The Best SOCKS5 Proxies: 10+ Cheap, ISP, Mobile & Residential Socks5 Proxy Server Compared (2023)

Justin Shin
Not all Socks5 proxies in the market are good for you. As a proxy reviewer, I am aware of this and have done research to find out the best Socks5 proxies in the market right now. Below are the best proxy networks to get SOCKS5  proxies right now.

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Top 11 Best Socks5 Proxies - All type of Socks5 Comparison

Provider IP Pool Size Locations Concurrency Allowed Bandwidth Allowed Cost
Proxy-Seller Undisclosed Over 17 countries Unlimited Unlimited Starts from $3 per proxy monthly
Bright Data Over 72 million IPs All countries and major cities Unlimited Starts from 1GB Starts from $15 monthly for 1GB
NetNut Over 52 million IPs

Global coverage

Unlimited Starts from 20GB


Soax Over 3.5 million IPs Over 100 countries Unlimited Starts from 3GB Starts from $99 monthly for 3GB
Proxy-Cheap US, UK, and Canada 8 countries Unlimited Unlimited Starts from $3.49 per proxy monthly
IPRoyal Over 2 million IPs Over 180 countries Unlimited Starts from 1GB Starts from $7 monthly for 1GB
Smartproxy Over 50 million IPs 195 countries Unlimited Starts from 2GB Starts from $14 monthly for 2GB
ProxyEmpire Over 5 million IPs Over 150 countries Unlimited Starts from 3GB Starts from $45 monthly for 3GB
Shifter Over 31 million IPs All countries supported Unlimited Unlimited Starts from $199 monthly for 5 special ports
Rayobyte Over 100,000 IPs 100+ countries Unlimited Starts from $19.95 monthly Best IPV4 Private Proxies With SOCKS5
Hydraproxy Over 1 million IPs 100+ countries Unlimited Starts from $19.99 monthly Best For Unlimited Proxy Endpoints
Nimbleway Over 10 million IPs 100+ countries Unlimited Starts from $99 monthly Enterprise-Level Proxy Network With SOCKS5 Support

Inexperienced proxy users do not even care to check the protocol supported by proxy networks before they purchase proxies from them. And some see the HTTP(S) protocol as the default protocol when using proxies. In most cases, this will work as the general use case of proxies supports HTTP protocols. But there are situations where you will need to make use of proxies built on the SOCKS5 protocols. These are proxies that sit at layer 5 of the OSI model and use a tunneling method.

Generally, most providers support both HTTP and SOCKS5 proxies. But there are some providers that support only HTTP proxies. It is, for this reason, this article has been written — to show you the specific providers that offer the SOCKS5 proxies. One thing you need to know is that not all providers that claim to offer SOCKS5 proxies should be listened to. Some of them offer low-quality proxies that will only waste your time and ruin your projects. I have experience with proxies and have researched for you, some of the best proxy networks with SOCKS5 proxies to buy from.

1. Proxy-Seller — Best SOCKS5 ISP Proxies

Another provider I use a lot of times is the Proxy-Seller service. This service is known for its high-speed private proxies. But the proxies of interest to us here are their ISP proxies. These proxies have gained prominence as it does offer the speed of private proxies and the undetectable nature of residential proxies. This makes them perfect for streaming, online gaming, and sneaker copping, among other tasks.

One thing you will come to like about the Proxy-Seller service is its flexible pricing. You can choose to purchase just one ISP proxy for just a week. You can also purchase a proxy for 12 months at a go. Generally, the more proxies or duration you pay for, the cheaper the price per proxy monthly becomes. You have the option of choosing the geolocation of IP from the 9 supported countries at the point of purchase.

2. Bright Data — Overall Best SOCKS5 Proxies

The Bright Data service, formerly known as the Luminati Networks is one of the leaders of the market. It can also be said to be the most advanced proxy service in the market and support both the HTTP and SOCKS5 protocols. This provider has proxies in all of the proxy categories including residential, mobile, datacenter, and ISP proxies. The proxies of interest to us here is their residential proxies. The Bright Data residential proxy network is a rotating proxy network randomly assigning IPs from its pool of over 72 million IP addresses.

It does support all countries, regions, and most big cities around the world; And you can choose the specific geolocation you need IPs from. These proxies are my de facto proxies because of their speed. They are currently some of the fastest in the market. The proxies are undetectable and do have support for session management even though the proxies are rotating proxies. It has been developed to scale and is perfect for enterprise usage. However, even small proxy users do use it — thanks to its Pay-As-You-Go pricing model.

3. NetNut Static Residential Proxies – Most Versatile SOCKs5 Proxies

When we talk about the best SOCKS5 proxies, NetNut does come into the conversation no doubt. As a company, NetNut proxy services are all SOCKs5 ready. For the fact that NetNut's static residential proxies offer exceptional performance and reliability which make them one of the foremost alternatives to SOCKs5 proxies.

