100% Free Residential Proxy Services of 2023

Justin Shin

Are you the type that likes to try out the free trial plan of residential proxies before you purchase a paid plan from them? Then you are on the right page, as the article below recommends some of the top residential proxies that offer free trials.

Discover the leading residential proxies offering free trial plans to help you make informed decisions. Compare and choose from Netnut, Bright Data, Smartproxy, Nimblway, and Geonode for the best trial experience.

In the competitive landscape of residential proxies, it's essential to test before you commit. Unlock insights about the best providers with free trial offerings and understand how they differ. With this guide, you'll be equipped to make the best choice for your web scraping endeavors.

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Overview of Best Residential Free Trial

Choosing the right free trial residential proxy provider depends on your specific needs, such as budget, project scale, and IP pool size. Explore these options to find the best fit for your web scraping endeavors.

Best Residential Proxies Free Trial (Compared)

Provider Free Trial Pricing Features and Remarks
Bright Data 7 days Starts from $15 for 1GB Over 72 million IPs, tailored for businesses, affordable pricing, best session control system among rotating proxies
Smartproxy Custom trial Starts from $8.5 for 1GB Over 40 million IPs, custom free trial upon request, fastest response time, KYC and business details needed
Nimbleway 22GB Starts from $255 for 18GB 22GB free trial, enterprise-focused, undisclosed IP pool, new provider with fixed bandwidth allocation for free trial
Rayobyte 50MB Starts from $15 for 1GB 50MB free trial, ethical P2P-sourced proxies, millions of IP addresses, rotating proxies, affordable pricing similar to Bright Data
Geonode 2GB Starts from $49 monthly 2GB free trial, millions of IPs from 160 countries, unlimited bandwidth, generous trial period
IPRoyal Free Trial Starts from $7 for 1GB Free trial, affordable, over 2 million IPs, suitable for small projects, performance average, proxy bandwidth never expires
Oxylabs 7 days Starts from $15 for 1GB 7-day free trial for businesses, largest pool with 100 million IPs, potential dropped connections and errors, suitable for businesses but experiencing issues
Netnut 7 days Starts from $300 for 20GB Over 52 million residential IPs, automatic IP rotation, suitable for businesses, high pricing but comprehensive trial

If you are conversant with the residential proxy market and have used a good number of proxies, you will agree with me that a good number of residential proxy providers promise more than they can deliver. That is why it is recommended you make use of the free trial offer of a provider before pitching your tent with them.

This is because even though most have a refund policy in place, there are more chances you won’t get your money back than you would. Unfortunately, not even all of the providers out there do support free trials.

To help you make the right choice and streamline your research workflow, I have assembled, for you, the best residential proxy networks with free trial options. I will be comparing these trial options to help you choose the best one for you. I will discuss the key areas in which these residential proxies differ from one another and when to use which one.

1. Bright Data — Best Residential Free Trial for Businesses

The Bright Data service is the leader in the proxy market, with proxies in all of the proxy categories — and it provides free trials for all of the proxies it offers. In this article, our focus is on their rotating residential proxies, that is considered the most advanced and most performant proxy network. For this, you can get a free trial to make use of their free residential trial service.

However, you need to be a business or represent a business before you are allowed to enjoy this free trial support. One thing you will come to like about this service compared to Netnut is even though it does have its eyes on businesses, the pricing for its proxies is quite affordable, considering they are a premium provider.

Currently, you can purchase 1GB from them at $15 for their Pay-As-You-Go plans. The network has got over 72 million IPs in its pool, sourced from all countries and regions around the world. It provides the best session control system even though its proxies are rotating proxies.

2. Smartproxy — Offers Custom Free Trial on Request

Another provider I recommend you get a free trial option from is Smartproxy. This is because I have used their proxies a good number of times, and they have proven to be reliable and performant. In fact, from the numerous performance test I carried out, Smartproxy has proven to be the fastest in terms of response time. This provider also does offer a free trial option.

However, not the regular kind of free trial you get from Bright Data and Netnut. For this service, there is no encouragement for a free trial as all conspicuous buttons suggest you buy. However, I have been able to get a free trial from them by contacting their sales team. Your negotiation experience and skills will determine the amount of bandwidth and duration you can enjoy their free trial.

However, you need to do a KYC and tell them about your business and use case before they provide you the free trial. This service does have one of the largest pools also, with over 40 million IPs from over 195 countries around the world. It is quite cheaper, compared to both Netnut and Bright Data, as you can get started with 1GB for $8.5.

3. Nimbleway — Best Provider with Fixed Bandwidth Allocation for Free Trial

Would you want to get a 22GB free trial from a residential proxy service? Then think Nimbleway. This is a new proxy provider that has its eyes on enterprise users. Except you are ready to spend or are able to prove you can spend $255 for their proxies, you are not getting a free trial from them. To get a free trial from them, you have to do a KYC for your business, after which it is confirmed. Once the KYC has been confirmed, you are rewarded with 22GB to use for free.

This service does not state the number of IPs it has in its pool as the other providers do. However, I have used it for a certain web scraping project and can tell you it is also in the millions like the other providers I mentioned above.

From the above, you can see that it is more generous with its free trial option compared to the other providers mentioned since most of the providers in the market won’t provide you with 22GB to use for free. Aside from residential proxies, you can Aldo purchase high-quality datacenter and mobile proxies from them.

4. Rayobyte — Best Instant Free Trial Residential Proxies

If you are a small proxy user, then I will suggest you take a look at Rayobyte. This is because most of the providers above will not offer you a free trial. But for Rayobyte, you are even encouraged to try out their proxies for free. As a registered new member of the service, you are given 50MB free to test out the service. Accepted; this is quite small for any reasonable usage.

