The Best Static (ISP) Residential Proxies: 10+ ISP Proxy Server Provider Compared in 2023

Justin Shin
Are you looking for static residential proxies to use for your Internet marketing or even entertainment tasks? Then you are on the right page as the article below discusses some of the best proxy providers you can purchase ISP proxies from.

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Our Static Residential Proxies (Comparison Table)

Here's a comparison table for the 11 static residential proxy providers that we've purchased and tested. The ranking mainly considers speed, price, and the cleanliness of the IP subnet.

Provider Key Feature Locations Concurrency Allowed Bandwidth Allowed Cost
Proxy-Seller Best ISP Proxies for Flexible Pricing System Over 17 countries Unlimited Unlimited Starts from $3 per proxy monthly
Bright Data Overall Best Static Residential Proxies 49 countries Unlimited Unlimited Starts from $0.50/IP + $15.00/GB
ProxyEmpire Cheapest Static Residential Proxies 21 countries Unlimited Unlimited Starts from $2 per IP monthly
Proxy-Cheap Best for ISP Selection US, UK, Canada Unlimited Unlimited Starts from $3.49 per proxy monthly
Proxywow Best ISP Proxies for Sneaker Copping US only Unlimited Unlimited Starts from $25 for 5 proxies monthly
Smartproxy Best for On-Demand IP Rotation US, UK, Canada, and a few others Unlimited Starts from 2GB Starts from $28 for 2GB monthly
IPBurger Premium Static Residential Proxies with Kill Switch US and UK Unlimited 30GB per IP Starts from $29.95 per proxy monthly
Oxylabs Best ISP Proxy Network with High Speed Multiple countries Unlimited Unlimited Starts from $300 monthly
Webshare Good Static Residential Proxies US only Unlimited Unlimited Starts from $6 per proxy monthly
NetNut Best Most Reliable ISP Proxies All Countries Unlimited Starts from 20GB Starts from $350/20GB monthly
PrivateProxy.Me Affordable ISP Proxy Network US only Unlimited Unlimited Starts from $5 for 1 proxy monthly

Rotating residential proxies are the popular residential proxies out there because of their undetectable nature and IP rotation system. However, they are not alone. There is a static version of the residential proxy that does not change its IP address. These are known as static residential proxies otherwise known as ISP proxies. These proxies do have their strengths too as they are as fast as private datacenter proxies because they are hosted on datacenter infrastructures.

They are also undetectable since they use residential IP addresses. These make them some of the best in the market. There are tasks you will need to make use of static residential proxies as rotating residential proxies will give you out. In this article, I will be discussing some of the best static residential proxy networks to purchase these proxies from. These proxy networks have been tested and have proven to work well, among other things.

Where to Buy Static Residential Proxies

There are a good number of proxy networks you can purchase static residential proxies from. However, not all of them offer good ISP proxies. I have done research for you and the providers below are some of the places where you can buy static residential proxies that work.

1. Proxy-Seller — Best ISP Proxies for Flexible Pricing System

The Proxy-Seller ISP proxy network offers some of the most reliable ISP proxies. I have used the proxies a good number of times for some one-off projects and the performance was stellar. You have the options to choose from over 10 countries at the time of purchase. After purchase, you lose the power to change the location.

One of the reasons I use this project for some of my projects is the flexibility of its pricing system. You can choose the number of IPs you want and for the duration you want. Number of IPs you can purchase starts from 1 to as many as you want. For the rental period, you can purchase weekly proxies for up to 12-month proxies.

Generally, the more proxies or duration you pay for, the cheaper the price per IP monthly becomes. This static residential proxy network is perfect for account management, online streaming, and gaming, among others.

2. Bright Data — Best Speed Static Residential Proxies

Bright data is arguably the best proxy provider in the market with proxies in all of the proxy categories. It does offer static residential proxies which are known as ISP proxies on its platform. Based on the speed performance of the proxies mentioned in this article, Bright Data has one of the fastest speeds.