You can imagine carrying out the usual SOCKs5 operations with them, such as advanced authentication methods, and with better security compared to the lower SOCKS4 proxies. Another benefit of opting for NetNut ISP is that you can expect seamless integration and efficient data transfer with whatever type of website you're working with. This makes it Ideal for professional internet-related jobs such as including web scraping, data extraction, and VPN capabilities.    

In addition to SOCKs5 benefits, you're still dealing with a premium static residential proxy, so the advantage of residential IPs, and regular HTTP(s) proxies comes along too. NetNut's proxy network boasts a vast pool of over 1 million undetectable static IPs, and over 52 million residential proxies spread across numerous locations worldwide. With such a wide coverage area, you can access the markets from different regions and countries with remarkable ease. Furthermore, geo-targeting to gather specific data and insights from around the globe becomes a piece of cake.

NetNut's modern SOCKS5-compliant static residential proxies make your online activities appear more natural and less likely to be detected or blocked by websites that expect only SOCKs5 connections.

We like that NetNut allows you to see their proxies in action by offering a 7-day free trial see what’s possible to achieve with NetNut’s exclusive 7-day free trial and experience the seamless and secure internet access offered by a vast worldwide pool of SOCKS5 readied residential IPs. And scale your business accordingly with a selection of paid plans that are geared towards meeting the data needs of businesses and professionals, both large and small.

4. Soax — Best Mobile IP Pool SOCKS Proxies

When it comes to Socks5 proxies, mobile proxies aren’t left out and I recommend you purchase them from Soax. Soax is one of the top providers in the market right now. It offers you access to its mobile IP pool that assigns your requests to mobile IP addresses randomly. You can set the rotation period to maintain the session or leave it to randomly switch and change IP for you. I have used this for social media automation and the result was excellent. I didn’t get blocked nor did I get even a warning. The only problem with this service is that small providers might consider it expensive.

Also important is the fact that the IPs are not static and as such, you can’t maintain the same IP for a long time. Currently, there are over 3 million mobile IPs through which they route users' requests. These IPs are gotten from over 100 countries across the globe. This proxy network support both the SOCKS5  protocol as well as the much more popular HTTP protocol. The starting price to use this service is $99 and that gives you 3GB.

5. Proxy-Cheap — Best SOCKS5 ISP Proxy Network with ISP Targeting Support

The Proxy-cheap network became popular because of its cheap rotation of residential proxies. It has now added a static residential proxy service which we recommend too. This is because the proxies are fast enough for most tasks while being undetectable since they use residential IPs. Unlike their rotating residential proxies where the IPs are sourced via P2P networks, they get this one directly from ISP, giving them more control.

I tried using their geo-targeting feature and at that time, I can see 8 countries I could choose from — the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Austria, Singapore, India, Poland, and Russia. This provider is also one of the providers on the list that allow you to choose the specific ISP you need IP from. It currently supports 12 ISP out of the box. If you need a different ISP, you will need to contact their support. Pricing is flat at $3.49 per IP.

6. IPRoyal — Budget-Choice for SOCKS5 Proxies

IPRoyal service is another proxy network you can purchase SOCKS5 proxies from. While the network does have its pros and cons, it is on this list because of one of its pros. This is the affordability of their proxy plans. The cheap proxies here are their rotating residential proxies. If you are looking for cheap SOCKS5 rotating residential proxies to use, then the IPRoyal service is here for you. I have carried out performance tests using their proxies and they were undetectable and perfect for accessing most websites.

The only major problem is their slow speed. If your project is also large, I wouldn’t advise you to make use of this provider as it only has over 2 million IPs which might be inefficient for IP rotation. But for small to mid-scale projects, the cheap pricing makes up for the slow speed. It is important you know that the speed is still quite acceptable. However, it can’t compete against the top providers out there.

7. Smartproxy — All-in-One Socks5 Proxies

In the past, the Smartproxy service is one of those services that does not provide support for the SOCKS5 protocol. This is no longer the case as it now provides support for this protocol. The SOCKS5 proxy network is quite different from the other offering of their proxies and they are quite cheaper too. Smartproxy does have residential proxies, mobile proxies, and dedicated DC proxies that are built on the SOCKS5 protocol. These 3 proxies are purchased differently. Smartproxy is one of the fastest residential proxy networks I have used.

During its performance test, I discover it has the best response speed in the market. The DC proxies are also some of the fastest and most scalable proxy solutions you will see in the market today. This provider has a combined pool with over 50 million IPs in it sourced from all of the countries and regions in the world. The service is one of the easy-to-use proxy networks in the market and there is a helpful support team to guide you along.

8. ProxyEmpire — SOCKS5 Residential Proxies with Bandwidth Rollover

ProxyEmpire is one of the small proxy providers I have come to like. And this like is for how effective it can be when used the right way. It does offer undetectable proxies that are effective for a good number of small to mid-level usage. The only major problem with this service is that it is not one of the fastest out there. But for small proxy users, the speed offered is good enough. This service has got over 5 million IP addresses in its pool sourced from over 170 countries across the globe. The network offers both rotating and sticky ports.

