Top 10 Mobile Proxies for Account Management (2023)

Justin Shin

Are you looking for the best mobile proxies to manage your accounts? Then you are on the right page as I will be taking a look at some of the best proxy providers to buy mobile proxies from, Check out our top 10 mobile proxy providers for account management, featuring high success rates, fast download speeds, and unlimited bandwidth. Find the perfect solution for your needs and ensure undetectable and unblockable proxies for seamless account management.

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Overview of Top Mobile Proxies for Account Management

Top 10 Mobile Proxies for Account Management

Here's a comparison table for mobile proxy providers that I purchased and tested,

Provider Proxy Download Speed (Mbps) Response Time (ms) IP Pool Size Locations Supported Bandwidth Allowed Cost
Proxy-Seller 27.15 65 Undisclosed 15 countries Unlimited Starts from $60 per proxy monthly for US IPs
Proxy-Sale 25.88 73 Undisclosed 9 countries Unlimited Starts from $80 per proxy monthly for US IPs 
TheSocialProxy 32.53 63 Undisclosed 5 countries Unlimited Starts from €90 per proxy monthly
Soax 17.85 196 3.5 Million 100+ countries Starts from 3GB Starts from $99 for 3GB monthly
ProxyEmpire 14.94 215 Undisclosed 170+ countries Starts from 1GB Starts from $30 per GB monthly
Proxy-Cheap 23.64 96 Undisclosed US, France, Lithuania Unlimited Starts from $50 per proxy monthly
Hydraproxy 25.22 109 Undisclosed US only Unlimited Starts from $59.95 per port monthly
ProxyLTE 20.65 150 Undisclosed US only Unlimited Starts from $30 monthly
IPRoyal 19 127 Undisclosed US, UK, Lithuania Unlimited Starts from $90 per proxy monthly
NetNut 21.35  59 1+ Million 5 countries Starts from 50GB Starts from $900 for 50GB monthly
Airproxy 19.35 85 Undisclosed Italy only Unlimited Starts from €87 per proxy monthly

Please note that the performance metrics may vary depending on your location and network conditions. Also, the IP pool sizes are not disclosed for most providers. It's important to consider your specific requirements and budget when choosing a mobile proxy provider.

When it comes to being undetectable and in some instances unblockable, mobile proxies take the lead. This is because these proxies are assigned mobile IP addresses which are considered legitimate and dynamically assigned to real customers. It is this dynamic nature that makes it difficult for them to get blocked even when pinpointed for abuse. And this makes them perfect for account management.

When it comes to choosing a mobile proxy provider, you have to be picky as a good number of them can be terribly bad. In this article, I have done the research for you and tested most of the providers out there for you. I will be describing the top 10 providers I find to be effective as mobile proxy services for account management.

Some of these providers offer dedicated mobile IP addresses while others offer rotating mobile proxies via a proxy pool. I will describe when to better use each of these later in the article.

1. Proxy-Seller — Overall Best Mobile Proxies

Proxy-Seller is quite popular in the private proxy market because of its high-speed private datacenter proxies. Turn out, it also offers mobile proxies and its proxies can arguably be regarded as the best mobile proxies. I measured the performance of their proxies and got a success rate of 98.37% with a download speed of 27.15 Mbps.

The proxies are dedicated proxies and for each subscription, you are assigned a dedicated modem and SIM card for the period of your subscription. This gives you maximum performance without the bad neighborhood effect. The proxies are built on 4G LTE modems and do have support for over 15 countries around the world.

At the time of purchase, you are to choose the location and the Internet Service Provider (ISP). In each country, you are presented with a list of all of the supported ISPs you can get IPs from. I have used the proxies and I was impressed with two things — their speed and their undetectable nature.

You can rotate IPs too — and this can be done via two methods — either via the IP rotation URL or the developer API. Because the proxies here are dedicated, pricing can be considered high by most small marketers.

2. Proxy-Sale — Best Proxy-Seller Alternative

The Proxy-Sale service has been under the radar for a while now in English-speaking countries though quite popular among the Russians. This provider offers some of the best mobile proxies for account management and can be termed the best alternative to Proxy-Seller. This is because of their striking resemblance in the features they provide.

However, the Proxy-Seller seller is quite better in terms of location coverage, has more customers, and offers more competitive pricing. Proxy-Sale has proven to be a force to be reckoned with if you are looking for high-speed mobile proxies for your tasks. It shares a striking resemblance with Proxy-Seller in terms of performance  — 97.87% success rate with 25.88 Mbps.

Some of the tasks you can use Proxy-Sale for include mass following/ liking, bulk account creating, query scraping, mass messaging, and general anonymous web surfing. The service has got 9 countries to choose from. For each of the 9 countries, you are given a list of the ISPs supported. The pricing system is quite flexible as you can purchase 7 days of proxies. However, there monthly and up to a one-year plan at a good discount for long-time users.