Currently, there are over 700K IPs in the static residential pool. And each assigned to you is dedicated to only you for the period purchased. I have used this for gaming on the Steam platform and the speed gotten was impressive without any lag.

It is also good for account management as IPs do not change for as long as you maintain them. It does have one of the best location coverage for an ISP proxy network. I find the integration seamless with its easy-to-use developer API. Generally, I will term this service one of the fastest, undetectable, and most reliable providers even for enterprise usage.

3. ProxyEmpire — Cheapest Static Residential Proxies

If you are on a low budget but need to use static residential proxies, then I recommend ProxyEmpire. It is about the cheapest ISP proxy network that actually works. Even though it is cheap, I discovered that it didn’t compromise that much on speed, reliability, and uptime. The uptime is around 99 percent. Another thing I find impressive about this service is its location coverage. It is one of the few ISP proxy networks that give you the option to choose static IPs from 21 countries around the globe.

The countries supported are from majorly from North America and Europe. The proxies are easy to integrate with your favourite tools including antidetect browsers. The network supports both SOCKS5 and HTTP protocols. This provider does support unlimited threads but you can tell if your system is not powerful enough the more threads you create, the slower the speed becomes for you. In terms of the pricing, it is a flat rate of $2 per IP regardless of the number of IPs.

4. Proxy-Cheap — Best for ISP Selection

For a second, you need to forget the cheap in the name of this provider as that is only meant for its rotating residential proxies. For the static residential proxies, the pricing can be best described as competitive. The unique advantage you get from this provider is the ability to choose the ISP you want IP addresses from. Currently, there are about 12 Internet Service Providers (ISPs) you can choose from including AT&T, Sprint, and Comcast.

If you need a different ISP, you can contact their customer support team and they will get that for you if possible. The locations support for this includes the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Russia, Austria, India, Singapore, and Poland.  If you decide to make use of this, just know that there is a limitation of 100 threads and 100 Mbps speed. The IPs are private and dedicated, sold for $3.49 monthly.

5. Proxywow — Best ISP Proxies for Sneaker Copping

Sneaker copping is the industry that first had the need for ISP proxies before the proxies are now being used for other tasks. If you need proxies that are super fast to compete in terms of speed and still undetectable to sneaker sites, then Proxywow is the service to use. These proxies have been used on the major sneaker sites to cop over 10K sneaker wears. The proxies have been engineered specifically for sneaker copping.

However, unlike the other providers above where a good number of locations are supported, you can only get US IP addresses from Proxywow. Aside from sneaker copping, the low latency of this network makes it perfect for streaming and gaming. It is the perfect ISP proxy network for Netflix and Hulu. It also works well for playing Pokemon Go, Runescape, and Diablo, among others. Pricing for this service starts from $25 for 5 IPs monthly.

6. Smartproxy — Best for On-Demand IP Rotation

Smartproxy is one of the premium proxy providers known for its high-quality rotating residential proxies. It has recently added support for static residential proxies. But the static residential proxy service is quite different from the others mentioned in this article. This is because, unlike the others that there is no support for rotation, for that of this service, you can demand a change of IP and that will be done for you with no fee attached. However, you need to know that the pricing is based on a different feature.

The static residential proxy of Smartproxy is priced based on bandwidth like its residential proxies. You need to know that for ISP proxies, this provider only has support for US-based IP addresses. If you need IPs from other regions, then Smartproxy static residential proxies are not for you. Aside from the location coverage and limited bandwidth support, this is one of the best out there.

7. IPBurger — Premium Static Residential Proxies with Kill Switch

If you are looking for a premium ISP provider then IPBurger is a good candidate. This provider provides you with private residential IPs that work. I have used this and its level of undetectability and anonymity is quite impressive. I have been able to make use of it to create and manage multiple accounts on PayPal and on some e-commerce platforms and it worked perfectly. You just need to know that the unlimited bandwidth claim is false — there is a 30GB bandwidth allocated to each IP.

