Does Walmart Do Tire Alignments [Stopped in 2022]

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If you are wondering “Does Walmart do tire alignments?” Well, No, they used to provide the service till 2021 when they stopped. Wheel alignment helps ensure driving safety, better fuel efficiency, longer tire life, smoother ride, and enhanced performance.

Tire Alignment is the process in which the wheels are aligned based on the original manufacturer's specifications so that they can be perfect for the car. The tires need alignment to prevent them from getting worn out unevenly or prematurely. Therefore, there is a need to make them well-aligned.

Additionally, you need to ensure your vehicle tires are stable to prevent any unnecessary accidents that would have been prevented. If you are wondering “Does Walmart do Tire alignments?”, you are at the right place!

In this article, we will provide more information on whether Walmart provides tire alignment services and other professional services that they provide.

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Does Walmart Provide Tire Alignment Services?

No, Walmart doesn't offer tire alignment services. Therefore, you might need to check out with your local independent mechanics, dealership service centers, auto service centers, tire centers, and local auto repair services to get the services.  It is not clear why they no longer offer the tire alignment service. However, they used to charge between $50 to $100  for wheel alignment but stopped providing the service in 2022.

Even if they don’t offer tire alignment services, Walmart offers other incredible services. It all depends on the service you want. Therefore, even if you can’t get the tire alignment service from them, you can also book an appointment or walk in to enjoy some of their services at an affordable price, of course!

Book An Appointment Or Just Walk In?

You can either walk in or book an appointment, but the safest is to book an appointment if you want a quick service.

Step 1: Find the nearest Walmart Auto Care Center near your area.

Step 2: When you find the location where you want to go, click “details” to see all the services available in that Walmart auto care center. Additionally, you will be able to see the hours of operation.

Step 3: You can also call the listed phone numbers and get to know the way forward.

Step 4: Once satisfied, remember to request an appointment.

You can also consider using the app to access other services and purchase other crucial car parts that will help boost your vehicle performance.

When Should You Consider The Tire Alignment Services?

It is recommended that tires need to be aligned every 2–3 years or after going for 10,000 miles. However, if you get any warning signs, seek the right wheel alignment services from a reputable company.

This is crucial to reduce wear and tear on your tires for them to last longer. There are various ways you can know it is time for tire alignment.

What Services Does Walmart Auto Services Offer?

Even if Walmart Auto Care Car Shop doesn’t offer tire alignment services, you can enjoy other services such as

Walmart Auto Car Care Services

    Tire Services  Fuel maintenance services
 Regular oil services Transmission fluid changes
Checking tire pressure  Refrigerate recharge
 Installation of a new car battery  Replacement of air filter
Checking to determine the health of your battery  Headlight replacement
Regular maintenance of your fuel systems Windshield wiper installation.
Steering services A/C system inspections

Why Is Walmart Auto Care Center Preferred By Most People?

Walmart is highly preferred because of the high-tech technicians who know how to handle various issues. Regardless of the vehicle issue, it will be sorted out. With over 2500 auto centers in different areas, you can’t miss getting the assistance you need.

Walmart was established in 1963, therefore, you can trust the experience and reputable services you will get. Additionally, it is possible to book an appointment when it is most convenient for you to do some car repairs.

Get The Best Car Repair Services At Walmart

Regular maintenance of the car is recommended for the longevity of your vehicle. The tire is one of the most crucial parts, and you need to ensure you maintain them well to prevent unnecessary wearing out or punctures that will lead you back to the repair store. Walmart Auto Care Centers offer some of the best car services that will help you stay at the top with your car.

Wheel alignment costs between$75 to $300, therefore, you shouldn’t miss out on it. Additionally, it takes about an hour to align the wheels based on your needs. It is crucial to get tires alignment after going for 10,000 miles, however, if the vehicle shows some warning signs before, you can get them checked.  So, what are you waiting for? Get your wheels aligned today!


Q. Which other Places Offer Wheel Alignment?

If you need wheel alignment services you can consider other places such as Tires Plus, Midas,  Mr. Tire, Jiffy Lube, Goodyear, Sears Auto Center, Firestone Complete AutoCare, Big O Tire, and Discount Tires. Wheel alignment is crucial for improved driving safety, better fuel efficiency, longer tire life, smoother ride, and enhanced performance.

Q. What's the difference between tire rotation and wheel alignment?

Wheel alignment is meant to adjust the angle of the tires to ensure everything is centered for a smooth ride and even tear while rotation is moving the tire and wheel to a new position on the car for proper balance.

Q. What are the steps taken in wheel alignment?

The technician will first inspect the car, adjust the tire pressure, set up the equipment to use, position the vehicle, measure the angles, adjust the angles, test drive, do a final check, and provide a report on the state.

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