Chicago Cutlery Review: Is It Really offer Affordable, High-Quality Knives for Chefs and Home Cooks Alike?

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Are you looking for an ideal brand for an impressive knife set while operating on a fixed budget? Chicago Cutlery is here to save you from the real hustle. Though these guys claim to be the perfect choice, we must justify this and many more facts. Please read our review for an honest verdict.

Home chefs worldwide value kitchen knives as an ideal starting point. The rest remains history to be written on the table with a professional knife. Therefore, if you are considering going kitchen knife shopping, you must start by identifying the brand with genuine and unique knife sets. Through the research and experience of our experts, we are delighted to present to you the Chicago Cutlery company, which brags as the professional grade company for kitchen knives.

In addition, they claim to focus on the home kitchen needs and start as the market leader regarding the forged cutlery. We need to go into detail and find out more if everything stands the test of time to remain faithful to the claims.

Thus, in our review, we will start with the development of the brand, head into the best-selling knife sets, the customer feedback, discounts, contacts, and stores, which are vital aspects in making an informed decision. When was this company founded? You might be asking, and let us find out more in the next section.

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Chicago Cutlery Review

Chicago Cutlery is, in reality, a retailer that focuses on selling affordable and professional-grade knives designed for home purposes. These knives and knife sets are made to target not just amateur chefs but also professionals and foodies at home. The company is popular with a robust online presence, which they have attained through their social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram, etc.

Though the retailer falls within the Corelle Brand of home and kitchenware, it is famous, and their cutleries are even available through numerous outlet stores and online sites. We will discuss their best-selling products, FAQs, customer feedback, and discounts. Going into history, Chicago Cutlery was established in 1930 by the founder Alfred Paulson. The company is still focused on providing customers with high-quality and durably crafted cutlery.

The company's history is traced back to the beginning, and it started as a typical knife-sharpening butcher place in Chicago. With time, it has grown and developed to become an ideal online retail. In the 1940s, the company extended its collection from sharpening to designing, renting, and manufacturing the products. As time passed, their market expanded across the US, and today, they serve worldwide customers.

For this reason, the brand is well known for being the market leader of forged cutlery. Chicago Cutlery Today has a manufacturing plant under the parent firm Corelle brand headquartered in Greencastle, Pennsylvania. Their knife collection is affordable on the market. To save time, we have a summary of the pros and cons to review and make much-needed decisions.

Chicago Cutlery Pros:

Chicago Cutlery Cons:

Why We Like Chicago Cutlery

With Chicago Cutlery, customers can now purchase affordable kitchenware designs with high-quality materials for long-lasting. This is hard and rare on the market today. Though many alternative brands offer high quality or markup, for the subpar quality, today, all the chefs, professionals, and home amateurs can always obtain that much-needed master status with these Chicago Cutlery knives that are sure to boost your confidence and give you comfort.

In this section, we will also go beyond to feature some of the customer's best-selling sets and knives. This is based on the experience and rating online under each category.

The Best-Selling Chicago Cutlery Kitchen Knife Sets

These sets are a perfect addition to your home and worth the investment. This is because these sites are designed to be functional and geared toward helping you enhance the cooking routine or experience. The set features all you need for the culinary dream come true. Ranking at the top is the Insignia Steel 18-piece Guided Grip Block Set. These sets are ideal for you if you want to purchase long-lasting knives.

The knives feature an acacia wood knife block to store your utensils. On top of that, the set is also made up of 8 steak knives, a clicker, a peeler, a chef knife, a serrated bread knife, a paring knife, a santoku knife, shears, and a utility knife. With the sharpener included, the set is ideal for all your needs in the kitchen. These knives are designed with the full tank style, where the blade passes in the guided grip handle.

With precision cuts, they give you comfort and full control. They are rust and stain-resistant because the blades use high-carbon stainless steel with precise and sharp edges. The second set is the Insignia2 18-piece Block Set. This set also comes with a sharpener and block, but it has a more professional and classic appearance with extra quality.

The extra addition does not add the costs to this set, just like the Insignia. They also are styled with a complete tank design, and because of the excellent balancing, they are perfect for use in controlled as well as precise slicing cases. If you are a casual home cooker or a professional chef, these knives are made for you with first-class quality.

The last option is the Walnut Tradition 4-piece Steak Knife Set. They have handles which are an addition to the typical rustic appearance with multiple features. They cut your thick meat just like butter. Because of the full tank design, the knives are also well-balanced. You can double while preparing veggies like those utility knives.