One thing you will come to like about this is the fact that no subnet is shared among the IPs sold to you. This provides you protection against a subnet ban. For their static residential proxies, IPBurger does support only IPs from the United States and the United Kingdom. Using the Chrome or Firefox extension, you get kill switch support to avoid getting your IP leaked.

8. Oxylabs — Best ISP Proxy Network with High Speed

The Oxylabs service is another provider you can purchase high-quality static residential proxies from. In fact, aside from Bright Data, no other provider has as many static residential IPs as it does. Currently, it does have over 100K IPs. During my performance test, I observed how fast the Oxylabs static residential IPs are. They were also undetectable to most websites I tried them on and was able to play a few online games with no hassle.

You can also use them for creating and managing multiple accounts on social and e-commerce platforms. For this service, you can tell you get the combined power of private datacenter proxies in terms of speed and the undetectable nature of residential proxies. In terms of customer support, this provider is top-notch as it does have a responsive team you can communicate with via live chat. As a customer, you are also entitled to a dedicated account manager for more personalized customer support.

9. Webshare — Good Static Residential Proxies

Webshare has got a bad reputation for the free and cheap datacenter proxies it offers which has both security and performance issues. But that is in the past as the provider has redefined itself and positioned its service as one of the best. One of its proxy offerings I have used and can vouch for is its static residential proxies. For this service, you are given dedicated residential IPs that only you use for the period purchased.

The ISP supported are globally known IPs which help you gain trust from sites you visit as a visit with IP from an unknown ISP can be suspicious. Some of the supported ISPs including Lumen, Verizon, Sprint, and AT&T. One feature you will come to like about this service is how fast it proxies can be. Once you have purchased proxies, you can download your proxies from the control panel or via their secure developer API.

10. NetNut – Reliable Static Residential Proxies

NetNut is rapidly becoming a go-to source for Static Residential Proxies, catering to digitally-focused organizations. With over a million IPs in the pool, NetNut has one of the largest collections of clean, static IPs in circulation.  

Their offering encompasses all the essentials of a great static residential IP: speed, dependability, and complete anonymity. NetNut's ISP proxies are available around the clock, no matter where you are, thanks to their limitless reach. With an extensive IP network, NetNut ensures coverage for your data-mining and web-scraping exercise anywhere in the world.

NetNut's ISP proxy network accommodates various uses and provides standard support for HTTP(S) and SOCKs, which means you should be able to access all types of websites without restrictions. In essence, NetNut delivers a reliable ISP proxy solution that sets a high standard.

NetNut's pricing plans are designed to be flexible, catering to diverse budgets and needs. The Starter plan provides 20GB bandwidth for $350 monthly ($17.5/GB), featuring IP Whitelisting and continuous Email support. For those requiring larger bandwidth, Advanced and Production plans are also available, where you can opt for the massive 1TB plans.

11. PrivateProxy.Me

Last on the list is the PrivateProxy.Me service. This service recently added support for a static residential proxy service and I tested it. The speed was quite acceptable and I was able to use it to stream a series on Netflix and played games on my Xbox. It also worked well for accessing Amazon and PayPal.

For the most part, you should be able to use it for most of the tasks you require static residential proxies for. This network has got support for multiple locations for you to choose from including the United States, United Kingdom, and Germany. You can access the service via the user dashboard or their API if you are a developer. Pricing for the service is affordable and gets cheaper as you purchase more IPs.

ISP Proxies Buying Guide for Static Residential Proxies

When considering the acquisition of Static (ISP) Residential Proxies, it is paramount to adopt a discerning perspective towards a plethora of key parameters. Here is an expert's take on this:

Affordability and Pricing Structure

Static Residential Proxies, also referred to as ISP proxies, generally command a premium price compared to their rotating counterparts. Their sourcing intricacies contribute to this higher cost. Typically, they are priced per IP address and could be 2-3 times costlier than private proxies​​.