The sticky ports are used for maintaining sessions while the rotating ports change IPs too frequently and randomly to hide your IP footprint. One thing you will come to like about this service is that the bandwidth allocated to you never expires as it can be rollover whenever you purchase a new plan.

9. Shifter — Best Residential Proxies for Unlimited Bandwidth Usage

Most of the residential proxy services described above have one thing in common — the proxies come with limited bandwidth. For tasks that consume lots of bandwidth, it is only a matter f time before your cost goes up astronomically. In this case, Shifter is here with something different. I started using this service a while back — at the time it was still Microleaves before rebranding into Shifter. The service offers backconnect proxies that rotate IP based on a specific period of time. Yes, this is one of the cons as it does not have high-rotating proxies that change IPs after every request. Aside from this, it is one of the providers in the market with the largest proxy pools.

Currently, this provider has over 31 million IPs. In terms of location coverage, over 150 countries are captured. And for the supported regions, you can choose to use IPs from a specific region using the geo-targeting option. The pricing for this service can be a little bit expensive though compared to the metered bandwidth-based services.

10. Rayobyte — Best IPV4 Private Proxies with SOCKS5

If speed matters, choose private datacenter proxies. And my recommended provider is the Rayobyte service formerly known as Blazing SEO LLC. This provider is one of the best datacenter proxy networks in the market. This proxy network does support both the HTTP and SOCKS5 protocols. One thing you will come to like about this service is that it has over 300K IP addresses in its pool and these IPs are sourced from multiple networks and subnetworks.

This makes it redundant against subnet bans. If you purchase a plan, the IPs delivered to you are from multiple subnets. This service does support about 27 countries from which you can get IPs from. The service is one of the fastest private proxy networks. It does allow you to enjoy unlimited bandwidth and threads with no throttling. There is an API for developers you can use for free and your IPs get replaced with fresh ones every 30 days.

11. Hydraproxy — Best for Unlimited Proxy Endpoints

Hydraproxy is a small proxy network with just over. 5 million IP addresses in its pool. With the size of the pool, you can tell it is meant for small to mid-level projects. The IPs are sourced via P2P networks from users in over 100 countries and you can see the countries from the geo-targeting setting from the user dashboard. Residential proxies are known to offer users a proxy endpoint through which you can access their whole pool.

For Hydraproxy, you can generate as many proxy endpoints as you need. This makes it easier for you to create concurrent sessions and use as many unique IPs as you need for your tasks. With this service, you can maintain a session for up to 30 minutes. However, you can also get it to change IPs randomly for you. The pricing for this service is quite cheap as you can get started with just $5 for 1GB — no minimum monetary commitment.

12. Nimbleway — Enterprise-Level Proxy Network with SOCKS5 Support

Nimbleway is a gather collection service with a proxy arm known as the Nimble IP. The Nimble IP is quite new in the market. But for the few times I have made use of it during my previous tests, you can tell this provider knows what it is doing. The speed and performance are top-notch even when you increase the number of concurrent threads. This service offer rotating proxies for any use case. One thing you will come to like about the service is its reliability as you won’t face some of the probes you face with regular providers.

However, while it stands as one of the best in the market, you just need to know that it is not a service for small proxy users. This is because its pricing starts from $300 which is on the high side. You also need to do a KYC to be able to use their service. Successful customers that have gone through their KYC process are entitled to a  generous free trial of 22GB.


What are SOCKS5 Proxies?

SOCKS5 is one of the Internet protocols, it is the secure socket protocol and one of the newest kids in the block. Proxies that are built to work on this protocol are known as the SOCKS5 proxies and sit at layer 5 of the OSI model, making them useful for tasks meant for other protocols like HTTPS and HTTP. Usually, most providers will provide support for both HTTPS and SOCKS proxies or just HTTP(S) proxies. There is no currently no proxy provider in the market that supports just SOCKS5 proxies and that is why you can see that all of the providers mentioned above offer both.

Why Should You Use SOCKS5 Proxies?

Most client software does provide specifications on the protocol of the proxies to use. For most, HTTP(S) is the supported protocol as it is the most popular option. However, there are some tasks that you will specifically need SOCKS5 proxies to carry out. These proxies even have some added advantages in terms of high performance, security, and a higher level of privacy. Unfortunately, looking at the market, the providers are yet to harness the real potential of SOCKS5 proxies as they are still at the same level of effectiveness as the others.

What Type of Proxies Support SOCKS5?

When SOCKS5 proxies are mentioned, many think of residential proxies. But residential proxies are not the only proxy type that can be built for the SOCKS5 proxies. It might interest you to know that on the list above, there are mobile and datacenter proxies captured. SOCKS5 is not proxy-type agnostic. You can use SOCKS5 for any proxy type — it is just a matter of the protocol required for your task.


Looking at the above, you can tell that SOCKS5 proxies aren’t as difficult to locate as you might initially think. This is because most providers do have support for them. Except of course, if you need a socks5 proxy like the now-defunct 911 S5 proxy which you can’t find again as most have been put out of business. The above providers are some of the providers that have been tested and we can trust that will work for you.

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