Does Tesco Express Sell Gift Cards? (All You Need to Know)

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Looking to buy gift cards but unsure if Tesco Express carries them? Our comprehensive guide will provide you with all the information you need. Find out everything you need to know before heading to your nearest Tesco Express store!

Gift cards are a great way to show appreciation to loved ones, coworkers, or friends. However, searching for them can be frustrating. That's why we've created a comprehensive guide to answer your question: Does Tesco Express Sell Gift Cards?

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Does Tesco Express Sell Gift Cards?

Yes, Tesco Express sells a wide range of gift cards across its widespread stores network in the UK. So if you are planning to gift your loved one a gift card for any occasion, including birthdays, Mother's day, or Christmas gifts, Tesco Express got you covered! However, the type of gift card the retailer offers will depend on the store location you're buying.

Read on to learn more about gift cards on offer at Tesco Express.

Types of Gift Cards Sold at Tesco Express

The most popular gift card sold at Tesco Express is the Tesco e-Gift Card which you can redeem at over 2,500 stores across the UK. However, the retailer also offers a range of other brands' gift cards available for purchase in-store or online.

Some of the big brands’ gift cards on offer at Tesco Express include;

How to Buy Tesco Gift Cards

There are two ways to buy Tesco gift cards:

1. Online: Tesco's website has an entire section dedicated to its range of gift cards, including virtual and physical options. You can purchase these using a Visa or Mastercard credit or debit card. Tesco does not accept American Express as a mode of payment for gift cards.

To buy a Tesco gift card online, visit the Tesco gift card website and keenly follow the easy steps.

2. In-store: You can also buy these at any Tesco store in the UK, either at self-checkouts or by speaking with an employee at the customer service desk (you may have to provide your ID). For corporate clients, Tesco offers digital and physical gift cards in different denominations. For the physical gift card, businesses can limit which items can be paid for using the card.

For the digital gift cards (e-gift cards), the staff can receive them through their email addresses and utilize them immediately. But note that the e-gift cards expire after five years from the date of issue.

What You Need to Know When Buying Tesco Gift Cards?

Tesco gift cards are the perfect treat for your friends and family. Whether you're looking for a birthday or a Christmas present, Tesco gift cards provide the ideal solution. Here are a few things you need to know before buying Tesco gift cards;

How to Check Your Tesco Gift Card Balance?

There are different ways of checking your Tesco gift card balance;

How to Get the Best Tesco Gift Card Deals?

Tesco gift cards offer the best deals when it comes to shopping. The gift cards are available in different denominations, and you can use them for any product or service in Tesco stores. Here is how to get the best deals when using Tesco gift cards;

ASOS Gift Card on Amazon

ASOS gift cards are the perfect gift for anyone who loves fashion. While you can buy them directly from the ASOS website, other online retailers such as Amazon, Voucher Express, Tesco Express, and Gift vouchers sell them. You can use an ASOS gift card to shop for clothing and accessories.

There are over 250 brands in their collection, including Adidas Originals, Calvin Klein, Alexander McQueen, and many more. If you're looking for something specific, search their brands' directory to find what you want.


Does Tesco Express sell gift cards? Yes, Tesco Express offers a wide range of gift cards for the leading brands, including Tesco gift cards themselves. You can buy the gift cards directly on the Tesco Express website or by walking to their over 2,500 outlets in the UK. For the best deals when using Tesco gift cards, shop during special occasions and events, be on the lookout for offers and promotions, and shop for gift cards online if possible!

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