True Botanicals Skincare Review: Is It Worth to Buy?

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Are you considering taking care of your skin instead of covering it up? The solution might be right here in True Botanical products. Please find out more about their plant-based and natural skincare products.

It might have been a while since we shared the review on the clean beauty brand. Besides getting a baby and managing pregnancy, skincare has also taken over the industry. There is more you need to learn as long as your skin is concerned. Before that, we came across the True Botanicals brand and decided to give it a shot. Sure, the products have been on our radar, and this is the brand you need to try in the skincare line.

Instead of covering up your skin, it is time to take care of natural and plant-based skincare products. Though many people compliment the brand for the environment, friends, and high-quality products, let us find out about the brand on the market before you select from the store. Here is the company history, which is vital prior to going into their best-selling products and other broken-down sections.

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True Botanicals Skincare Review

True Botanicals company offers plant-based and natural skin care products to customers worldwide. From this statement, skincare products are both excellent for your skincare and environmentally sensitive. Therefore, the products from True Botanicals cover anti-aging, breakouts, complexion, dryness, etc. Historically, the brand traces its origin far from when Hillary Peterson was diagnosed with thyroid cancer.

Since she was a young mother, she struggled with frustration and fear, especially concerning the beauty industry. In her endeavor, Hillary realized that most beauty products contain harmful chemicals such as developmental toxicants, endocrine disruptors, and carcinogens which are well known to be dangerous, mainly when you apply them on your delicate skin.

Therefore the founder, Hillary, went into market research to establish skincare and beauty products that are not only good for the environment but also safe for your skin. Due to the absence of skin care products that consider the needs of the people and environmental sustainability, she delved into the area to launch her brand.

Therefore, True Botanicals was founded in 2014, and Hillary targeted getting help from famous researchers to develop reliable formulas and ingredients.

Thus, the brand is MADE SAFE approved, which means the body restricts over 5k chemicals from their skincare products. The company still abides by the restrictions and sells these products to customers from all corners of the world. The founder is also happy that the company offers skincare products that meet the needs of the people, support their health, and are sustainable with guaranteed satisfying outcomes.

I also realized through the social media platform that the company has a solid online reputation and a massive audience on Instagram. Furthermore, they have been featured in publications like Forbes, InStyle, and Refinery29. With all that in mind, is the True Botanicals skincare products worth it all?

You can find the answer in our True Botanicals review article. Before I go into the customer feedback, best-selling products, promotions, and discounts, as well as where to buy them, let us sum up the general pros and cons of the brand.

True Botanicals Skincare Pros:

True Botanicals Skincare Cons:

Why We Like True Botanicals Skincare

Do you enjoy discounts and promotions? Are you a fan of beauty and skincare products? Well, True Botanicals is the best brand for you. Therefore, self-care does not mean taking care of your soul alone but includes the body. The company has numerous products to offer on the market. If you make the right decision, True Botanicals will ensure you achieve the glowing and radiant skin you wish to attain.

I also noted that this company has multiple skincare treatment options, which range from the purifying grapefruit cleanser to the lux glacial clay face mask. This implies that you can place an order for the skincare product based on the skin conditions like hyperpigmentation or acne.

You might need clarification about selecting the best skincare products from the store. However, to help you manage the process, we have also combined some of the best-selling skincare products as part of the reason why we fall in love with this brand.

Best-Selling True Botanicals Skincare Products

This is where I intend to showcase the famous product from True Botanicals. Thus, the first one on the market that caught my eye is Renewing Cleanser, which must be your first step in the skincare industry. It is perfect for hydrating the body's complexion since it has ingredients like white and green tea, etc., thus having sweet scents. Second, on the line is Nourishing Cleanser.

It is gentle for the skin with rough patches or congested skin. It can remove dead skin and make your skin feel hydrated, nourished, and clean. Many people have also reviewed Pure Radiance Body Oil, which falls under the bestselling skincare product for this company.