Geographic Diversity

It is essential to ascertain the availability of proxies in the geolocations of your interest. Static residential proxies are generally housed in servers across the globe. However, cost and operational challenges often limit their geographic dispersion. These proxies tend to cover a limited number of locations​​.

IP Diversity and ASN Authenticity

ISP proxies leverage the ASNs (Autonomous System Numbers) of consumer ISPs, giving them a cloak of legitimacy. However, it's vital to ensure a diverse pool of IPs and ASNs that are authentic and not affiliated with small, regional ISPs which could be flagged as datacenter IPs​​.

Protocol Support

Ascertain that the provider is capable of supporting requisite protocols, such as HTTP, HTTPS, and SOCKS5, which are crucial for compatibility with various web scrapers.

Rotation and Flexibility

While static proxies do not inherently rotate, some proxy providers offer optional rotation with backconnect servers. This is advantageous for web scraping endeavors but can also be disabled if not needed​

Bandwidth and Throughput

Opt for a provider that offers generous or unlimited bandwidth. ISP proxies, hosted on data centers, usually offer high-speed connections, often exceeding 1 Gbps. This ensures low latency and high throughput, which are critical for data-intensive tasks​

Reliability and Uptime

Seek proxies with high uptime, ideally upwards of 99.9%, to ensure availability and consistency in performance, especially for large-scale operations​

Anonymity and Success Rate

ISP proxies are typically highly anonymous as they appear as legitimate consumer IPs. Ensure that your provider’s static residential proxies have a high success rate in circumventing security mechanisms that rely on IP reputation​​.

Quality Assurance and Support

Engage in due diligence by perusing user reviews and testimonials. Opt for a provider that offers robust customer support and a satisfaction guarantee or trial period.

Customization and Specialized Plans

Depending on your use case, it might be worthwhile to inquire about specialized plans that might cater to specific requirements, such as ensuring that the proxies are not identified as datacenter IPs​

By meticulously assessing these criteria, you will be well-positioned to make an informed decision that aligns with your operational needs and budgetary considerations.


What are Static Residential Proxies?

Static residential proxies are those residential proxies that maintain one IP address without changing it after a while. These were introduced into the market only recently and can be said to be some of the best additions to the market.

They offer the best features of datacenter proxies and residential proxies in terms of the speed of datacenter proxies and the undetectability of residential proxies.

The proxies are also known as ISP proxies. They got this name because of the source of their IPs. The static residential proxy network gets their IPs directly from Internet Service Providers (ISP) and this them much control over the IPs.

Static Residential Proxies Vs Rotating Residential Proxies?

It might interest you to know that when users mention the term residential proxies, what they actually mean is rotating residential proxies. This is because they are the de facto residential proxies out there. Their proxies rotate and change the IP assigned to a user either randomly or for a specified period of time.

While they are good for automation, they are not the best for managing accounts and that is why static residential proxies were introduced. Unlike their rotating counterparts, they maintain the same IP address for as long as you want. They are also faster, more reliable, and more stable than rotating proxies.

Is it Illegal to Use Static Residential Proxies?

When you use rotating residential proxies, the chances of you using IPs from a malware-infected computer are quite even though that only does not make it illegal. In the case of static residential proxies, there is no such thing as that as the IPs are sourced legally from the ISPs.

The only problem you will have to deal with is what you use the proxies for. If your activities are illegal then you can even fallout with some of the providers as some even do a KYC to put your activities in check.


Looking at the above, you can tell that unlike in the past, static residential proxies are now readily available. There are now many places where you can buy static residential proxies as most popular providers now support them.

Generally, there is not much difference in the features of the proxies offered by the different providers. The difference is usually in the area of location support and performance. You can take a look at the above providers and spot the differences in others to make the right purchase decision.

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