Grow Gorgeous Review: *Pros and Cons* Should You Buy It?

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Need proof of why you need to go for the Grow Gorgeous hair treatment products? Here is all you need to know from the experts. Read our Grow Gorgeous reviews and learn from real experienced customers.

Grow Gorgeous is one of a kind company that offers multiple hair care products ranging from conditioners, shampoos, and all sorts of hair treatments under one roof. Even though they claim to sell vegan as well as cruelty-free products, we need to attest to the customers' feedback. In this Grow Gorgeous, we will dive deep into the brand, their best-selling products, and customers' feedback, then evaluate if it is worth the money.

Otherwise, this company has a vast customer base with sizable followers on telegram. Because of the popularity and quality of its hair care products, the brand has been featured in famous magazines like  Vogue,  Marie Claire, etc. In 2020, the company also claimed new hair products, which won them the Pure Beauty Global Awards. But is Grow Gorgeous worth the money or glam? To answer this question, we need to start with the brand overview in the next section.

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Grow Gorgeous Review

Grow Gorgeous was established to offer hair care products but was previously operated by Decein, the skincare sibling and parent company. Grow Brandon Truaxe founded gorgeous in 2013 in London. The company mainly designs and manufactures serums, shampoos, and other related treatment products. It targets your hair to help it grow faster while it remains healthy.

The whole process also ensures that hair repels all damages. Most of the Grow Gorgeous products to date involve serums which you can sort on their website based on the benefits, product names and ranges that include scalp treatment, conditioner, masks and treatments, shampoo, and overnight hair wrap. All the products come with the signature fragrance but ensure a luxurious texture that guarantees frizz-free and moisturized hair.

No need to use heavy serums or what we refer to as harmful treatment products. From the website, the company claims that they make these hair care products using high quality alongside essential ingredients. The brand remains popular in the hair care industry because it holds its acclaim and fights to stay clean. For more proof, we also discovered that this company has partnered with worldwide beauty retailers, which might be a high conglomerate; the company trusts their vegan, cruelty-free, and clean beauty products where materials are sourced locally and globally.

This far, you can tell if these products are worth the hype. We will go into details later about their best-selling products to find out more. From the company mission, these guys believe that natural beauty comes or radiates from the outside of the customer; hence, they rely on science to obtain their nutrient-rich products while transforming hair health starting from the foundation. This way, you can count on their products for health benefits that consistently meet all your desires and look fantastic. Let us now look at some pros and cons of the brand.

Grow Gorgeous Pros:

Grow Gorgeous Cons:

Why We Like Grow Gorgeous

Grow Gorgeous is an all-around brand that they have like all cosmetic products under one roof. These range from shampoos to masks, conditioners, and serums. All these are designed to help your hair grow healthy and maintain your skin and body to be perfect with any locks you have. Shop at this brand inventory if you want to try the all round hair care products and the bundles meant to help heal a particular hair condition.

Since the company promises to curate products that meet all customers' needs, customers can create their preferred kit at a specified price. To expand on this, we have also done our research and come up with the best-selling products as we go.

The Grow Gorgeous Best-Selling Products

This is the time to let other typical brands go, but ensure you give your hair some attention and start using the perfect conditioner or shampoo. This company has numerous options and designs with different hair care formulas to target a particular condition. The choice ranges from intense, too sensitive, curl, balance, repair, and defense for radiant and protecting hair. This section will feature our best-picked sellers; you can match, mix, and experience the result.

The outstanding and famous product from this brand on the website is Grow Gorgeous Hair Density Serum Intense, and this guarantees you not only fuller but also thicker as well as healthy-looking hair. The ingredients include Chinese soy, red clover, and organic pea extract. The product comes with powerhouse ingredients to turn up the volume while lifting sullen spirits.

Grow Gorgeous Hair Density Serum Original is the second but milder version and gentler but gives you healthy-looking locks. The serum is blended with natural ingredients to ensure your hair is smooth and attains its conditioned feel. The results are visible within4 weeks. The next is Grow Gorgeous Volume Bodifying Leave-In Serum capable of lifting and keeping your hairstyle light and is made with a mix of plant-based ingredients that ensure the hair never deflates within 10 minutes. What causes hair smooth is the presence of hydraulic acid and thus termed as having fast absorbing power.

