Amazon Prime Complaints: How to Make One & Tips to Get Better Responses

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Amazon Prime is an excellent service. It offers a lot of benefits which most people look forward to. However, many people are unhappy with how they are treated on Amazon prime.  Are you having problems with getting deliveries? Is your order mostly merchandise or missing items? Let's find out.

Amazon Prime is a membership special that offers free two-day shipping and many other benefits to those who subscribe. The company has enjoyed tremendous success, with a customer base that has doubled yearly for the past decade.

However, Amazon Prime Complaints have come to light over the past several years as more dissatisfied customers are voicing their disappointment in this service. This article will discuss some of the people's biggest complaints about Amazon Prime and how to resolve them.

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How Does Amazon Prime Complaint Resolution Mechanism Work in 2022?

If you're an Amazon Prime member and have a complaint about something you've purchased, you can contact customer service through the customer page, email, social, or call to resolve the issue. Amazon has a complaint resolution process in place, which involves customer service working with the seller to try to come to a resolution. Customers can also use other services to launch complaints.

How to Make an Amazon Prime Complaint

If you're unhappy with a purchase you made on Amazon, you can contact their customer service department to make a complaint. Here's how:

You can resolve your complaint by:

If you choose to contact them by phone, you'll be given a list of phone numbers depending on your location.

Call Amazon's customer service department. They'll be able to help you with your complaint or issue. You can call them at 1 (888) 280 4331 toll-free to speak with someone right away.

When speaking with customer service, be sure to have your order number handy, so they can look up your purchase and address your complaint accordingly.

If you want to talk with a live agent, you can use the live chat feature on Amazon's website. But if it's an emergency, they suggest calling first because they may not have time for your request. The live chat feature allows you to type your message and send it in one click when prompted by the system. It also allows you to leave a message for the agent if there's no response from them after waiting for several minutes.

If you want to ensure that your problem won't go unnoticed, send an email as soon as possible so that they can take care of it right away instead of waiting until tomorrow or next week, when it will take even longer for them to reply due to a lack of resources.

With social media, the best way to make an Amazon Prime complaint is through Twitter. You can tweet out your complaint.

Where Can I Complain About Amazon Prime Services

You can complain about Amazon Prime Services through the Digital Services and Device Support portal. Here you will find a list of common complaints that apply to your experience. If you would like to send in another complaint, you can fill out the form on this page.

You can visit Amazon’s Help and Customer Service website and click the "contact us" link. From there, you'll be able to fill out a form with your specific complaint.

You can also complain about Amazon Prime services with the following:

If you are not satisfied with the services of Amazon Prime, then you can complain to the government agencies like Federal Trade Commission and the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

Write a review on third-party review sites about your experience with Amazon Prime. You may be eligible for a refund or replacement of the product you received.

If you have any complaints regarding Amazon Prime services or products, it is vital to lodge a complaint as soon as possible so that the matter can be resolved faster and without delay.

How Can Amazon Prime Members Complaint Against Third-Party Sellers

If an Amazon Prime member is unhappy with a purchase from a third-party seller, you have a few options for filing a complaint. You can start by going to the Help page and selecting the "Contact Us" link. You'll need to

If you don't want to contact Amazon directly, you can also reach out to the third-party seller directly. Most sellers will have contact information listed on their Amazon seller page. You can also try contacting the seller's company for fulfillment (if they're using one).

What Are the Common Complaints on Amazon Prime?

There are a few common complaints when it comes to Amazon Prime.

Does Amazon Prime Have an Independent Customer Support System?

No, Amazon Prime does not have a separate customer support system. However, they are available to answer questions through the amazon customer service pages and phone numbers.

Tips for Using To Get Better Responses from Amazon Prime Customer Service

If you have a problem with your Amazon Prime account, don't despair. You can do a few things to get better customer service results.

If you're still unsatisfied with your response, you can always escalate your complaint to a supervisor or manager. Just remember to remain calm and polite when doing so.


Prime is one of the best services Amazon provides. For just $99 a year, you get free two-day shipping with absolutely no minimum order and access to Prime Video streaming and other benefits.

If you have complaints about the delivery speed, error shipments, selection, and return process with Amazon Prime, you can always contact the amazon customer help page.

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