Apothekary Review: Is It a Supplement Scam?

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If you are looking for wellness supplements for your personalized health concern, read on to know more about Apothekary and the service this brand offers.

If you are looking for a product that will promote your wellness, then you are making the right decision. Having a healthy life reduces the fear of illness and other health issue that may want to arise in the future. It is expected that everybody takes their health very seriously because it is the best way to stay away from an illness that may cause discomfort.

There are different kinds of supplements in the body with the same aim of improving your health status. If you are looking for a wellness routine that offers purely herbs and adaptogens to achieve your health goals, then you need to look out more carefully because there are above 100 brands that are in these supplements' production.

However, Apothekary is a brand that helps to provide supplements based on herbs and adaptogens as the main ingredients to cater to a variety of issues related to health. They provide personalized or customized products as well as a healthy wellness routine with science and traditional backed ingredients. If you are looking at patronizing this brand, you can read this review to get full knowledge of this brand and the products they offer, it will help you make a wonderful decision in knowing if the brand is worth it or not.

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Apothekary Supplement Review

Apothekary is a brand that produces wellness supplements by offering personalized or customized wellness routines and products obtained from scientific and traditionally backed ingredients such as adaptogens and herbs. Their products are made to care from a mixture of western and eastern health remedies. They try to know our health issues, thereby making customized wellness products and wellness.

The adaptogen they use as ingredients is very effective because it is a non-toxic plain that your immune system and body fight daily health issues thereby promoting the internal balance of your body. Apothekary was founded by Shizu Okusa in 2018. The brand has a mission of caring for your health by going back to your roots mixed with science.

This is why their supplements are based on roots, herbs, and science. Their products are certified by the FDA already. This review will dive into the information about the brand, the services it is offering, the thoughts and feelings of customers about this brand, the pros and cons, the promos, discounts attached to this brand. The review will also look at the frequently asked questions and many more.

Apothekary Pros

Apothekary Cons

Why We Like Apothekary

Apothekary Better than Botox and Mind Over Matter

The better than botox function more than normal makeup. It can be used to help maintain the youthful look of your skin. You can also use it for your nails as well as your hair. The mind over matter helps in enhancing brain development and health. It is made with organic ingredients.

Apothekary Shawatari and Glow Getter

The Shatavari helps in enhancing sexual health. If you have been having issues like menopause, or issues with your menstruation, production of estrogen, then this product is very good for you. It can also help to increase libido. The glow getter is needed for your skin to make it glow because you can find a combination of anti-inflammatory. It is made with organic ingredients. These ingredients can help fight quick aging. It can also help your liver and kidney.

 Customer Review

You may have doubts or how great is Apotherkary, There is no problem, the review I conducted from various sources, online and on the website for Apotherkary, gives a much more positive outcome to this great supplement.

On Etsy, it has a rating of 4.4/5, and about 107 reviews speak well about the supplement, Apotherkary Glow Getter, Apotherkary License to chill and Apotherkary Better than Botox. The rating was based on their product, customer service, the brand itself, and some other  important aspect of the brand.

Apothekary Supplements are lovely, it calms me down and I do sleep better after taking the supplement.

Where to Buy Apothekary

To get the best deal or price, it is advisable to buy from the brand’s website

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Is Apothekary Worth it?

This product contains all-natural, organic, and high-quality ingredients, it is worth buying from all reviews made by customers. The brand has good customer reviews with outstanding feedback all over the website. There are some other things you can benefit from while patronizing this brand such as enjoying the freshness of your supplements, The supplements are free of dairy, vegan, GMOs, sugar, fillers, gluten, and chemicals, Their ingredients are 100% natural and sourced ethically, and you have a lot of products to choose from. The brand is okay and I will always recommend it.

Apothekary Discounts

To enjoy some of the following discounts highlighted below, you will have to order from their website

Apothekary Contact

For more inquiry that is beyond this review, you can easily contact the brand via the following means


Q. What is the shipping policy of Apothekary?

The brand offers to ship to 22 countries. You can get the updated list of the countries they ship in the shipping section. However, if you want to enjoy free shipping, you will have to order above $45 within the US and $129 for international shipping. The standard shipping cost is $5 for orders within the States while overnight costs around $39. it will take around 2 to 3 business days to get your order shipped within the US using the standard shipping method. International shipping cost varies due to your location. The delivery time is also different based on the location. 44

Q. What is the return policy of Apothekary?

This brand does not offer any form of exchange or return. The reason they don’t offer returns or exchange is that they refer to the brand as a food commodity. They make these supplements very fresh.

Q. Can my Apothekary supplement expire?

When you buy supplements from Apothekary, they can stay fresh for up to 18 months when you don’t open them. However, it can still last between 5 to 8 months after you open it.


The need for a supplement is on the high side, this is why a lot of brands have decided to go into making supplements even if it is not up to the required standard. Apothekary helps in providing supplements from the roots together with science. This review will help you make your decision.

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