The product has an ultra-nourishing blend with many ingredients responsible for replenishing and protecting the skin. You must use this oil immediately after taking a bath. Calming CBD Body Oil ranks on our list and can reduce inflammation, act as anti-aging, and heal wrinkles and acne.

Therefore, Calming CBD Body Oil leaves you with relaxed skin and melts tension. It is also scented and has a refreshing tone. I must mention skincare products like Resurfacing Moisture Mask, which exfoliates and moisturize concurrently. Pure Radiance Oil Clear is good at minimizing the aging effect and protecting from breakouts in the future.

The other options include Pure Radiance Oil Renew, True Botanicals Vitamin C Booster, and the Nourishing Shampoo, a hair product for healthy, hydrated, or nourished hair locks.

Customer Review

This brand has gathered plenty of reviews online. When you search on google, you will realize that there are numerous praises online. For this reason, I also had no option but to supplement these reviews with customer feedback. Therefore, besides the official website, there are also external sites where you can see excellent ratings but few drawbacks.

Thus, I will start by taking you through some reviews on the official website. Every product has at least one rating, and in my research, I decided to use the bestselling  Chebula Active Serum./ most customers were amazed not because of the subscriptions but the quality and instant results as well as the ingredients and delivery.

Most people complement the fine line and wrinkles, effective on the dark spot, roughness, and dullness. Therefore, out of 2201 reviews, the product gets a 4.3-star rating. This is excellent. To mention one of the customers makes it clear in a statement:

 "I wish I had taken "before" photos, but I never do because so few products deliver results, but this serum did! I observed a change after only a few days of using it. There are fewer breakouts and a more even tone. I've been using it for over two months and my skin has improved... a more forward tone and no redness. I also apply it to the tops....."

Another platform with a review blog is Illuminate Lab. Here, the article's author also gives views, outlines the ingredients, and many more.

The author and editors of the block are delighted to have had time to experience the products. From there, in conclusion, they give us the stand saying:-

"True Botanicals is an above-average skincare brand in our perception. Both of their most popular products, which we reviewed in this article, contain many research-backed ingredients, and they are both anti-aging. Chebula Extreme Cream has a better formulation than Pure Radiance Oil because it is free of chemical additives and contains fewer perfume substances."

The author also raises concern over the clinical efficacy of the products. On Amazon, Natural Chebula active serum also gets high ratings. Many people are satisfied with the brand for the results, delivery, customer support responsiveness, and even favorable return policy. Generally, the product has a 4.3 stars rating after 420 global ratings.

There are also positive reviews of the sites like Gurl Gone Green and The Style Shakers, which review Pure Radiance Oil, while the first gives us a comprehensive guide on the general skincare products from the brand. The other site praising True Botanicals Radiance Oil is a Well and Good website. The reviews complement our reviews with a general overview of the company.

The same applies to reviews on the Geeky Posh site concerning Pure Radiance Oil. In these reviews, we only spotted a few complaints from the customers and specifically about the clinical efficacy of the products. Some also mention the differences observed in the complexion. Generally, positive customer ratings outshine negative feedback. Even with the negative feedback, the company has responded to them with solutions.

Where to Buy True Botanicals Skincare

Have you made up your mind and want to try True Botanicals skincare products? I am here to guide you through where to place an order. First, you can access genuine and high-quality skin care products from their official website on However, that doesn't limit you can do more than just the site alone. In our research, we also noted that the products are available in online stores like-

Still, True Botanicals is targeting to expand its retailers through partnerships. Therefore, keep checking on True Botanicals Sephora for updates and potential collaborations shortly.

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Is True Botanicals Skincare Worth It?

With confidence, I am happy to conclude that True Botanicals is a company that offers skincare products that are not just plant-based but also natural and high quality. Regarding the customer rating and data online, it is clear that most people are happy with the brand. Therefore, we recommend checking out the True Botanicals skincare products.

Another thing is that True Botanicals remains transparent even from their website as the product's ingredients are concerned. But remember that all the products are science-backend, but they sourced materials from a sustainable natural environment. Most customer reviews highlight the validity of the products. The brand has been praised for its incredible results and strong reputation.