The Best-Selling Chicago Cutlery Knives

Besides the knife sets, the company offers individual knives on its website. You can select durable and fantastic blades to add to your sets for delivery. Some of the best-selling and customer-favorite knives are as follows. Walnut Tradition 10″ Bread Knife / Slicer is typically created to give you quality cutting performance for carby goods, veggies, and fruits.

It is designed with the taper grind technology and thus remains shaper for a long time because it has a simple sharpening technology or sharpener with a hassle-free experience. The second up the list is the Walnut Tradition 5″ Boning Knife. It is ideal for precisely removing the skin from your fish and meat because its slender blade features whole finesse.

It also features a full tank design to give you control and balance in your hand. On top of that, it has 3 rivets to fasten the handle and offer added stability. Besides peeling fish and meat, you can cut your fruits perfectly. The second last is the Walnut Tradition 7.5″ Slicing / Fillet Knife. The knife comes from a reliable walnut tradition and is ideal for carving thin cuts such as fish or meat.

It can be used in preparing fruit while impressing your family with its sharpness and precision. The slender and sharp blade is designed with stain and rust-resistant materials. Then there is also the popular Essentials 5″ Partoku Knife, which is recommended for slicing veggies as well as chopping since it is made with the santoku knife versatility in mind, and it is convenient to pair with any companion knife in the potent kitchen.

You can use it to slice cheese, mince, and cut meat. It features the Santoku full tang blade when you wash. On top of the above-discussed customer-favorite knives and sets, the company also offers reputable Scissors, which are fundamental in your kitchen. Among the trending scissors on the site are Chicago Cutlery Deluxe Scissors, Black, featuring a bottle opener, screwdriver, and jar grip.

They are designed using stainless steel blended with the black poly handle for comfort. They are simple to hand wash while in the kitchen. There is also an individual Chicago Cutlery Knife Sharpener to purchase. When your knife becomes a nuisance because it is dull, it is time to get your sharpener when replacing your set seems expensive.

You can opt for the famous Chicago Cutlery Dual Sharpener, the ultimate sharpener featuring 2 sharpening surfaces. Head to the website for more details about these accessories. Caring is vital, and we would not encourage you to machine wash your knives—.Avoid detergents as well at all costs because they can corrode the handle. Otherwise, order today and right now; if not, here is what the customer had to say for more information.

Customer Review

So many people are impressed with the Chicago Cutlery and praise the quality, extensive collection, package customization on top of the knife sets, and affordability of the items. This is simply the claim, but we need to justify the above statement from the customer feedback.

Starting from their official website, there are five-star ratings as the Insignia Steel 3-piece knife set features one review of 5 stars. Heading to Amazon, the 18-piece Insignia steel knife set block scores an impressive 4.5 stars from 1265 global ratings, and from the statistics, 73% of the customers gave it a 5 5-star rating with only a few drawbacks highlighted. Prudent Reviews has a detailed blog well illustrated with images. The blog's author covers history through pricing, material, construction, sharpness, designs, durability, and extensive collection.

The Rational Kitchen also aims to give you an overview of the brand based on the company as a classic American brand. The editor provides a verdict by stating:-

"Chicago Cutlery was established in the United States, but its entirety is now manufactured in China." They are a low-cost brand ideal for those on a limited budget or who do not want to spend a lot of dollars on kitchen knives. They are razor-sharp, long-lasting, and come with a lifetime warranty. Because the steel is finer than on some more expensive models, you'll have to sharpen them more frequently.."

Blade Advisor goes into detail and intensely highlights the best knives for you for this company, comparing each best seller's pros and cons. Reddit also has a thread where different customers give their views based on their experience, and it is perfect with clear-cut quality. CNN Underscored still outlines this brand as best for the cutlery that has been tried, tested, and approved. To get more insights on the brand, you can also spare time to v=navigate through the TechGearLab and Kitchen Deets.

In the above analysis, most customers are satisfied with the purchase, and the overall impression is encouraging.

Where to Buy Chicago Cutlery

Well, there is a high possibility that you need these professional-grade knives added to your home cutlery. If that is your next move, we have you covered with where to purchase the Chicago Cutlery.

You can buy from their official website at for the extensive collection, discounts, lucrative deals, sales, and other deals. Besides that, the company has diversified its stores and partnered with a few online retailers to sell its cutlery collection. Thus, some of these online retail stores include:-

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Is Chicago Cutlery Worth It?

Indeed, Chicago Cutlery is worth the investment, and we have reached this conclusion for many reasons. First, the company has received positive customer feedback praising its extensive collection, promotions, and guaranteed quality. Our experience also sides with the testimonies recommending that the cutleries are worth the purchase.

Though the company sells its kitchen accessories at an affordable price, it never sacrifices quality; many customers have recommended the brand since their knives deliver as claimed and expected in terms of performance. These knives and knife sets are more durable and feature sharp blades when well maintained.

