Amazon Canada Complaints (All You Need to Know!)

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Did you know that Amazon's customer service page offers answers to the most common customer concerns? The page is preset with answers to questions about login and security, deliveries, payments, subscriptions, and accessibility, the most common issues. What if your issue is not among the given descriptions? What do you do? We have rounded up some common Amazon Canada complaints and how to get health via live chat option.

Do you have a complaint that needs to be submitted to Amazon Canada? Even though Amazon is famed for its effectiveness and speed, there may be a few setbacks along the process, just like there would be with any other online delivery business.

Amazon can ship the wrong products or lose your delivery within the transit process. You may require assistance changing the address where your shipment will be delivered, or there is an issue with your account being among the most common Amazon Canada Complaints.

Regardless of the issue, you may be facing; Amazon has multiple channels via which you can communicate with its support staff. Discover how to get in touch with Amazon Canada customer service, and then select the approach that best suits your needs from the options below, such as Amazon ca. live chat.

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How to Make Amazon Canada Complaints?

Amazon Canada not only allows customers to contact customer service via the customer service line (877)-586-3230, but also offers options such as live chat on their website or direct message through social media. But the company does not offer an email address for complaints.

Next, we will walk you through the detailed steps in different ways.

How to Contact Amazon Canada?

Reaching out to Amazon Canada's customer service department via their Most Popular Number, (877)-586-3230, is the simplest and most convenient way to complain to the company. However, due to the fact that there may be other consumers on the line, it is not that easy to get in touch with them.

Are you planning to wait for such a long period? Whereas there are many more straightforward approaches. The following is what you need to do in order to get in touch with the customer care team at Amazon Canada:

Step 1: Download the app for Amazon.

Step 2: Sign in to your respective account.

Step 3: In the main menu, select the "Customer Service" option.

Step 4: From that point, you should swipe up and then press the "Contact Us" option.

Step 5: You will have two alternatives; consider choosing the most convenient one: you can call someone directly or Chat with them.

Step 6: Select the "Call Us" option from the menu.

Step 7: Choose the type of problem you are experiencing from the following options: Prime membership, devices, issues relating to orders, Amazon Fresh, an unknown charge, or Something Else.

Step 8: We strongly encourage you to choose the "order related" option because doing so puts you in direct contact with an Amazon Canada customer support specialist in the shortest amount of time.

Step 9: Tap the sequence that you want. You will have various alternatives available at this point, including "Contact seller" and "Amazon Call me now."

Step 10: Select the country you are calling from, then input your phone number. And then press the "Call me now" button.

Step 11: A representative from Amazon Canada will contact you via phone.

Step 12: You will first be directed to an automated system, and then you will be connected to a real-life representative of Amazon Canada.

Step 13: You can also contact Amazon International by calling their customer service line at 1-206-922-0880.

How to Use Live Chat

In many cases, contacting Amazon and having an urgent issue resolved is as simple as having a discussion with a customer service professional online. Detailed instructions are provided below.

Step 1: In the main menu, select the "Customer Service" option.

Step 2: From that point, you should swipe up and then press the "Contact Us" option.

Step 3: You will have two alternatives for your email: you can call someone directly or chat with them.

Step 4: Select the "Call Us" option from the menu.

Step 5: Choose the problem you are experiencing from these options: Prime membership, devices, issues relating to orders, Amazon Fresh, an unknown charge, or Something Else.

Step 6: Pick the "Something else" option at the top of this page.

Step 7: Select "I need more help" when asked for specifics.

Step 8: The Amazon automated chatbot will open in a new window and ask you about your problem. Here ask to "Talk to a representative."

Step 9: The robot will offer you a few options, the first two of which will lead you to a live representative. choose to get in touch with a rep via chat, or request a callback if you prefer..

Other Ways of Contacting Amazon Canada

Would you like to talk to a support staff verbally instead of a chat? Amazon Canada has a phone line in addition to its live chat service. There are two more ways in which you can reach Amazon Canada. The first step is to click on the Call Us Now link of the platform to take advantage of their no-cost call-back service. The second way is by calling Amazon Canada's top customer support phone number, 877-586-3230, to raise your complaints.

Instructions for sending an email to Amazon's support staff

There is no obvious way to find the specific email address for customer support, similar to how they hide their phone number. If you'd rather contact Amazon by email, you can do so at Email is likely the most time-consuming and difficult to implement among the three options because Amazon is fussy about the email clients it supports. The rumor is that if you try to use this feature, they will tell you to phone or use live chat instead.

Amazon Canada'S Main Customer Service Page

Amazon's outstanding online help hub makes up the bulk of the company's customer service operations. For example, the question of how to reset or change one's Amazon account password is frequent.

For such cases and more common queries, you may find the solutions in the various areas of the help menu. You can search for keywords to get an enormous list of articles on the subject. The company's goal is to help you through its support center, so you don't have to look for a real-life Amazon representative.


Yes, Amazon Canada allows clients to access customer care live chat services if they do not find an appropriate answer from the customer service page. However, you can also reach customer care via phone and email.

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