Global Knives Review: What Makes It a Globally Recognized Brand?

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Are these Global Knives perfect, as the website claims? You must understand the brand and learn from the experts to answer this question. Read our Global Knives reviews to the end and make an informed decision.

There are countless companies online that offer unique kitchen knives on the market around the world. But few brands make their knives from steel to make the products not only ultra modern but also gain that industrial look which is the selling point that most chefs enjoy. Though getting the perfect knife might take some research, we would start this review by looking at one of the famous brands.

That is the Global Knives company. This company claims to make their kno3evs out of the entire steel to ensure they are stain resistant with sharp cutting edges. If you are still wondering or yet to be convinced by this fact, let us go together and learn more about the company and its best-selling products. In this review, we will focus on the Global Knives and go beyond accessing other accessories that combine and make it balanced.

We will also look at the best sellers and the company history, and before making a decision, we will also need to consider the customer feedback from various sites. So, let us start by looking at the foundation of the firm and how it has changed to develop to date.

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Global Knives Review

Global Knives is a firm that offers an extensive collection of stainless steel knives as well as accessories that not only emerge from Japanese traditions but also try to combine the needs of modern chefs. The company utilizes the balance of the style and considers sharpness and strength. For this reason, the brand has established a strong reputation online, with many of its products listed among the award-winning blades worldwide.

For the last over 35 years, Global Cutlery has registered numerous awards from the likes of the Restaurant magazine in 2010 to 2019, the chef's choice award in 2014 to 2016, GQ magazine awarded the company this award in 2011, and in 2004, they also got an award from the Good housekeeping. The critical element of Global Cutlery is the balance that guides the construction of the design of these knives and other accessories.

These Japanese knives got inspiration from the samurai sword-making art. Craftsman Komin Yamada started designing the brands in 1985. The founder has an instinct that stainless steel accessories would end up being cold in the market of Japanese customers. Today the signature brand he purposely used to design the knives has become the devots, as you can see on the handle.

The founder already knew that this signature was going to make the knives not only enticing but also popular among people. Besides Yamada, other faces are behind the foundation of the Global Cutlery brand in the market. First, Yamada was only commissioned by Mino Tsuchida, who has recently established a reputation online as Mr. Global. Mr. Global gave Yamada this complete reign to design the first-ever knife of the brand.

After that, the knife was left to Mr. Global to decide if it was right or if he felt welcome in the market. In the long run, the Yamada devot's lunch was perfect and stood correct among the professional chefs. From this point, the brand started gaining popularity, and these knives' most significant selling point was the super sharp edge.

It then started offering around 12 blades to the market, later expanded to today, where you can access the blades in over a hundred categories from its website. Today, the company is well-known and recognized around the world.

In addition, the company uses high-quality materials to design and manufacture these blades. Today, Global Cutlery is managed and operated by Japan. Therefore, we will directly jump into the best-sellers collection without wasting time. Before that, let us compare the pros and cons of Global Cutlery based on the customers' feedback and our experience.

Global Knives Pros:

Global Knives Cons:

Why We Like Global Knives

Global Cutlery provides professional chefs with access to unique knives targeting any occasion. This Japanese company offers knives for daily steak knives to the sushi occasion through special blades and fillets. For this reason, we, the company, have made a reputation image on the market, which we currently accredit them. And without wasting time, we will go through the best-selling knives and accessories so that you will easily select your best-preferred blades from the brand.

The Best-Selling Global Knives

Most Global knives are a mage or forged using the CROMOVA 18 stainless steel, which ensures durability, and the hollow handle feature makes them comfortable and fitting in the hands. The selection is based on the experience of the intricate pairing as well as the universal professional chefs. Therefore, our first option on the website is a Classic 3" paring knife.

The knife comes with all the guidelines, and to make it simpler, this type of knife is perfect when used in the handling of small tasks like peeling, etc. What makes this knife popular is its non-slip and sizeable ergonomic handle that gives the customer control and balance when you need accuracy. The second best-selling Global knife is the Classic 5.5" Vegetable Knife – Hollow Ground. This one is efficient when you're natto julienning vegetables, chop, and dice.

The edges are shaped, giving it the power to slice the tomato quickly, and you can reserve it for other tasks like making vegetable splatter. Classic 6.25″ Flexible Boning Knife is next on our list, and it is perfect when used to separate the flesh from bones. Hence, it gives you a simple and easy time carrying out such tasks due to its flexible and thin blade making it resilient in the tough spot. The knife has a pointed edge for tight spaces to remove meat from bones effectively.

Other than the classic category, there are also popular and best-selling Global Cutlery knives like USON 9″ Bread Knife – GLOBAL UKON. is made with the capability to penetrate through the crust as well as tender bread. The blade is 10% sharper compared to the alternative blades. The blade is simple, but its edges are very sharp with thick blades. The knife is long-lasting and always stays sharp without staining. Still, it features grooved handles, which give you comfort and palm fitting to avoid slipping.

The Best-Selling Global Knife Sets

Besides individual knives on the website, the brand offers customers special knife sets designed for unique blades with different goals. During our research and based on the featuring sets on the website, we identified a few knife sets for you. Classic 3-Piece Knife Set (G-80338). In this set, the blades are made using stainless steel and contain three unique blades to help peel up things in your kitchen.