However, the argument is, you could use this to test out the rudimentary part of their service before becoming a paid customer. One thing you will come to like about this service is its legitimacy. Its proxies are sourced via P2P using ethical means. It does have millions of IP addresses in its pool which you can use in your free trial. The proxies are rotating proxies that change IPs after every request.

However, you can maintain the same IP via their session control feature. The actual pricing for their proxies mirrors the pricing for the Bright Data service, which starts from $15 per 1GB. However, the more bandwidth you purchase, the cheaper the price per GB becomes.

5. Geonode — Most Generous Free Trial for Small Proxy Users

Another provider of choice for a free trial is Geonode. Geonode might not be as popular as the other providers mentioned above, such as Bright Data, Rayobyte, Netnut, Smartproxy, and even. Nimbleway is new.

However, its free trial option for residential proxies is a force to be reckoned with. As a new user of their service, you are entitled to enjoy 2GB free of their proxies. This is quite generous compared to the 50MB given to you by Rayobytes. I wouldn’t compare Geonode to Rayobyte in terms of performance, as Rayobyte is better and does have more advanced features, and has been in the market for quite some time now.

But in the area of free trial, it is way better. Another thing you will come to like about this service is that you can enjoy unlimited residential proxies that allow you to enjoy unmetered bandwidth — pricing is based on number of concurrent threads. And there are millions of IP addresses from 160 countries for you to use. The free trial offered by this service last for only 7 days.

6. IPRoyal — Cheap Residential Proxies with Free Trial

The IPRoyal service is one provider I will recommend to small proxy users. This is because it is quite affordable, and the residential proxy bandwidth you purchase never expires unless consumed. One thing you will also come to like about the service is that it offers a free trial proxy for new users to test out the service. It is also one of the few providers that encourage users to try out their service before purchasing their paid plans.

However, I wouldn’t recommend this to you if you have a fairly large project to handle. This is because it has got a small proxy pool with only over 2 million residential IPs. While this is good for small to mid-scale scraping projects, it might not be good for large-scale projects as IPs would be frequently repeated, which might lead to you getting blocked. While carrying out the performance test, I also discovered it is not one of the fastest out there — the performance is just average, which is quite acceptable too.

7. Oxylabs — Largest Proxy Pool with Free Trial Option

The Oxylabs service is one of the oldest providers in the market. And can be said to be a premium provider at the level of Bright Data. As with the other big providers, it does offer a free trial option. But only to businesses. If you are a business or represent one, you can register and go through their KYC process. If successful, you get a 7-day free trial.

For non-business entities like individuals, they have got the option of purchasing their small plan. If you don’t consume more than 20 percent of the allocated bandwidth, you can request a refund within 3 days and get a refund.

The service has got the largest pool, with over 100 million residential IPs sourced from all regions of the world. While this service is good, it has been misbehaving of late. The number of dropped connections and errors is on the rise, which is quite disappointing for a provider of its rank.

8. Netnut — Overall Best Free Trial Residential Proxies


NetNut has really good and affordable static residential proxies that give you a steady and strong data bandwidth. With over 52 million residential proxies sourced from real end-user devices all over the world, NetNut has grown to one of the largest proxy providers in such a short time. Apart from the staggering amount of auto-rotating proxies, they also have over a million static residential proxies that are incredibly hard to detect.

As far as free trial goes, NetNut has been leading the charge for a while now. Their free 7-day trial has been offered since day one, and it is available for all other types of proxy services the company offers, including Unblockable Mobile Proxies and Lightning-Fast Datacenters. The 7-day free trial is available to anyone who registers on their platform with email addresses and other business information. You don’t even need a credit card to enjoy the 7-day freebie.

NetNut proxy service is geared towards small, medium, and large-scale enterprises. Individuals may find their prices too steep. However, many professionals, such as software developers and data scientists, may have enough reasons to cough out $300 for 20GB of a premium proxy network. They have a Starter Plan that gives you 20GB of bandwidth for $350, that's essentially $17.5 per GB. If you need more, they have an Advanced Plan with 50GB of bandwidth for $750, as well as the 100GB strong Production Plan.


Q. Why Use Free Trial Residential Proxies?

Free trial residential proxies allow you to make use of them without paying for them for a while. This is to enable you to decide whether they are the best fit for your project or not. The use f free trial options is better than asking for a refund, which you might not get as some providers can be tricky and unresponsive.

It is important you know that free trial residential proxies are quite different from free residential proxies since the free trial option are high-quality proxies that you get to use for free with time and bandwidth limitations.

Q. Why Do a KYC for Free Trial Usage?

The top providers in the market all provide free trial options — but only for businesses. And they wouldn’t take your word for it. You will need to prove to them beyond reasonable doubt that you are a business or represent one.

And the only way that can be done is via KYC. Another reason why you are forced to do KYC in other to claim a free trial is to prevent free trial fraud. This is a type of fraud where malicious agents will keep requesting for free trials using multiple accounts to avoid paying for the proxies they use for their projects.

Q. Are Free Residential Proxies Good?

One will think instead of using free trials with limitations, why not make use of free residential proxies? There are a good number of free residential proxy lists on the Internet. And they do not impose restrictions as free trial proxies do. So why not use them instead? Well, it might interest you to know that free residential proxies are not good — they are bad.

They are products of hacks and do have their performance, security, and privacy issues you wouldn’t want to deal with. If you can’t afford the top providers, you can go for cheap but good providers like Proxy-cheap and Hydraproxy.


There is no doubt that you can’t go wrong testing out a proxy service before making use of their proxies. This is because a good number of them have better PR than having a good proxy.

All of the free trial residential proxy providers mentioned above are providers I have tested and have proven to be good for a good number of tasks. You should use their specific strength to know which is best for you since it is expected you will purchase their paid plan after the trial period.

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