These impressive-looking and long-lasting knives are ideal for adding to your kitchen and dream knives for professional chefs, from seasoned professionals to amateurs. Most professionals highlight the durability as well as knife versatility. If you are an enthusiast and want to get professional-grade knives at an affordable price and last long, then Chicago Cutlery is worth checking out and giving it five stars.

Chicago Cutlery Discounts

Chicago Cutlery is not left behind regarding the lucrative deals, promotions, and discounts. We wanted to explore the site and identify the current active discounts on their products. Through the research, we discovered that the company currently offers Labor Day sales, which go for up to 60% off. It also guarantees customers free shipping when their order totals up to $99 and above.

This sounds impressive; there is $30 off on orders that count to $150 and above sitewide. However, you can only unlock this offer using the promo code INSTANT30, which runs for a limited time. Otherwise, there are numerous discounts or discounted prices on the cutlery and other accessories from the website covering individual knives and knife sets. To be safer, subscribe to the newsletter updates and follow them on social media accounts and mail listings for future deals.

Chicago Cutlery Contact

Our review might not be sufficient to answer all your questions; in fact, this is why we took our time to research and gather numerous methods to connect the Chicago Cutlery support team. Therefore, you can address a pending question to the support team if you still have a pending question. There are many methods you can count on. The first is engaging with the marketing or support team on the social media accounts.

The company has a technical team active on social media platforms like Instagram, &  Facebook, and engages with them after following these accounts. Generally, a more professional method to contact the support team is calling them at (800) 999-3436. If not, mail them to Corelle Brands, 12000 Molly Pitcher Highway S, Greencastle, PA 17225. However, you need to note that the above methods guarantee instant replies if you contact them Monday through Friday from 9:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. The last option is filling out the contact form on their website, which is also efficient.


Q. Where are the Chicago Cutlery manufacturing plants located?

In the above review, we have also seen that Chicago Cutlery is designed and made in the USA and Canada. However, the primary manufacturing plant of the factory is based in China.

Q. Where is the Chicago Cutlery brand based?

Online customers, blogs, and information from the Chicago Cutlery website state that they do not have real retail locations. However, you can access the Corelle family of brands from numerous retailers well distributed in the USA and Canada.

Q. Are Chicago Cutlery and kitchen accessories sold with a lifetime warranty?

Though the company claims a lifetime warranty, this policy only applies to the selected custom accessories. Therefore, in case of anything, and if you are eligible, you can file the claim by filling out the form on their website beneath the customer support services.

Q. Are Chicago Cutlery knives dishwashable?

From the above review, the company insists that their knives must be hand-washed using a soapy cloth and then dry. This is because machine washing tends to result in premature damage as well as blade nicks, stains, or corrosion because of the carbon content on the steel blade.

Q. What is the shipping policy of the Chicago Cutlery company?

Though this company claims to offer free standard shipping, for you to qualify, your order must surpass a total specific threshold. Also, remember that you might incur extra charges, which depend on the size and weight of your order. Besides Canada, Chicago Cutlery doesn't offer international shipping services. For shipping, there are two methods customers can use.

First, standard shipping takes 5 to 7 working days to deliver to US-based customers, while when you are in Alaska, Hawaii, or Canada, the order delivery takes 10 to 15 working days. The second shipping option is Express, which takes 3 working days to deliver an order to the US-based customer, while those outside, such as Canada, Hawaii, and Alaska, receive orders within 5 working days. On top of that, immediately after they are done processing, they send customer confirmation as well as a tracking link in the email to follow up on their orders while in transit.

Q. What is the return policy of the Chicago Cutlery company?

If you feel the Chicago Cutlery order is not up to your expectations or there is an issue, you can return their products to the stores. All customers have up to 90 days to return their order, and after this window, the products are regarded as final ale.

Though they offer a complete refund, the customer must incur the return shipping charges deducted from the refunded money. For your products to be accepted for the refund, they must be in their original condition, have original packaging, and remain unused. The company might charge you an extra $8 for restocking.


Chicago Cutlery is a famous cutlery firm because of its perfect-looking kitchen or home-use knives and knife sets that are accessible at an affordable price. With comfortability and appealing designs, Chicago Cutlery is ranked for the professional-grade blades. The factory defects are covered under the lifetime warranty.

Considering the favorable return policy and impressive shipping services, Chicago Cutlery stands above the average brands for home knife needs. We have evaluated the brand from its foundation to the discounts, best-selling knives and knife sets, and testimonies and analyzed if the company is worth the investment. Please give it a shot for the budget-friendly cutlery in your home.

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