The set has the 7-inch Santoku, 5-inch chef's utility, and 3.5-inch paring knives. Both knives have a balanced weight but are blended using chromium and other materials like vanadium. It has unmatched hardness as well as performance in the kitchen. Kabuto 7-Piece Knife Block Set is popular on the site if you want a severe-looking knife set. All knives are hung on the modern, black, and clean block. The set features 7 knives meant for different tasks and different blade sizes. All feature the brand signature and tend to last longer while sharp.

The Best-Selling Global Knife Sharpener

Today, using the latest knife sharpener is always a good step. Remember that these sharpeners sometimes exert too much pressure on the blade. To attain a superior blade shape, try the best-selling knife sharpeners below. Combination Water Whetstone is popular among customers. Using this sharpener is very easy, and it is best when you know how to use it effectively. The block is made up of fine as well as coarse grit on its sides.

Hence, it is excellent to soothe the chipped edges on the knives. In the set, you can get a small or large sharpener alongside the guide in its separate box, keeping it tidy and clean. However, when using the Global Cutlery sharpener, there are two possibilities, you can do it correctly or make some mistakes. If you are a starter, you can rely on the Japanese whetstone.

You must start by soaking the block in water and take at least 10 minutes before placing the block on the non-slip surface. You can then start sliding the knife but diagonally. Always wet th st9oen continuously as you sharper. Also, remember that you must cut using these knives to avoid unnecessary chopping.

Customer Review

Global Cutlery has been on the market for quite some time, and from the customer feedback, it has built its trustworthiness around its knives and other accessories. Therefore, we have spent some humble time searching for the customer testimonial and ensuring you have a complete picture of the brand.

On The Gas, the website reviews Classic Japanese knives and assesses if they are the best on the market. The author completes the affordability, durability, and many other aspects the company guarantees you and finalizes by comparing the Global with the Wusthof brands.

In The Rational Kitchen, the author sums up the blog with the below recommendation, which says all about the brand:-

"Global knives are small, light, and razor sharp. They have softer steel than other Japanese brands, making them an excellent entry point into the world of Japanese blades: they retain their edge well while being simple to refine and preserve. Global knives, like most Japanese Cutlery, are not designed for hard foods but are a joy to use for all others. Because the handles are smaller and slimmer than those of other knife brands, we believe they are best suited to people with small grip. As a sharp, high-quality knife, it is highly advised."

Looking at the Product Review site, the company scores 3.9 stars after 28 customer reviews. Most people here are satisfied with the purchase and complement the fi8rms of huge collections, excellent customer support, and favorable shipping and return policy. The other external sites with honest customer ratings are Amazon, Blade Advisor, and Nothing But Knives websites.

You can also take your time to go through the Youtube review video for detailed information before making a choice. Amazon has a fantastic rating concerning Global knives. But Global Cutlery knives has been praised online for being a decent and affordable professional chef knives provider. The blades are perfect for various occasions.

Where to Buy Global Knives

In case you have made up your mind and decided to give Global Knives a try today, then the next thing is you are looking for the place to make your order. While these knives and accessories are available worldwide, they have specific retailers. However, if you're a customer based in the US region, we assure you to access the entire inventory at Besides the official website, the products are also available in online retail stores. Our research listed the below retailers:-

Still, you can utilize the store locator, a feature on the web page to locate all the nearest stories based on your location.

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Are Global Knives Worth It?

In this industry and as Cutlery is concerned, sharpening has become an emerging issue affecting the knife brand worldwide. This also goes hand in hand with holding a sharp edge. Therefore, if you are comfortable using the whetstone, we guarantee that Global Knives is worth all your cutlery needs.

Looking At the online reviews, we have discovered numerous positive ratings, and most customers have praised the brand with access to different and unique knives as well as accessories under one roof. Going deeper, finding a previous customer with a weird experience with the company is tough. Instead, many customers have complimented the balanced knives in their hands.

This is abuse; the blades are light in hand, making your work slicing and dicing simple. They are made with steel material; hence sharpness lasts longer. The pricing is not an issue if you consider the material used in designing these knives. The craftsmanship speaks volumes, and in addition to that, the creation is on another level.

However, while these knives are worth your money, you should also rest in knowing that numerous counterfeit knives are on the market. But the good news is that you can use the stand of authority from the brand to verify the authenticity of the knives. If you are a professional chef, this is the perfect place to order the knives for your daily routine.

Global Knives Discounts

In this research, we are dedicated to helping customers lose the right products and enjoy plenty of lucrative deals the brand offers online. Therefore, we also searched for the discounts Global Knives provides customers. Luckily, the company, when writing this review, offered free ground shipping on all orders. For new customers, when you sign up for the newsletter and account, they guarantee you 15% off on your first order from the inventory.

Global Cutlery provides all the customers with free not only ship[ping but also return which is very simple. And in the sales section, they sell numerous accessories at discounted prices. You can check out and capitalize on it to save some bucks. Follow them on their social media account and subscribe to the mail listing for all the latest deals and exclusive sales or promotions updates.

