5 working days to arrive. The other ideal shipping methods are overnight and 2-day. For the shipping charges, brands calculated depending on the total purchase on their website.

Refer to the US shipping rate on the chart from their website. For Canada-based customers, you can also ship your orders through UPS standard shipping, which takes 2 to 5 working days to arrive. The UPS Express is much faster, and order is expected to arrive within 1 to 2 working days. Therefore, keep in mind that the shipping charges depend on the weight and size of the order. Refer to their website for more information.

Q. What is the Hickory Farms return policy?

Although the company has a return policy, customers must initiate the process within 2 days of receiving their basket gifts. Contact the support team for the next step while returning. Immediately, the support team approves the return; then, you will get the return authorization number. Here, the purchaser initiates the return, not the gift basket recipient.

Therefore, the returns are only eligible for valid products. As long as you incur the return shipping costs, you are not entitled to receive the shipping costs refunded. However, the products bought through the store location are eligible for exchange or refund if you return them within 30 days post-purchase. You must also show the receipt as the original proof of purchase.


Hickory Farms is a reliable and impressive brand for accessing numerous gift baskets or gourmet with delectable treats. We have covered the company in detail, seen the foundation background, their best-selling and popular gift baskets, and ranked it as ideal for the staples offering. If you are planning a family gathering or a party, the company delivers a fantastic box to fit your needs. From the testimonies, multiple dominating positive feedbacks indicate customer satisfaction.

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