Dynatrap Insect Trap Review: Are They Truly Safe and Efficient at Trapping Insects?

Nicole J. Holstein
Are you tired of the hazardous insect chemicals in your house? Try out these chemical-free Dynatrap insect traps for your next purchase. Our experts are here to guide you through the brand by looking at the promotions and customer ratings and evaluating if these insect traps are worth the money based on their performance.

You know the importance of being with a hero in the house if you are a girl. Most people worldwide, especially in new environments, hate the insect noises, bugs, and creep[y crawlers in the house. Adapting to such conditions is very hard, and the only solution is finding a way to do away with these insects. You can count on many products, such as chemical-filled contraptions, etc., though these are very hazardous, and your family is more critical than the insects.

Therefore among the safest options you can try on is the Dynatrap Insect Trap. Though the company claims that its insect traps are ideal for trapping flies, mosquitoes, and other insects, we must confirm this and agree.

Thus, in this Dynatrap Insect Trap review, we will go through the basics of the company, access their best-selling insect traps,  highlight promotions and contact details, and then deduce our conclusion from the customer ratings to evaluate if these insect traps are worth the money.

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Dynatrap Insect Trap Review

Dynatrap is a company that offers insect traps ideal for solving all your insect concerns through chemical-free, zapping, and bug-trapping tools. The brand is well known in North America as the leading bug-elimination solution. Based on your preferences, these traps are durable and straightforward to use outdoors and indoors. You are here because you are experiencing insect issues and seeking a solution. However, before moving in with the Dynatrap device, you must understand this brand in detail.

Dynatrap, founded in 2010, relies on the main ingredients, CO2 and warmth. These are vital elements mosquitoes use to reach out to their giant feeding ground that is closer. Our bodies are warm, and we consistently emit CO2 while breathing. Thus, the company relies on these elements to mimic the condition and attract mosquitoes. They utilize the titanium oxide surface alongside the warm light to draw the insects to impede their demise.

In 2019, Woodstream Corp., a worldwide pest control products manufacturer, acquired the company. Initially, the company is traced to have started in 2006 through the hard work of Juan Rocha to offer the solution. Since then, the company has grown, developed, and expanded globally. Its reputation has enabled it to feature in popular stores such as Walmart.

Meanwhile, Dynatrap has headquarter situated in Milwaukee-Wisconsin. This is the same location where they have insect trap manufacturing plants and distribute them worldwide.

You can learn more from this brand, but that is basic enough to have. This leads us to the next section. We will also compare the Dynatrap pros and cons before jumping to the best-selling products.

Dynatrap Insect Trap Pros:

Dynatrap Insect Trap Cons:

Why We Like Dynatrap Insect Trap

Though bugs are vital in our ecosystem, they might still harm our outdoor fire pit, BBQ, and late-night swimming. Again, these bugs and other flying insects feed on the body of human beings, which results in multiple diseases. We can now do without these bugs, and it was until the safe Dynatrap insects traps arrived.

These devices are unique and utilize a technique that lures these flying insects, sucks and keeps them in bucket form, where they dehydrate to death after 24 hours. This might sound brutal to someone, but here we are talking about survival of the fittest.

Therefore, in this review, specifically under this section, we will take you through some of your favorite insect traps and bulbs. This will save you the time to make a selection and give you an easy time to understand where to start. Let us get started without wasting time.

The Best-Selling Dynatrap Insect Trap

Our team went through the processes and got real experience with these devices. Then we recommend that half an acre is fantastic for a small home with minimum needs while only going for the large acre, or when you have thick swarms, you need to purchase the large devices. Note that every Insect trap we discuss comes with the 2 UV bulbs we will see.

Therefore, first, we have Full Acre – Black Insect Trap. This is efficient when you want to protect a considerable space. It becomes your hero with broad coverage, and you can hug it anywhere. It is effective in windy weather and works during the rainy season.

So, carrying it to your house is unnecessary even for every squall that passes. Place it in a safer location without too much water during the wet season. You have to set and forget because it never gives off the zapping and buzz noises. This is a silent predator which is very hungry for these insects. Typically, it weighs 10 lbs.

In the list, we have 1 Acre XL Mosquito And Insect Trap – Black lure flies, moths, and wasps under one roof. These are some of the dangerous bugs in the environment which are a potential cause of the threat in the vegetable garden.