Grow Gorgeous Defense Detoxifying Scalp Scrub is suitable for deep cleansing. It is formulated to help exfoliate while refreshing hair roots and remove pollutants and sebum to give you a clean, happier, lighter hair look. While Grow Gorgeous Sensitive Ceramide Rich Hair and Scalp Mask are suitable for overnight treatment because they typically handle all the dryness and inflammation as they contain a mixture of plant-based ingredients.

This product helps improve the skin barrier function and improves the overall manageability and hydration among the sensitive products from this brand.

The other product, Grow Gorgeous Balance Shine-Enhancing Overnight Mask, gives your locks the most important TLC while saturating them to the desired level. A famous Grow Gorgeous Curl Defying Cleansing Conditioner also targets textured hair types, leaving all the tresses softer, stronger, and less porous.

You can also check out the Balance PH-Balanced Conditioner and Grow Gorgeous 11-in-1 Cleansing Conditioner to get you started with the Grow Gorgeous products under conditioners collections.

Customer Review

Grow Gorgeous review also extends to finding more about customer ratings and feedback online. Most people compliment this hair care company for its huge collection of plant-based products and clean and vegan nature. There are many review websites with the Grow Gorgeous customer feedback, but we will start by looking at their website.

On the website, many people have left positive feedback after purchasing the products. Out of 26 reviews on this platform, the brand scores 4.31 stars on the HAIR DENSITY SERUM ORIGINAL 60ML product alone. One of the fantastic complement highlighted here states:

"The product feels light on the scalp, is straightforward to apply, and leaves no oil slick. You should notice a difference in hair density after the first 3-4 uses, but don't utilize it too frequently - stick to the guidance."

On MakeUpAlley, many customers also complement the products, with statistics of 33% stating that they would come back to repurchase, while 3.9 ratings offered for its packaging. Generally, the brand scores 2.5 stars after 6 reviews.

Moving to Trustpilot, the company has an excellent rating here. This is where you can rely on making your decision. A 4.2-star rating after 750 reviews is a great move. And among these reviews, 67% recommend with 5 stars, and the support team responded to the negative reviews 100% within 2 days. One of the verified customers says it all in a statement:

"My request came quickly and was well-packed. When I noticed an unexpected item in my order, I contacted the team and spoke with Alex and Jade, who were courteous, kind, and incredibly useful. The response time was also very short. I'm excited to try the merchandise I purchased; they smell wonderful!"

Another place with reviews on the Grow Gorgeous products reviews is Ulta through a store; it also gives us a good picture with relevant reviews from customers. On this platform, the Original Hair Density Serum scores a rating of 4.4 stars after 117 reviews highlighting the pros and comparing the cost. Among the positive reviews highlighted on this site is this one stating:

"Arguably the best hair oil I've ever used, and when looking for more natural products, a quality hair oil free of silicones are difficult to come by. This will not leave your hair oily (unless you use way too much of it, obviously). It balances my scalp and eradicates itching and irritation and dandruff."

We are also content with the reviews found at the Skinstore, and Lookfantastic sites. All blogs praise the brand for simplicity, texture, pleasant products, and hair-strengthening capability. However, a few negative reviews also highlight some side effects of Hair Growth Serum which does not change our stand.

Where to Buy Grow Gorgeous?

Some people, or potential buyers, are also struggling with where to get the Grow Gorgeous products. Firstly, you can access the brand inventory by visiting their official website at from the data online, this company of late has not collaborated with the famous Sephora. However, our research also indicates that the company products are also found in online retailers. But, these retail stores are only the selected ones. among them includes:

Is Grow Gorgeous Worth It?

Grow Gorgeous is a perfect partner if you want to observe a slight upgrade or change compared to your typical shampoo or other cosmetic products. We highly recommend this company's products, which are worth your money. Grow Gorgeous has a vast and extensive collection of beauty products, from shampoo to conditioners, which guarantee products for any hair condition as well as the sun's effects on your skin.

Most of the products are organic, safe, cruelty-free, and vegan. No harmful ingredients cause concerns for customers and the environment. This is a great option to go with on your list. On their website, they have listed all products alongside detailed information below, including the ingredients and guides on using them. This is why we term this brand as transparent.

This favors customers, and transparency wins the trust of most potential clients online hence a robust reputation. They also have a well-organized web page that is simple to access and fully control and suits any customer, from professionals to newbies in this industry. If the price or payment is an issue, Grow Gorgeous also offers Afterpay as the alternative installment payment plan to help you access the products with any money you have.

