Does Walmart Convert VHS to DVD? (All You Need to Know)

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As time passes and technology improves, more and more things become obsolete: This is especially true with once-ubiquitous formats like the VHS. As a result, there is a need to convert this old format to digital form. So, Does Walmart convert VHS to DVD? Find out below!

Every Walmart location has a Photo Department that can transfer digital photos and playback video DVDs. In addition to regular business hours, the Media Department is available to clients on weekends, holidays, and even certain weeknights.

Here is everything you need to know about the price to convert a VHS tape to a DVD at Walmart when you have to pay Walmart to convert your VHS to DVD, whether it is preferable to digitize VHS tapes or convert them to DVDs, and more.

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Does Walmart Convert VHS to DVD?

Whether you want to know if your neighborhood Walmart has the VHS movies you're looking for, you may call their Photo Department. If not, you may get VHS tapes and LPs from allows you to ship or receive your purchase through mail when you click "Start my Order."

If you have many packages to send, you may print out the necessary paperwork and bring it to Photo Department for processing. A USB copy is also available, although it will set you back a little more cash. When it comes to long-term storage, USB is excellent, but there are better choices when it comes to distribution.

How Long Does the Process Take to Convert VHS to DVD at Walmart?

When you drop off your VHS tape at your neighborhood Walmart Photo Center, your order to get your converted DVD might take anywhere from three to four weeks. You may track the pickup and delivery of your Walmart photo from the convenience of your own home.

What Is the Price to Convert a VHS to DVD at Walmart?

The price of cassettes at Walmart is determined by the total quantity of data you are copying or transferring. Tape transfers for 60 minutes or fewer typically cost $21.44; however, this varies depending on the duration of the video. Every extra 30 minutes of footage you want to convert will cost you a minimum of $7.46.

What Kinds of Videotape Formats Can You Transfer to DVD at Walmart?

Walmart can convert the overwhelming majority of videotapes. But there are a few notable exceptions. For instance, damaged cassettes or deteriorated over time are not convertible. Furthermore, you may not convert some extremely old VHS cassettes owing to technical constraints. The following videotape formats are all acceptable: Betamax, Video Home System, Digital8, Hi-8, and Video8.

Will You Receive Your Original Tapes Back?

After completing the conversion process, you will receive your original cassettes. The supermarket will return them to you with your freshly converted DVDs in the package they give you. Put another way; you will be fine with losing any priceless family artifacts.

When Do You Have to Pay for Walmart to Convert Your VHS to DVD?

If you ordered anything online and specified that you'd want to pay for shipping through email or regular mail, you'll need to fork up half the entire cost before the item arrives. If there is a discrepancy between the order you placed and the order in which the products are dispatched, the order placed is followed.

You will get a credit for the difference between the original order's price and the one with the missing products. You will receive a deduction from your available credit in the shop.

If this is the case, you'll know that your in-store transaction has been successfully processed since you'll get an email. The email message is only sent to those who have already placed an order for online pickup.

Does a DVD from Walmart Hold Multiple VHS Tapes?

If you choose a lesser quality, you can fit around four hours on VHS onto a DVD, although this is quite unusual.

DVDs can store data, but you can't see them without a computer because playing DVDs in the shop is not supported by the DVD player since it is linked directly to the computer.

Is It Preferable to Digitize VHS or Convert Them to DVD?

In today's technological age, having any VHS tape changed to a digital format and saved on a USB drive or hard disk is your best bet. Walmarts USB flash drives are formatted so that you can read them on both a computer and a television, so you can easily watch movies on any device.

Is There Any Guarantee?

There is a full money-back guarantee at Walmart, yes. It is possible to request a refund if the delivered disks do not meet your expectations. Nevertheless, this reimbursement will not cover the shipment cost you incurred.

Does Walmart Offer Tape-to-MP4 Conversion Services?

The superstore does let you convert your VHS cassettes into MP4 files. This service is for you if you have old VHS tapes and want to view them on your computer, laptop, or other digital devices. There's a $19 fee to transfer a cassette to an MP4 file. After receiving your DVDs, you may easily copy their contents to your computer.

How Can You Convert VHS Tapes To DVDs Without Using a Computer?

Sony DVDirect VRD-MC5 Disc Player is your best bet for converting videos from VHS to DVDs without needing a computer. You may attach a video camera to an MC5 for DVD recording, preserve old VHS tapes, or create a slide presentation from still images. An internal LCD screen allows live previewing of recorded content.


The Photo Department at your local Walmart provides a service to transfer your old VHS cassettes to DVD. Tapes in various formats, including those from other countries, are welcome at Walmart. You may either mail in your order or drop it off at your neighborhood Walmart and pay depending on the total running time of the cassettes you send.

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