Thus, make this device your friend in a place where you want to have a more robust and more extensive defense system, somehow close to the swamps. This device is the second best among the Dynatrap devices, and customers must empty the devices less frequently, which does not affect its power to lure more insects.

The last one is a 1/2 Acre – Insect Trap. If you have a small backyard and you are aware that its summer time, then be prepared with these insect traps to work your tricks and keep your compound safe. It is simple to operate and plug in the compound, mostly in the outdoor power outlet, and leave it to work miracles.

Though the device lasts about one year, you must replace the bulbs at least every 4 months. While it looks small, it is still deadly and needs to be emptied every 1 to 2 weeks. It can lure not only stink bugs but also wasps, beetles, moths, as well as all sorts of flying insects. The case is closed, and we move.

The Best-Selling Dynatrap Bulbs

It is highly recommended that you change your Dynatrap bulb at least after every 4 months, which is equal to 3000 hours. Changing them is very simple; you should not worry about where to get these bulbs. They are right on the Dynatrap website. Therefore, we will only feature two favorite Dynatrap bulbs under this section.

Starting with the 26W UV Replacement Light Bulb. This matches perfectly with the two DT1750 as well as DT14775 models. It is these bulbs that make this Dynatrap more powerful. They are responsible for creating an inviting glow and bringing in warmth while heating the titanium coating on the traps, attracting insects to such a flame. This is because insects prefer CO2 as well as warmth, which are two things that mosquitoes and other insects also follow to detect the presence of the human body.

Another bulb on the Dynatrap website is 4W UV Replacement Light Bulbs – 2 Pack. It is an excellent alternative to have in your stock for the coming season. Although 4 watts is low, Dynatrap DT0500 only needs such power to burn and attract the bugs.

However, note from today henceforth that the more your Dynatrap bulb lights, the more it lessens its power to attract bugs and insects. This is why you need to appropriately change your bulb to heath Titanium, produce more CO2 and create warmth to attract the insects. Let's proceed with the next section if that is at home.

Customer Review

Product descriptions and what we have discussed in the above section are not enough to convince you to make a step in purchasing Dynatrap devices. You also need evidence from real customers from all corners of the world and learn from their experience. This is why we also went the extra mile to research the customer feedback and give you a whole stack of information to digest. Our research was rounded up with multiple external sites which present good ratings. We are about to analyze each.

Thus, starting with the Amazon, Dynatrap DT1050SR mosquito and flaring insect trap have scored 3.6 stars after considering 5969 global ratings. This is a good sign, and 46% of the customers gave it 5 stars, with only 22% rating it with one star. Pelle has found this device very effective in trapping insects.

On Best Buy, the brand has a 4.1-star rating with 16 customer reviews. After evaluating the quality, this rating is arrived at; it is easy to use and the value for your money. 81% of verified customers would recommend the brand to their friends. The recent, verified purchase on the site suggests the brand, saying:-

"I purchased this device after noticing gnats and fruit flies around our house plants." I tried chemicals and other gadgets, but they provided no real alleviation. This device isn't flawless, but after three weeks of operation, it's clearly catching these pesky bugs. My reluctance in giving it 5 stars is that it operates best in a very tiny space but not in a medium-large room.

Heading to Picaridin.info, the site details the Dynatrap review, specifically the DT100 series Mosquito trap. The author gives all the specifications from dimension to weight, power source, and coverage. In conclusion, the article states that the mileage tends to vary based on the mosquito species.

Mosquito Reviews also gives a detailed review of the two series of Dynatrap devices, DT1000 and DT2000XL. The blog compares the pros and cons. In terms of maintenance, the author recommends cleaning the devices every week to increase their effectivenesses. Among the reviews on the site, one customer gave his experience, saying:-

"When this wasn't trapping a lot of mosquitos, I added an octenal bait to the bottom, and it made a big impact." Don't put it near where you'll be because it attracts a lot of bugs, so place it somewhere where mosquitoes will find it before they get you."

Lastly, the author discusses the blog in the Reviewed US Today to determine if the highly rated Dynatrap effectively keeps the blood-sucking pests at bay. Mainly the editor based the argument on the Dynatrap DT1050SR, which is simple, attractive, and quiet, though reported to have low power in killing multiple bugs and complicated when it comes to cleaning.

Though locating the perfect area to place is hard, it works as expected. You can also go through a few YouTube video reviews online besides the Home Depot store.

The brand, through its device, has recorded above-average customer ratings. People have reported the device to work magic in the compound. With time and improvement, these devices will also be more efficient.