The online quizzes are a fantastic way to guide customers to find relevant and effective solutions on what they are looking for based on the challenges they are having with their hair. This is very vital for people who are getting started and don't know where to start. Although people have complained of the ineffectiveness and the smell, we are here to clarify that scent is your preference.

Regarding the ineffectiveness, some of the customers who raised it are using the wrong item to address their hair issues. Otherwise, the company has numerous positive feedback online, and most people praise high-quality products with instant results on their hair.

It also has a favorable return and shipping policy. Multiple promotions and discounts on the platform follow this. Actually, Grow Gorgeous is worth it all. Invest your few dollars but get a guaranteed high-quality product for hair care.

Grow Gorgeous Discounts

Currently, Grow Gorgeous offers numerous promotions. When you visit their website, the first popup is 20% off on the first order you make for new customers with the promo code WELCOME, while GGNEW gives you 15% off your first order. This helps you save money and your budget for the next purchase. The company also guarantees all customers a free trial size gift if they purchase products with orders from $70 and above.

There are also vital referral programs. When you invite a friend to the inventory using your referral code, you are entitled to get $10 off both you and your friend as in-store credit. The other discounts and promotions are 15% student savings as long as you are eligible, and there is this offer when you purchase 2 items, you get one free, but it is exclusive and only applicable to the selected products.

They also give you a complimentary Mini for $65 and above. Typically, there is free standard shipping when your order exceeds $55, and discounts on the outlets go up to 30% off. to stay updated with all the latest deals, sign up for the newsletter. You will get a notification immediately after they are launched.

Grow Gorgeous Contact

If you have a question related to the brand but not our reviews, you can channel it to the company support team. From the information we have retrieved online, Grow Gorgeous has multiple means you can contact them. They are available on their social media platforms.

Reach out to them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram anytime. If not, you can also contact them using the live chat icon on their website. And when that isn't your thing, then fill out the contact form from their website, and they will respond as soon as possible through your email address.


Q. What does Grow Gorgeous entail?

Grow Gorgeous is a cosmetic brand offering hair care products such as shampoo, conditioners, treatments, and masks. You can access up to 7 unique products from the inventory to help handle different hair conditions.

Q. Who is the founder and owner of the Grow Gorgeous brand?

In our research, Grow Brandon Truaxe founded gorgeous. However, it is today owned by Deciem, as per the online data.

Q. Is Grow Gorgeous products cruelty-free?

From the reviews, the brand does not test on animals. This means that the products are cruelty-free in addition to being vegan.

Q. Can I term Grow Gorgeous product as sulfate free and safe?

In this review, we discovered that all the Grow Gorgeous products are vegan and safe. Therefore, if you are sensitive to products due to allergies, the brand has a sample product for you to try before getting the premium package. Moreso, the items are free from all harmful elements like sulfate, gluten, phthalates, and mineral oils.

Q. How does Grow Gorgeous ship their products?

First of all, we have learned that the company offers free standard shipping but on condition that your order totals $55 and above. Therefore, all orders take 5 to 7 business days to deliver. Other than standard shipping, the company also offers you options such as international, premium, and express, but it comes with specific fees.

Once your order has been processed before dispatching, they send you the confirmation and tracking link through email. Still, Grow Gorgeous also offers worldwide shipping services on their products, where the time, rates, and carriers vary based on your location. Visit their website for a detailed chart about international shipping and other shipping options.

Q. Can I return the Grow Gorgeous product to their store?

As long as you have purchased the Grow Gorgeous products from the official website, you have 14 days to return them in case of any issues to get a full refund. However, for the product to be accepted, it must still maintain its descent state as well as be put back in its original package.

If the merchandise damages the product, the brand covers shipping charges. Initiating the return process is very simple as long as you have the customer's account and relevant details. If not, you can contact the customer support team using the above contact information for the next step.


Grow Gorgeous review has covered everything from the brand history to the bestselling products, discounts,  customer feedback, etc., which are relevant in evaluating if its product is worth the money. The brand offers hair care products from conditioners, treatments, shampoos, etc., all designed to help cure different hair conditions.

While the products are cruelty-free, they are vegan and safe to use. Get the products regardless of location, and the company promises to deliver with plenty of promotions to save bucks.

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