Global Knives Contact

The above reviews may not have addressed all your concerns about Global Knives products. Therefore, if you still have a question related to the brand, you can address the company support staff. The brand has listed numerous means to contact its support team for help.

First of all, you can call 1-877-772-5467. Also, you can send them an email at The above two means are operational from Monday to Friday, from 6 8 am to 5 pm est time. However, they are still available on the social media platform. Therefore, follow them on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, engage with them, ask your inquiries, and have them sorted anytime.


Q. Who is the current owner of the Global Cutlery brand?

From the information obtained in the above article, Global Cutlery is owned by the Yoshida Metal industry. Also, keep updated that the original designer of the brand is Komin Yoshida, who makes sure he delivers great knife designs to the customers. Where are the Global Cutlery knife manufacturing facilities found? First, we all agree that the company is based in Japan. Therefore, in addition to this, the company has its headquarters and manufacturing facilities based in Tsubame, japan.

Q. Where are these Global knives made?

In the data found online, we have learned that the Global knives are made in Niigata in the manufacturing facility located in the factory of Yoshikin. This is a place well known for the excellent and skillful swords as well as knife designers who have been in the industry for a long time. They also embrace their traditional craftsmanship in the process.

Q. Is Global knives dishwasher suitable for use?

We would not recommend putting the knives in the dishwasher. This is because the dishwasher can easily damage the sharp edges of the knives. Still, the detergent utilized in the dishwasher is harmful, especially to the stainless steel material that contains high carbon. Therefore, the safest method to wash your global Knives is using your hands alongside warm and soapy water. Immediately you are done, make sure you dry the knife before storing it.

Q. Are Global knives stamped or forged with the signature?

The knives, from appearance, are simply a single piece of steel(stainless). But these pieces were stamped and assembled while making the knives in the manufacturing facilities. In most cases, it is often heard that knives are hand forged. For such situations, remember that the primary stainless steel is stamped before assembling the pieces.

Q. Which angel should I sharpen the Global knives?

Based on the professional chef recommendations and designers, they highly recommend that when sharpening Global knives, they should be put at an angle of between 10 to 15 degrees, producing razor-sharp edges for use. Again, they highly insist that you do this process using ceramic stone and, if not, whetstone. The blade is thin, and you must be extra vigilant when sharpening to avoid chipping the blade over the hard materials.

Q. Are these Global knives double bevel?

Compared to other Japanese knife brands, Global knives are well known to have a double bevel. They are the same as their western counterparts. But remember that these knives are only sharpened on the straight edge rather than the bevel edge. The straight edge is thinner as well as very sharp.

Q. How do I store Global knives?

To attain the most prolonged longevity of durability of the Global knives, storage matters. Therefore, we highly recommend correctly storing the blades on the fitting knife block to avoid wear and tear hence durability lasts. Make sure that edge stays sharper longer to avoid shipping hence do not move in or out of the drawers more often. You can also use the magnetic knife holder to store the global knives.

Q. Are Global Knives a perfect alternative?

To sum up, the Global Knives are high quality, long-lasting, and perfect for professional chefs. The brand is highly respected worldwide due to the excellent materials designed uniquely to offer exceptional services. They are made with stainless steel and feature dimpled handles, making them comfortable and fitting in hands in the kitchen.

Q. What is the shipping policy of Global Cutlery?

Global Cutlery offers international shipping services to all customers. But for those abused in the US, the company only provides shipping to the 48 states, including Alaska, Puerto Rico, and Hawaii. For customers outside the US, you must switch the website version to place an order. The company has two option services.

Customers can select standard FedEx, which takes between 5 to a maximum of 10 business days to deliver their order. While FedEx 2-day express, delivery only takes 2 days to deliver the order. The shipping charges vary; therefore, they are calculated based on your region at the checkout. They offer free standard shipping when your order totals $50 and above. On delivery, the service provider will need your signature. This requires your physical presence during the delivery time.

Q. What is the return policy of the Global Cutlery company?

If you get the Global Cutlery products and maintain their care and regular use, all products come with a lifetime warranty. This means their products are free from any defect, and if there are, they guarantee you replacement or repair. Regarding the return option, the company gives customers a return window of 30 days from the day of purchase to return the products for a refund.

However, the accessories must remain in their original packaging and unopened. While returning, the company also needs you to send proof of payment for verification. But if you purchased the knives and accessories from Global knives, an online outlet retailer, they reinstate that you must return them through the same store. Global Cutlery takes 14 business days to process your refund and send it to your original account afterward.


Global Cutlery is a reputable brand offering modern knives with unique and contemporary designs worldwide. Their knives and other accessories have gained popularity on the cutlery market due to their perfect fitting and comfort in the professional chef's hands. Global Knives are made using stainless steel and with great care. Many customers have reported long-lasting capability and affordable pricing, not forgetting easy accessibility. Most stainless steel knives are hand-made with double bevel but very sharp. They are designed with excellent balance in mind. Therefore, the brand is a perfect investment with guaranteed high quality and modern style alongside famous Japanese signatures.

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