Does Target Do Cash Back? (Yes, But You Should Know This)

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Are you wondering if, how, and when Target does Cash Back in their stores? Please read our article, find out the Target Cash Back services, learn the limits, and more. Here are some experts and verified answers on FAQ.

If you are based in the US, you can agree that Target is one of the most profound retail destinations in the region and beyond. It doesn't only make your in-store and online shopping seamless, but it also has facilitated services for customers under one roof.

There are many facilities and services that Target offers at your convenience. In retail, Cash Back is simply getting cash on any purchase made in the store rather than undergoing extra charges at the ATM. Therefore, many people have been asking- Does Target do Cash Back?

We are dedicated to answering the questions and exploring even deeper into the limits, FAQs, how to go about it, and many more tips to avoid hefty charges. Here is what we found from the research.

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Does Target Do Cash Back?

Yes, Target offers a cash-back service, but it comes with particular limits. Currently,  the Cash Back in most locations is restricted to up to $40. Another restriction is that the limit is only available for purchases made using the debit card at the self-checkout or through the counter. This also includes when you are using the Target RedCard.

Understand that Target doesn't impose a minimum limit as well as a transaction fee to be eligible for the Cash Back.. one thing to keep in mind is that Target doesn't offer Cash Back when you are using credit cards or personal checks to make payments.

Therefore, there is a lot you need to understand here in case this doesn't sound very clear. Let's keep exploring the Target Cash Back policy, eligibility, limitations, alternative stores with higher limits, and much more. We have done meticulous research to present verified answers and solutions to our readers under one roof.

Cash Back Policy at Target

Target Debit Card users can access cash back at both traditional and self-checkout stations. To avail of this service, they need to choose their desired cash back amount ($10, $20, $30, or $40) during the transaction via the Wallet app. However, cash back via the Target RedCard is subject to a daily limit due to its ACH transaction processing, which aims to prevent potential overdrafts and financial losses by not checking fund availability in real-time.

While customers can conduct multiple transactions to exceed the $40 limit within their bank's daily spending threshold, RedCard holders are restricted to one cash back transaction per day.

Cash Back Limits at the Target Store

Let's take a look at the cash back limit conditions at Target stores, to facilitate your transactions and meet your expectations:

How to Get Target Cash Back?

Customers can get Cash Back at the checkout or self-checkout counter. In most cases, the cashier gives up to $40 Cash Back on every transaction. You must select the Cash Back option when you go in for the self-checkout or Card reader. While you must complete a purchase to get the Cash Back, Target does not have a particular minimum to be eligible.

Still, you can never withdraw more than what is available from your checking account linked to the debit card. The withdrawal will include the order amount. For instance, if you have a total order amounting to $60 and need a Cash Back of $20, your account must have at least $80 to get 20$ Cash Back.

Some of the best ways to get Cash Back at Target are using the Debit card as well as with the Target RedCard; you can get Cash Back from your checking account.

Though self-checkout is also an ideal move, some customers reported the left cash on the register from Quora. Still, with the check, you must use third-party verification, which is done via the Certegy. The alternative method of getting Cash Back at the Targets includes Gift cards, though this also depends on the participating state. Thus, I recommend connecting with the local store and seeing if the servers are available here.

As stated, the Target RedCard debit card is also eligible for Cash Back because it directly draws the money from the linked bank checking account.

Cash Back on Credit Cards at Target

Unfortunately, Target does not give Cash Back when you use a credit card to settle the purchase at the counter or kiosk. But when you use the Target MasterCard, you can withdraw cash from the Target AT money transfer, as well as banks and casinos. You will access the cash advance if you have the ID and PIN to withdraw at the Target ATM. You can manage this directly from the official Target website; it is free.

Cash Back on Gift Cards at Target 

If you own a Target gift card but prefer not to use it, consider converting it to cash. This option is available under certain conditions defined by state laws. Only residents of states with a cash back policy for gift cards can convert their Target gift cards into cash. States permitting this include Vermont, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Maine, Oregon, Montana, Colorado, New Jersey, Washington, Massachusetts, Puerto Rico, and California.

The maximum cash back amount varies by state, with some allowing a return of up to $10. To qualify for cash back, your Target gift card balance must not exceed the state-specific maximum cash back limit.

Cash Back on Checks at Target

No, Target does not provide cash back on personal checks. If you write a personal check at Target, you will not be able to receive cash back as part of the transaction. The store's policy is to accept personal checks only for the amount of the purchase, without any additional cash back option. 

Cash Back Using the Target Wallet App

Though customers can count on the Target Wallet app to seek Cash Back, there is a limit on this as well. To be eligible, you must link a valid Target debit card. This is because Target Wallet is one of the Target shopping applications, and it is available for devices like Android and iOS users.

With the Target Wallet app, you have access to the advanced features, and it has made the process not only convenient but also faster and simple, especially when it comes to checking out. Thus, you can utilize perks like coupons as well as Target RedCard as a payment option.

Using a Target wallet to request Cash Back is as simple as using a debit card. You must select the Target debit card, toggle the Cash Back cell, and type in the amount to complete the transaction. Authorize the payment by scanning the barcode, and you are done.

Also, note that Target self-checkout gives Cash Back, but different checkout points have limited denomination bills, and max withdrawal also varies. A Target associate at the self-checkout can help you if you have issues. Target Cash ABC is exclusively free, with no minimum purchase needed. But you must understand the bank's daily withdrawal limits to avoid additional charges on the cash abc transactions.

Alternative Methods to Get Cash Back at Target

We have seen that some Target stores feature ATMs on their premises. These ATM points enable customers to withdraw cash. However, from their website, the search results will never indicate the availability of the ATM in a particular store. Thus, the only way to be sure is to call them and confirm.

Other than ATM banking services, Target stores never charge customers for withdrawals, even if they are not members. Any bank ATM outside the Target network will definitely charge the customers.

Other Stores that Offer Cash Back

There are still multiple other stores that still offer the Cash Back. These are the likes of many gas stations, grocery stores, dollar stores, drug stores, etc.; the cash price limits as well as charges are different from one location to the other.

Some of the stores with the limits are as outlined below:-

For Cash Back in the above stores, most of them accept the request on any debit card transaction. However, few stores give Cash Back when using personal checks. There is no Cash Back service you will get with the credit card. The only exception in this case is the Discover credit card.

There are still other specific places where customers cannot get the Cash Back offers. Some sectors are home goods retailers, home furnishing, and clothing retailers. Among these locations are stores such as Wawa, Speedway, Starbucks, H&M, Forever 21, Michaels, RaceTrac, Speedway, etc.


Target stores offer Cash Back for any transaction made using a debit card as well as a Target Redcard debit card. The services are still accessible at any associate registered and self-checkout. The customer does not incur any charges or need any minimum transaction limit to qualify. Target currently guarantees a cash-back limit of up to $40, a $10 bill denomination. The Target Wallet app also gives customers the option to get Cash Back based on the conditions we have discussed in the above article.

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