Does Walmart Change Watch Batteries? (Try This Instead)

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Does Walmart Change Watch Batteries?  In this post, you will learn more about this so you can tell whether or not the retail giant even does watch battery replacements.

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Does Walmart Change Watch Batteries?

Walmart does not generally offer watch battery replacement services in their stores. However, they do sell watch batteries and watch repair kits that customers can use to replace the batteries themselves. It's important to note that there might be some exceptions, as a few Walmart locations may offer battery replacement services at their jewelry counters. However, this is not a standard service across all Walmart stores.

If you need to replace your watch battery, you can consider visiting specialized watch repair shops or fine jewelers, as they are more likely to offer battery replacement services.

Why Doesn’t Walmart Replace Watch Batteries?

There were a number of considerations and reasons that informed the decision by Walmart to stop replacing watch batteries.

What Alternatives Do I Have to Replace My Watch Battery?

Although Walmart discontinued the battery replacement service, they offer all you need for a watch battery replacement. They sell batteries and repair kits for all types of watches, both analog and digital. You can buy them and replace the battery yourself. There are a number of online guides to help you with the replacement process. Consider checking them out.

If you aren’t good at it, consider seeking the services of a watch repair expert, such as a watch-smith, at a small fee. Though expensive, this option comes with the guarantee that the replacement will be done professionally and if there’s need for additional repairs, they too will be handled accordingly.

The last option for you would be to buy a brand-new watch. That would save you from the agony of battery replacement time and again. In addition, if the problem goes far beyond a dead battery, a brand new watch is a surety that you won’t have to deal with all that. This option is ideal for watches that are considerably old.

When Does My Watch Need a Battery Replacement?

There are different reasons and periods when you would need to replace your watch battery. The most common of these reasons is when the battery dies or when the watch shows incorrect time. Some watch brands may require additional management besides the replacement of the battery. Be on the lookout for any signs of a dead battery or general system malfunction. Some watches require battery replacement every 4 to 5 years, but overall, experts recommend replacement every 2 years.

Does Walmart Repair Watch Bands?

Just like watch batteries, Walmart does not repair or replace watch bands. The reasons are more of the same, but mostly it’s because the retail store does not have a dedicated team of watch repair experts to deal with the repair of watch batteries or bands. However, you will certainly get help with minor things, such as the adjustment of the band size to fit your wrist. And that will be done for you freely if and when need be.

Additionally, you can also buy a watch repair kit at the store and have the band replacement done by yourself. You can also buy replacement bands at the store, and they offer a wide selection of different brands and have the replacement done by an expert.

What Is the Price Of Batteries and Kits At Walmart?

At Walmart, watch repair kits have different price tags, depending on the brands. However, most of them have prices ranging between $8.99 and $29.99. It’s important to remember that each kit comes packed with all the essential components, including stainless-steel tweezers, mini containers, a back dry opener, and 3-link remover spare pins, among others.

On the other hand, watch batteries at Walmart are comparatively cheap. The price range is anywhere between  $2.97 to $13.32. As a customer, it is incumbent upon you to know the type and brand of battery that matches your watch. If you need any help with that, be sure to ask the support staff at the store for assistance. Remember that, like all merchandise, watch batteries, repair kits, and bands come in different brands. That wide collection implies that one has to know what it is that they want and how to go about finding the best one for their chronometer.

Please be aware that prices may vary based on the specific Walmart location or online availability. As they can change over time, we cannot ensure real-time accuracy. For the most up-to-date information on costs and product availability, consult our Price Disclaimer.

Can I Replace the Watch Battery By Myself

Sure, one can just do the battery replacement by themselves. However, you need to be sure that a dead battery is all that’s required to fix your watch. To do the replacement by yourself, proceed as follows:

That’s all. The process is often simple and very straightforward. If that doesn’t help, then it could be that you did it wrong and would better seek the assistance of an expert. Moreover, it is also likely that the watch has other faults and not necessarily the dead battery alone.

Where Can I Get My Battery Replaced?

Watch repair is not for everyone. If you are not conversant with it, just don’t worry yourself much, lest you damage your device. Get the job done by seasoned experts. Among others, here are some examples of places to visit for help replacing the watch battery:

i). Fast-Fix Jewelry and Watch Repair.

These guys know their stuff. First, you might want to know that they have a wide range of watch brands and replacement components, including batteries. And what’s even better is that most of their products come with warranties lasting anywhere from a year to a lifetime. With warranties, you are assured of free repair and replacement. For the best service for replacing your watch battery, you might want to reach out.

ii). Fred Meyer Jewelers

Another big name in the watch repair business. The company has a reputation for affordability. For instance, at just $15, you should get the watch battery replaced, irrespective of the brand.


Even though it offered the service back in the day, Walmart no longer replaces watch batteries for its customers. The same is also the case for watch bands. However, they sell watch repair kits which one can use to get the battery replacement done.

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