3. TheSocialProxy — Best for Social Media Automation

Another provider I recommend is TheSocialProxy. One thing I like about this provider is its performance. During the performance test, I was able to record an average speed of 32.53 Mbps with a success rate of 97.50%. This provider is one of the foremost mobile proxy providers that were set up specifically for social media automation.

Currently, it remains one of the best and does work with the popular social media automation tools — Jarvee, Socinator, Multilogin, and Nextpost, among others. As with Proxy-Seller and Proxy-Sale above, you get a dedicated modem and SIM card allocated to you. This service has a datacenter in 5 countries including the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Austria, and Israel. While the modems are dedicated, the IPs are mobile IPs which makes them site dynamic.

Also, you can even force a change of IP before it is changed for you automatically from the dashboard or via their developer API. I have used this proxy in the past to manage accounts on LinkedIn and TikTok and I did that without getting banned. The pricing is also on the high side as the others above because it proxies are private and dedicated.

4. Soax — Best Mobile Rotating Proxy Network

While all of the providers above do have IP rotating capabilities, they are not effective at that. The Soax mobile proxy network is the service for you if you need mobile proxies to change IPs randomly after a few minutes. This service manages a pool of over 3.5 million IP addresses sourced from over 100 countries across the globe. As a user of their proxies, you are given access to the whole pool of IPs while you are charged based on bandwidth — the other providers above are charged based on IP.

The advantage to using Soax other than the others above is that you can switch IPs at will, change the country, or even city you get IPs from via the geo-targeting feature, and even change IP rotation time — without having to pay any extra. This makes it one of the best proxy services for scraping social media platforms. It is quite fast considering the fact that it is a rotating proxy service.

The average download is 17.85 Mbps with a success rate of 97.03%.  It can also be used for scraping and other forms of automation on difficult-to-access sites. The pricing for the service starts from $99 and this gives you 3GB at a rate of $33 per GB.

5. ProxyEmpire — Rotating Mobile Proxy with Bandwidth Rollover

Rotating mobile proxies are good because of the many IPs available to you but are bad because the bandwidth allocated to you has an expiry date. If you need one that will cushion the effect of tour bandwidth expiring with bandwidth rollover support, then ProxyEmpire is the service for you. The ProxyEmpire service has over 4 million IPs sourced from 170 countries across the globe.

For this service, I was able to record 14.94 Mbps as the average download speed with a success rate of 96.78% which is just average. One thing you will come to like about this service is its city and ISP-level targeting support. With this feature, you are not only limited to using IPs from a specific country but you can also choose the city and ISP you need IPs from.

This makes this service perfect for automating posting on sites like Craigslist and even scraping data from it. The service has got a simple pricing system where pricing starts from $30 per GB, much cheaper than Soax rotating mobile proxies. The more bandwidth the purchase, the cheaper the price per GB becomes.

6. Proxy-Cheap — Cheapest Dedicated Mobile Proxies

Proxy-cheap is known for its cheap undetectable residential proxies. It also does offer dedicated mobile proxies and these can be said to be the cheapest out there, especially if you are looking at the price for their US proxies.

The location supported for this service is the United States, France, and Lithuania. One thing you will come to like about this service is that it uses dedicated devices to deliver proxy services to its customers. If you purchase a plan, it assigns you a device, giving you more protection against bad neighborhood effects. It is important you know that it is only in Lithuania that you have the option of choosing an ISP.

For the United States, the ISP is choosing for you at random and is between AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon. Also, for their United States proxies, IPs can only be rotated after every 30 minutes. For their Lithuania proxies, it can be done after every 5 minutes. The France proxies provide more freedom in this regard.

7. Hydraproxy — Support Only US IP Addresses

Hydraproxy offers you a pool of mobile IP addresses to use all of which are from the United States. There is a good number of advantage you will get from using this service. The number one advantage is that you can geo-target and choose IPs from a specific state and city in the United States. Currently, it supports all of the states in the United States.

You have the option of choosing the ISP of the IPs too. Being a rotating mobile proxy network, your IPs change frequently. However, you can maintain the same IP address for an extended period of 30 minutes. You can enjoy unlimited bandwidth from this service as it does not cap your bandwidth. Pricing for the service is based on number of ports.

You can purchase as small as one port and for a day. However, the more ports you purchase and for a longer duration, the cheaper service becomes for you. There is no forced monthly commitment with this service.

8. ProxyLTE — Combine Pool of Mobile and Residential Proxies

The ProxyLTE service is one of the oldest mobile proxy services I have used and reviewed. The service has remained fairly stable and has proven to be trusted when it comes to quality service provision. For this service, you have the option of choosing a pool with a combined IP of mobile and residential IPs or one with either mobile or residential IPs.

If you are looking to create a high level of anonymity, you can use the combined pool. The pricing system is quite flexible and you are to choose the IP rotation time, the duration you need the proxy, the protocol you need, and the number of proxies you need.