Where to Buy Dynatrap Insect Trap

Dynatrap is a famous brand with a solid online reputation. Thus, most of their tools and insect traps are available in famous stores in North America. Therefore, besides their official store, dynatrap.com, our research also went ahead to locate the other online retail store with the products. Some of these include:-

Is Dynatrap Insect Trap Worth It?

Most customers are impressed with the Dynatrap Insect Trap. We all complement these tools' work; they are effective, which means they are worth your money. Though still improving with their power to trap mosquitoes, they are reliable in trapping other flaring insects and bugs.

Dynatrap Insect Traps are well-spread and available in numerous online retail stores. From their official store, these devices come with a 1-year limited warranty. The actual live performance of Dynatrap Insect Trap is impressive, with pretty cool features. The brand has a solid online reputation with multiple positive customer reviews. If properly cared for, these tools can last for over a year through bulbs that need replacement after about 2 to 4 months, after 3000 hours.

Though Dynatrap Insect Trap needs little attention, the device is made to withstand the elements. It is covered to add extra odd sprinkle protection on the full squall. The tools are dual and work well outdoors, like indoors, as bugs love outside but go inside to search for shelter and other basic needs. Therefore, if you struggle with bugs and other flying insects, try Dynatrap Insect Trap to eliminate them effectively. Get these trappers or zappers at an affordable price and have your insect concerns solved.

Dynatrap Insect Trap Discounts

When writing this review, we can attest that Dynatrap offers sales discounts on most insect traps. Still, our research noted a few promotions with these Dynatrap insect traps.

Our research explored and realized that the company offers free shipping in the US when you place an order totaling $45 and above. There is also an ideal reward program where when you purchase from the store, you get points that you can redeem for lucrative discounted products. Lastly, they offer 10% off on the products when you sign up for the newsletters from their website.

Thus, the only best move is to subscribe to their mailing list and get all the latest updates and deals anytime from your comfort.

Dynatrap Insect Trap Contact

So far, I pray that you have all your issues settled. However, we have you sorted if you are still concerned about this brand. We identified a few ways to connect the  Dynatrap brand in the research.

Starting with the contact form on their website, fill in and send it to the support team, and they guarantee to reply via email as soon as possible. If not, then you can call them at 1-877-403-8727. That might not be enough and then wants to move in and reach out to them on social media. The marketing team and specialists are active on social media platforms to update you, market, and socialize with the customers. Hence, connect them on their Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.


Q. How are Dynatrap insect traps made?

From the above article, we have learned that Dynatrap insect traps and other devices are manufactured in facilities situated in the US. Specifically, the company's factory is based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Q. How often should one empty the Dynatrap insect trap device?

It is recommended that you empty these insect traps at least after every 1 to 3 weeks. However, the frequency also depends on the bugs in your target area.

Q. How can I maintain my Dynatrap insect traps to last longer?

Technically, you can do little on these devices to work. The best you can offer is changing the lightbulb, which should be done in a range of 4 months as well as emptying the bugs between 1 to 4 weeks.

Q. What is the shipping policy of Dynatrap company?

For orders starting from $45 and above, Dynatrap offers free standard shipping for customers based within the continental United States. Otherwise, they ship to the US States, including Puerto Rico, though shipping charges apply here.

All orders in stock are generally shipped on the same day as long as the customer orders before 2 pm EST. You can select different shipping services, which range from standard, taking about 1 to 6 business days to deliver. 2-day shipping takes 2 business days, while the Next Day option only arrives after 1 business day. All the shipping charges are calculated during the checkout.

Q. What is the return policy of the Dynatrap brand?

If unsatisfied with the Dynatrap purchase, you can return the devices within 30 days of arrival. Initiating the return process is very simple. You only have to complete the online form and get the Return Goods Authorization code. It makes you to obtain the number before sending the items to the store. If not, then this firm cannot process your refund.

However, the item must meet a few conditions to qualify for a refund or return. First, it must still be in its original state, be put in its original package, and be unused. Otherwise, it will be taken as a final sale.


Dynatrap is a famous brand based in the US. It has become popular due to the variety of outdoor and indoor insect traps it provides to customers worldwide. In the above article, we have explored the company in detail, considered customer feedback and promotions, and discussed some of the best-selling devices. It is your time to eliminate all the unwanted flying insects, bugs and keep your space safe and friendly. The devices are working, and with more advancement now and then, they are worth your trial.

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