Does Costco Fill Propane Tanks? (Yes, Here Is All You Need to Know)

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Can customers refill propane tanks or exchange the propane tank at any Costco store? Costco is a famous store serving customers, and if you are curious to learn more about propane tank filling or exchange, read our article for tips.

As a retail store, Costco features an extensive collection of products that cater to the needs of all customers from any part of the world. While on your errand, you might realize your vehicle is preferred and wonder if they offer propane tank filling services.

One of the household essentials is the propane tank, which is vital for cooking, pool heating, and many other activities. People opt to refill the tank instead of getting a new one. Hence, if you need the propane tank refill services at the Costco store, let us explore the details and find out if these guys have such services.

Let us start by answering the question: Does Coctop fill propane tanks?

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Does Costco Fill Propane Tanks?

Costco, at the moment, offers propane tank filling services from their stores. The available refill tanks start from 20lb to 30lb and 40lb up to 100lb. Besides these services, Costco offers multiple packages at the Tire Service Center. However, this is only available if you are a dedicated member.

Therefore, once you drop a propane tank, you are supposed to push the button at the refill station. In this case, the associate or Costco attendant will give you a receipt. You can pay for this while shopping in-store. The gas refill service is comprehensive, but if you want to focus on the propane tank refill, we have done our best to present you with a detailed article that answers all your possible questions. Keep reading the article and find out more.

Costco Store that Offers Propane Tank Filling Services

If you want to discover about the Costco store offering propane tank refill services, head to their website and search the Costco locations here. You will have the stores based in the US as well as the services each offers you.

If you cannot get the department and specialty item section, you can access and gauge if particular stores offer the propane tank refill. The propane tank refill hours are often similar to the typical Costco Tire Center working hours. It starts from 10 am to 7 pm Monday through Friday, but they close early at 6 pm over the weekend.

From The search information, we could spot Costco offering gas and Tire Services, hence our conclusion to find the propane tank filling. Thus, you can rest your case by contacting the Costco store and determining if particular stores offer propane tank refill services. This will save you time.

How to Fill A Propane Tank at Costco?

It is simple if you want to fill a propane tank at the participating Costco store. It would help if you started by locating the propane services station in the parking lot.

Thus, find the store attendant at that particular station; they will help you with the rest of the procedure.

But note that Costco attendants will never, in any case, fill the expired propane tank. The first step is to access the tank to ensure it is legit. If the propane tank expires, a Costco attendant will take it off without giving you anything in exchange.

After that, the attendant will give you the receipt, and as a customer, you will have to make payment at the Costco store when you go for the typical in-store shopping. Ideally, the Propane tank filling is an easy thing. if you're a newbie, then follow the below steps:

Once they take an empty tank, the attendant will give you a receipt. Head to the cashier's pants and make payment with the receipt. Complement and pay, and collect the propane tank from the station.

How to Pay For the Propane Tank Refill Services?

As mentioned above, customers can pay for the propane tank refill at the cashier's desk. However, to another extent, the method depends on other services or products you are targeting to buy from the store. When you pay for the propane tank filling and stocking items, you will head to the checkout point and pay alongside other supplies.

Otherwise, if it is only the Propane Tank filling service, then you are advised to settle the payment at the cashiers who are at the Tire Service Center. The propane tank refill service takes as little as 5 to 20 minutes to get the service done. However, this duration also depends on how busy the store is; for example, it might take longer over the weekend.

Pricing for the Propane Tank Filling Services

As we also mentioned, Costco offers propane Tank refills, and the tank size varies. Thus, the pricing of the refill depends on the tank's size and the demand over time. Generally, Costco is famous for competitive pricing compared to the alternative stations in the industry.

When writing articles, Costco offered the refill for only $2.19 per gallon—this is a cheaper option on the market and worth trying.

Keep in mind that the price of propane keeps changing occasionally. When you want to refill, it will be much cheaper or higher. All the above are subject to future changes.

Unlike Walmart, Costco does not provide propane tank exchange services. If you are a Costco member, you can easily refill your propane tank from the participating store. It is an economical and cheaper step than going for the exchange services.

Does the Costco Store Sell Propane Tanks?

Probably, Costco offers the propane tank if you are looking for the brand new here. Thus, if your tank has expired, or you want to purchase it and try it, head to the Costco store and place an order. It is worth it, and Costco offers them an affordable pricing plan. The  5 Lbs. Steel Propane Cylinder with OPD Valve & Built-in Gauge will currently cost you $49.99  bucks.

The company has an extensive collection of propane tanks to sell; these vary in size, starting from 1 lb to 5, 20,30, and 100 lb propane tanks. They are all sold while filled and on standby to sue on multiple occasions. In the store, you can also purchase other propane tank accessories like built-in gauges, pre-purged, and overflow protection.

Still, other online reviews state that Costco tanks come empty, so you need to refill them. The tank comes with a lot of advanced features. Grab one and enjoy the cooking or heating services from your home.


Q. Is refilling more affordable than purchasing a new propane tank at Costco?

Though to some people, it might look like a simple solution to buy a new propane tank when in need, it is more expensive over time compared to refilling.

Therefore, when you refill the propane tank, it guarantees that you never waste any tank. It is hard to determine the amount of gas in the propane tank; hence, refilling it will save costs and secure the leftover propane gas in the tank without wasting it.

Q. Does one need a Costco membership to refill propane tanks?

You need to be a member to enjoy the benefits of Costco propane tank refill services. Although the membership charges seem high, they are worth it because they have numerous benefits. Besides accessing the propane tank filling, you can also get high-quality grocery items or services from the travel and electronic sections. There are also guaranteed significant saving benefits all along the way. If you become a Costco member, making payments is much faster. Sign up for the Costco membership and enjoy online as well as in-store purchases.

Q. Does Costco fill the expired propane tanks?

If you want to refill the propane tank and the assistant evaluates to realize that it is expired, they will not be able to fill it. They will take it off your hand and store it without giving you anything in exchange for going and recycling it. An expired propane tank is not safe, and Costco, based on its integrity, before refilling, the assistant needs to evaluate it and ensure it is in good condition.

To learn more about the propane tank expiration, examine the certification date on the tank. It should not be more than 12 years old on service.


Besides Tire Center services, Costco offers propane tank filling forms from their participating stores. Filling the propane tank is simple, more convenient, and fast. It can fit inside the typical shopping budget at Costco. Unfortunately, Costco currently does not offer propane tank exchange or fill expired tanks for your safety. Expired tanks are taken for recycling. At the same time, you can purchase brand-new propane tanks from the Costco store based on your preferences.

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