However, the sad news is that some skincare products are expensive, but customers tend to assume the price as long as they achieve the targeted outcome. Consider the quality of the product over the quantity. To guide you through the skincare product selection, the brand has a quiz that you can navigate through to access what works for you best.

Therefore, True Botanicals is the company worth the money. from the streamlined manufacturing process to the favorable return policy; most reviews conclude it as the saving grace when you are no longer interested in conventional serums and creams.

True Botanicals Skincare Discounts

You are just a click away to start enjoying True Botanicals Skincare Discounts and promotional services. The company has multiple deals with customers. While writing this review, there is a share the love event, which is suitable for customers who can even get $40 when they offer $20 off to friends on the first orders from $100 and above.

When you are a new customer and sign up for the brand subscription, you can also enjoy discounts of 15% off on specific skincare products. On all orders, customers enjoy 20% off. Orders from $250 give you 25% off and 30% off on orders from $400 and above. Subscribe to the True Botanicals newsletter and stay ahead with the updates on the hot deals. Follow them on social media platforms as well.

True Botanicals Skincare Contact

If I have yet to cover your main concern in the above article and need to consult, then no need to struggle hard. we will direct you. The company True Botanicals has multiple methods by which you can contact the support staff for help.

On the website, there is a contact form in which you can enter the details and questions to be addressed and then submit them. They also have the chart form on the website to connect you with the available customer support agent. The next option is to send them an email through Besides, the guys are also active on social media accounts. You can follow them and engage with them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.


Q. Who is the owner of the True Botanical company?

The owner of True Botanical company is Hillary Peterson. from the above reviews, she is also the founder of the brand.

Q. When and where was the True Nature Botanicals brand founded?

Hillary Peterson founded the company in Mill Valley, California, in 2014.

Q. Where are the manufacturing facilities of True Botanicals products located?

In the above review, we have yet to access the data on the locations where the company manufactures these skincare products. But, we have been able to spot that the company has its headquarters located in California.

Q. Is True Botanicals a cruelty-free company?

We noticed, and from the details on the brand website, it is clear that True Botanicals is purely cruelty-free. This means they never test their products on animals before bringing them to the market.

Q. Are True Botanicals products vegan?

The brand is well known for manufacturing plant-based skincare products. Therefore, the company is vegan because other products are  Leaping Bunny certified.

Q. Are True Botanicals products safe for pregnancy?

Though I might not have mentioned it in the article, be well informed that the company curates their products and ensures they are safe for pregnant women worldwide.

Q. Is True Botanical skincare product toxic?

No, this is because the company makes the products using toxins or harmful devoid ingredients. You can even confirm this from the brand's mission on the website.

Q. Are True Botanical skincare products effective for acne?

The brand's website offers particular products that target to fight against acne breakout. Therefore, you can purchase products such as Clear, pure radiance Oil or Clear Nutrient Toner.

Q. Do True Botanicals have a shipping policy?

First of all, the company provides international shipping. But, some products are not qualified for shipment to countries like Singapore. For all US orders above $40 company guarantees free standard shipping. For international shipping, you must order from $150 and above to enjoy free shipping.

There are three shipping options. These are Overnight shipping, 2-day shipping, and express international shipping that only delivers within 1-3 days. Likewise, you will get the tracking code immediately when the products are dispatched from the store for confirmation.

Q. What is the return policy of True Botanicals?

When unsatisfied with the True Botanicals skincare products, the company gets you 30 days to turn in the products. Initiating the return process is simple as long as you are on the official website. However, when you place order tie bundles of the products, you can consult the support team using the contact as mentioned above details. Otherwise, the return policy applies to all the products.


True Botanical brand is a company that offers skin care products ranging above average. In the above article, we have covered almost everything with best-selling skincare products. The brand manufactured the above and many more products using science-backend, sustainable and plant-based ingredients hence cruelty-free and natural as well as safe for pregnant women.

The company offers international shipping, multiple promotions, and discounts on particular items. This review aims to give you an overview and customer rating to guide you in making the right decision as beauty is concerned.

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