GHD Hair Review: Is Worth Using GHD for Your Hair?

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GHD focuses on a variety of hair products. If you haven't used it yet, be sure to read this review, and if you've bought it, please come and see if our experience is the same as yours.

If you have been looking at taking good care of your hair, then you are making a great decision. Most people have different kinds of hair that require a different level of maintenance to maintain its beauty. Having a healthy requires a lot of attention by using great hair care products and some other gadgets that help you take good care of your hair. The tools used in caring for your hair is very paramount because it contributes to how your hair will look.

It either enhances the appearance of your hair or makes it look awful. There are a lot of companies that offer these tools to care for your health. However, the main problem is the quality of these tools to help you achieve your hair goals. This review has been able to identify a good brand that you can invest in. GHD Hair is a hair-based brand that offers high-performance hair styling gadgets and tools that include curlers, straighteners, and hot brushes.

They offer these items to help boost the appearance of your hair thereby enhancing your overall beauty. You might be confused about how to go about with this brand, then you can read this review to get knowledge about the brand and what they offer. This will also help you ascertain if the brand is worth it.

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GHD Hair Review

GHD Hair is a brand specializing in hair that offers high-performance hair styling gadgets and tools that include curlers, straighteners, and hot brushes. They offer these items to help boost the appearance of your hair thereby enhancing your overall beauty. They also offer foams, sprays, and serum for both women and men. In recent times, the brand has gotten international recognition from well-known publications such as InStyle, Vanity fair, Elle Magazine, and The Independent.

This brand has also won different kinds of recognition awards. The brand was founded by Robert Powell in the United Kingdom. The founder got his inspiration from the South Korean straighteners. However, the brand was later co-founded by Martin Penny and Gary Douglas in the same year. The brand focuses on the hair of women and other healthy routine products for both men and women.

If you are curious about this brand, then this review will suitable for you to gather information because I have dived into the reasons why I am like using GHD Hair, the pros and cons, the customer review from different customers, the promos, the best deals, discounts available to enjoy how to contact GHD Hair for more information beyond this review, and any other relevant information.

GHD Hair Pros

GHD Hair Cons

Why We Like GHD Hair

GHD Hair Straightener

Your hair can be styled in different ways using a quality flat iron, having this mind will draw your attention to their award-winning straightener. It is termed as one of their bestsellers. They offer a few items under this section which are GHD Platinum plus Black Styler Hair Straightener, GHD Gold Styler Hair Straightener, GHD Classic Styler Hair Straightener, and many more.

GHD Air Hair Dryer

These items are made with powerful technology. This is why you can expect a very fast result while using them. They have a very suitable nozzle that blows out the heat to your hair. Engineers, professional hairdressers, and physicists were involved in the development of these air hair dryers.

Customer Review

To know what customers are saying about this brand particularly, I narrowed my research to reliable websites where customers give their reviews about this brand. Having a double view of the brand is knowing the good things customers are saying and the bad things. This review focus on all the possible experiences of different customers of this brand. Customers are pleased with the high-performance tools provided by this brand. However, some think the prices are too much when you compare them to similar brands.

I made use of Trust Pilot to carry out my analysis. The website is very reliable as it reveals a whole lot of testimonies about this brand. There is a 3.9-star rating for this brand with over 80% excellent remarks. Customers are pleased. The website carries out this rating based on the products, the services, price, customer service, and how responsive the brand is when it comes to solving issues.

They have an amazing gadget. I have good hair. This is why I am very careful what I use on my hair. I was a bit skeptical about the brand but I have come to love them. I think they have gotten a very long-term customer.

Where to Buy GHD Hair?

One good thing with this brand is that you can get their products from other online retailers at good prices. Nevertheless, for the best price, you can shop on their official website

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Is GHD Hair Worth It?

You might have asked yourself if the brand is truly legit about what they claim? This review has found out that the brand is legit and worth it. The brand has a wide collection of hair tools such as curlers, straighteners, foams, sprays, serum, and hot brushes for both women and men. The brand has gotten a lot of positive reviews from its customers which is a good thing.

The brand is confident about what it offers to the larger customer community. The brand has also been featured in different well-known international publications. This also helps to build their relevance in the market. They offer international shipping and different kind of promos and discounts to be enjoyed even as a first-time buyer. Their tools have won a lot of awards globally. This brand is legit and you can go ahead by ordering their items.

GHD Hair Discounts

You can enjoy some discounts when you shop with this brand.

GHD Hair Contact

For more information about this brand, you can contact GHD Hair through the following means


Q. What is the return policy of GHD Hair?

The brand has not revealed all the information about its return or shipping policy. However, this review was able to gather little information about this brand. The brand offers a return policy of 21 days. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, you can claim a refund by sending it back within these days. We found out that the brand offers to cover the shipping cost for the returns but you will have to send your shipment back in its original package. You can contact their website on the return page or email their customer support team.

Q. What is the shipping policy of GHD Hair?

The brand offers two kinds of shipping, they offer overnight and expedited shipping. The brand has some products that can be shipped for free. However, the brand did not specify when you can get free shipping. If you place your order on a working day, that package will be shipped within a few days for expediting while the overnight will be shipped the next day. The brand also offers international shipping to different countries. Upon the confirmation of your shipment, you will also receive tracking information for you to know where and when your shipping is and will arrive.

Q. Is there any lifetime warranty on GHD Hair?

The brand does not offer a lifetime warranty. But the warranty they offer covers the buyer to use these items for 3 years. However, this warranty covers only selected items.


GHD Hair aims to provide high-performance items to help you take good care of your hair. They also offer some items for both men and women to boost your appearance. The brand is passionate about your appearance, this is why they produce these quality high-end hair tools. This review will help you make a good decision.

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