Does Walmart Do Car Inspections? (All You Need to Know)

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Do you want your car inspected? The specifics of vehicle inspection depend on factors like the state where you reside, the location of the inspection station, and the optional safety inspections you select. Since Walmart is known to have one of the best Auto Care Centers, you may be thinking, Does Walmart do car inspections? Read on to find out what we discovered.

Why should a car be inspected, and what must a business meet to conduct a car inspection? Different states have varying safety inspection requirements for buying, selling, and registering vehicles, as stated by the U.S. Department of Transportation.

Walmart does not provide vehicle inspections at its Auto Care Centers or Supercenters as it lacks the resources to deal with the vast number of possible permutations required by different states. However, Walmart offers routine maintenance services, such as oil changes and tire services. For a comprehensive vehicle checkup, visit a certified facility that meets all the standards to conduct car inspections.

To learn more about the services offered by Walmart, the importance of car inspection, its cost, and where to have your vehicle checked out, read on.

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Which Automobile Services Does Walmart Offer?

At Walmart Auto Care Centers, you'll get superior service at an affordable price. Walmart provides various auto services, many of which can't be beaten in price or convenience. Walmart's list of available automobile services is as follows:

But how can one gain entry to Walmart's Auto Care Centers? Here's what we learned.

How to Book For Walmarts Car Service?

Walmart's Auto Care Centers provide auto repair and maintenance services. In a few different methods, you can arrange for automobile services through Walmart. Most of the time, you have to make an appointment. Appointments can be scheduled over the phone at your most convenient location. Or visit Walmart's website to find the Auto Care Center nearby and schedule an appointment. To locate your nearest Walmart Service Center, do this:

Remember that bringing your car into a Walmart Auto Service Center saves you money and provides quality services. But why does Walmart not conduct vehicle inspections? Here is what we found out.

Why Does Walmart Not Do Car Inspections?

In case you were unaware, Walmart has its own in-house training and certification program for its mechanics. Trainees receive coaching in a narrow range of automotive services in preparation for employment at Walmart Auto Care Centers. Any mechanic who wishes to provide these services through a company other than Walmart must complete additional training to earn a state-recognized professional certificate.

Walmart does not provide a government-recognized training program in the mechanic discipline. As a result, Walmart's training does not conform to statutory requirements for mechanics to check vehicles for roadworthiness. Walmart Auto Care Centers, on the other hand, provide excellent service at reasonable prices for various automotive services. With that said, how much are you expected to pay at Walmart Auto Care Center? Find out below.

How Much Does Walmart Charge For Vehicle Service?

If you need some minor vehicle work done, Walmart can handle it. You'll save a lot of money with their auto service rates. There are three primary Walmart auto services. To begin, depending on the oil you need, Walmart's oil and lube services can cost anywhere from $22 to $52.

Second, tire changes are done at Walmart for about $12 each. Third, Walmarts Auto Care Centers offer a no-cost battery installation service for vehicles. Some of its other services and costs include:

Does Walmart do car inspections? No, with all the information above, we have seen the services that Walmart Auto care center offers. But where can you find vehicle inspection services? Read on.

Where Can I Get My Car Inspected?

Are you wondering where to get a car inspection? To get your vehicle checked for safety, you'll need to locate a mechanic authorized by authorities to do such inspections by the regulations of your municipality or state. Or else, consult the local motor vehicle department for guidance on accessing motor vehicle inspection and the facilities near you.

For example, you can check out Jiffy Lube, Mr. Lube, Midas, or Valvoline. All of them have included a convenient service center locator feature to enable you to locate the nearest store near you for inspection services. Now you may be wondering what mechanics check during a car inspection. Read on to find out.

What Happens During a Car Inspection?

Before you head to a vehicle inspection facility, check with your state's regulations to ensure you know the types of inspections your vehicle will require, as some states need more than one (such as passing proper emissions tests). Here are the three categories of car inspection and their costs:

1. Advanced/Comprehensive Car Inspection:

It is the most thorough check possible and is recommended for vehicles with complex designs or those that transport hazardous materials or respond to emergencies. The average price for this is above $300.

2. Standard Car Inspection:

All parts and systems are examined during routine checks. Most repair shops will charge you between $150 and $250 for this.

3. Basic Car Inspection:

The least expensive option is a basic inspection, which costs roughly $80 and focuses on the car's mechanics. What if my inspection sticker expires, and I haven't done a car inspection yet? Can I hit the road the next morning? Here is what we discovered.

Can I Drive With An Expired Inspection Sticker?

This is subject to the regulations of car inspections in your state, so take time and research what the law says. A brief grace period is granted in most circumstances, but it usually does not exceed a few weeks.


Have you ever wondered if Walmart car inspections? We regret to inform you that the Auto Care Centers at Walmart do not offer vehicle inspection services. However, Walmart's Service Centers provide various services, such as oil changes, tire services, and engine maintenance. Since Walmart certifies mechanics through its program, the retailer can not conduct safety inspections. Finally, you are recommended to familiarize yourself with what the state expects of you before taking your car in for an inspection.

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