Does Costco Sell Amazon Gift Cards? (Alternatives You Should Know)

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With more and more people shopping online, it's no surprise that companies like Amazon have gift cards in their stores. But are these gift cards sold by Costco? Keep reading for a quick overview of amazon gift cards and how to use coupons.

While many people shop at Costco for discounts on bulk items, the store also offers various services that can save you time and money. One of these services is the ability to purchase gift cards for popular retailers. If you're looking to buy an Amazon gift card at Costco, we'll show you where to find them and how to use them. Read on to find out if Costco does sell amazon gift cards.

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Does Costco Sell Amazon Gift Cards?

Costco does not sell amazon gift cards, whether in-store or online.  However, there are a few ways you can work around this.  If you want to purchase an Amazon gift card, you will need to go to another local store and ask them for amazon gift cards. Also, Costco does not currently sell any other Amazon products.

What is an Amazon Gift Card?

An Amazon Gift Card is a digital or physical gift card used to purchase items on Amazon Gift Cards can be purchased from various sources, including, select retailers, and third-party websites. You can also earn Amazon Gift Cards by completing specific tasks or surveys. Amazon gift cards can be used to purchase anything from the Amazon website, including physical goods and digital content.

Alternatives Stores to Buy An Amazon Gift Card Apart From Costco

There are a few alternatives to buying an Amazon gift card from Costco. One option is to purchase a physical Amazon gift card from a retail store such as:

Another option is buying an Amazon eGift card from a website like They are available in $25, $50, $100 up to $500 denominations.  Finally, you could also directly send someone an Amazon gift card via email through the Amazon website.

Why Doesn't Costco Sell Amazon Gift Cards?

Costco doesn't sell Amazon gift cards because Amazon is a direct competitor of Costco, so selling their gift cards would be giving them business. Amazon's prices are often lower than Costco's, so selling their gift cards would likely result in people using them to buy things from Amazon that they could get cheaper at Costco. Also, Costco has its own branded Visa gift card that can be used anywhere Visa is accepted, including Amazon, so there's no need for them to sell Amazon gift cards.

What Gift Cards Does Costco Sell?

Costco is one of the most popular places to shop online, and they offer a wide range of products, but there's one thing they don't sell: Amazon gift cards.

Costco sells a variety of gift cards, and all of them are good options if you're looking for a last-minute gift or want to save some money. Costco sells gift cards in denominations that range from $10 to $100, depending on the store and location. If you want to buy gift cards from Costco, you can place a request in-store or online and check the status of your request online.

Costco sells gift cards for:

The best part about gift cards is that you can use them any time during the year, whether you're stuck in a pinch or want an extra gift for yourself or your family. You can also use these cards for items that don't sell on Amazon.

How Much of A Discount Does Costco Give Gift Cards?

Costco sells a variety of gift cards at a discount. The specific discount depends on the type of card and the current promotion, but Costco typically offers a 5-10% discount on all gift cards. For example, if you purchase a $100 Amazon gift card at Costco, you will pay $95-$99. It is a great way to save money on your next Amazon purchase.

Who Sells Amazon Gift Cards In-Store?

There are a few different places that sell Amazon gift cards in-store. Target, Walmart, and Best Buy are a few of the most popular places to purchase them. Amazon gift cards can also be found at some grocery stores.

Are Amazon Gift Cards Available At Grocery Stores

Yes, Amazon gift cards are available at select grocery stores. To find a store near you that sells Amazon gift cards, visit the Amazon website and search for "grocery stores that sell Amazon gift cards."

Benefits of Amazon Gift Cards

There are many benefits to using Amazon gift cards. Amazon gift cards can be used to purchase anything on Amazon, including Kindle books, digital music, and physical goods. They never expire and can be reloaded with funds at any time. They have no fees associated with them. Also, Amazon gift cards can be used to pay Prime membership fees and other subscription services.

Can Someone Use My Amazon Gift Card

Yes, people can use your Amazon gift card for purchases on It's like any other gift card you've ever given someone else.

You can even use the same card from one account to buy something in another account. Just let amazon know which account you want to use, and amazon will set it up for you.

Can You Buy a Gift Card from Costco?

Yes, you can purchase gift cards and eGift cards from Costco. However, these are only available for Costco members. You can also choose to have your payment method on file and have the gift card picked up at the register when you check out.


Costco does not sell Amazon gift cards in-store or online. However, it does sell gift cards for many other stores, including Apple and Target. If you want an Amazon gift card, you'll need to get it from a different store.

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