Some of these options are compulsory while others are not. When you are done with the configuration, the actual pricing will then be shown to you. The service is quite reliable from my previous use of their service and as such, you won’t have any problem making use of them.

9. IPRoyal — Best for Daily Mobile Proxy

If you take a look at the pricing for most of the dedicated mobile proxies, you will discover how expensive it can be. For those that need proxies for a day or two, purchasing a monthly plan will be an overkill. The IPRoyal is here to make things right for you. For this service, you can purchase mobile dedicated proxies for one day at a price of $7. While others are using modems, this service uses 5G phones to deliver faster connections.

For this service, you have to choose between the United States, United Kingdom, and Lithuania, as IP locations at the time of purchase. I tested the speed, ping, and success rate of this service to see how it compared with the others and I got an average speed of 19 Mbps with a response time of 127 ms. Even though the IPs are dedicated, there is the option for IP rotation.

You can set it to auto-rotate at a specific time interval. You can also change IP instantly from the user dashboard or via an API request. As with most of the services here, you can enjoy unlimited bandwidth from this service. It is reliable and fast enough for most use cases.

10. NetNut – Unblockable Mobile Proxies

NetNut's mobile proxies are a useful tool for businesses that handle online accounts. These proxies help with tasks like accessing restricted content, getting around CAPTCHAs and IP bans, and bypassing restrictions on certain websites.

NetNut has a big collection of over 1 million mobile IPs from all around the world. This means you can pick specific locations for your internet connection. No matter where you are, these proxies make sure you can manage your online activities without hindrance and interruptions.

NetNut uses real mobile phone IPs, which helps with tasks like gathering information from the internet. The proxies change automatically, so you can keep collecting data without any problems because the optimum conditions are being created for you. Leveraging speedy 4G/LTE, NetNut ensures you can extract data rapidly and maintain a competitive edge.

For businesses that want more control over their processes, NetNut lets you customize how the proxies work. This is good for managing things like ad campaigns and data collection in a way that suits you best. NetNut also has a special feature that lets you target specific cities. This can be very useful for campaigns or research that needs data from particular places.

If you're curious about how NetNut's mobile proxies work, you can try them out for free for 7 days.

NetNut's prices for their mobile proxies are worth noticing. You can start with a plan that gives you 50GB for $600 per month. And if you need more, they have bigger plans with more bandwidth allocation.

11. Airproxy — Best European Proxies for Account Management

Airproxy is one of the best mobile proxy services out there when it comes to managing accounts on social media. The service can be used for managing accounts on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and LinkedIn, among others. In terms of location support, Airproxy only offers European IP addresses with the specific country being Italy. Most social media networks don’t care about the actual location except there is something shady.

For this service, you get undetectable mobile proxies that have a low spam score, high speed, and some top-level reliability. It is a while since I have used this service. But for the period I use it, it has proven to be one of the best. Its datacenter is in Italy and that is where it delivers its proxies from. As with the other providers mentioned in this article, its pricing is quite expensive and most small marketers especially those not profitable yet might find it expensive to purchase.


Q. How Do Mobile Proxies Differ from Residential Proxies?

Most will want to see both residential and mobile proxies as the same. And if you even use IP Look tools, there won’t be any difference. This is because all of them are provided by Internet Service Providers (ISPs).

The major difference between them is that residential proxies are assigned statically — never changed. While in the case of mobile proxies, they are dynamically assigned. It is the dynamic nature that makes web services to avoid blocking them in most cases since they wouldn’t want to lock out the next legitimate user of the proxy.

Q. Why Use Mobile Proxies for Account Management?

Mobile proxies have got the best reputation among all proxy types because of their mobile IP status. This is because the mobile platform has not been abused as much as the desktop platform and as such, the IPs hold higher trust scores. Even in case of suspicion, web services will hesitate to block a mobile IP address compared to its counterparts.

It is a result of this level of trust and the unwillingness of web services to block them that makes them perfect for account management. With mobile proxies, you can manage your accounts without the fear of getting banned.

Q. Why are Mobile Proxies Slow?

Mobile proxies are slower than datacenter and residential proxies. This is because of the devices used as the exit nodes. Datacenter proxies are hosted on high-performing datacenter infrastructure, making them the fastest.

For the residential proxies, the IPs are from PCs of regular Internet users, so, it is not as fast as datacenter proxies. Mobile proxies on the other hand are hosted on mobile devices such as smartphones, IoT devices, and modems. These are low-powered compared to datacenter infrastructures and PCs.


No doubt, mobile proxies can help you in creating and managing multiple accounts without getting and banned. However, you need to be picky with the provider you purchase from and have to know how to make use of it correctly. The way to use mobile proxies is determined by your website and target and what you wish to achieve. For that, you will have to do further reading. However, for making the choice of a provider, I have provided for you, with some of the best providers above for you to choose from.

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