Does Ace Hardware Price Match? (All You Need to Know)

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Ace Hardware is the go-to place for all home improvement products and tools. The retailer is also known for its helpful and personalized shopping experience. If you are looking for a store to buy supplies for your next renovation, you may wonder if Ace Hardware does price matching. We were wondering the same; the following is what we uncovered.

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Does Ace Hardware Price Match?

Unlike other retail stores, Ace Hardware stores are owned and run independently. Therefore, the policies set by the owners determine whether or not price matching is available.

However, many business owners are willing to match the prices of rival Ace Hardware stores and retailers selling competing brands. If you are curious about which Ace Hardware store offers price matching and what specific item’s price can be matched, this post is for you; it covers all you need to know about Ace Hardware's price matching policy.

Is Price Matching Available In All Ace Hardware Stores?

There are about 5000 Ace Hardware stores worldwide. Most of these stores are run and operated independently by local people. Since each store is individually operated, services like price matching are made accessible at the discretion of their respective proprietors.

The only way to find out if your local Ace Hardware store does price matching is by walking to the customer service desk and inquiring. Try a different Ace Hardware store if your local store does not price match. If you find an Ace Hardware store that will match prices, below are the requirements for products that will be qualified for a price match.

What Items Are Excluded From Price Matching At Ace Hardware

Not all items at Ace Hardware are available for price matching. Hardware will not match items labelled as black Friday or Thanksgiving deals. This is because the items have already been discounted and can not be discounted again.

Closeouts, clearing, labour changes, and clearances are also not eligible for price matching. Just like other stores, the number of price matches you can get maybe capped. It is, therefore, essential that you confirm with the customer service desk before you plan on making multiple purchases.

How To Get A Price Match At Ace Hardware Store

Once you get an Ace Hardware store that price-matches, go to a competitor store such as Home Depot and find a product to price match. Ensure that the item is identical in both stores and meets the criteria for a price match.

Once you have found a price-matched product, contact Ace Hardware employees and request a price match. You will be required to prove the lower price in the competitor store. Once you've made your request, the worker will do anything they can to meet or beat the competitor's price.

Does Ace Hardware Offer Price Adjustments

What if you have already purchased the product? Can it still get price matched? Ace Hardware may refund the amount difference if you request a price adjustment. To do so, carry your receipt and proof of lower price from the competitor store. After verification, you will be issued a refund of the amount difference.

Please notice that there is a limit on how long you can wait for a price match to be offered after purchase. So before issuing a price match request, confirm with your local Ace Hardware. The decision to provide a price adjustment rests solely with the manager of the Ace Hardware store.

Which Stores Does Ace Hardware Price Match?

Ace Hardware stores will reportedly match the pricing of its major competitors. These include stores such as Lowe's and Home Depot, as well as their own sale rates. If you find an item from a local shop that is cheaper, see if Ace Hardware would match the price.

Will Ace Hardware Price Match Online?

Yes, if you buy items from Ace Hardware’s website, you will be eligible for a price match within 30 of making the purchase. To get the price match, you can use the customer service portal or contact them directly. Just like with the brick-and-mortar stores, you will be required to provide proof of lower price.

Ace Hardware's price matching policy requires you to submit an online request for a refund and have it approved by a manager. If your request for a price match is accepted, Ace Hardware will issue a refund via the same payment method used to make the initial purchase.

Other Ways To Save Money When Shopping At Ace Hardware

If price matching is unavailable in your local Ace Hardware store, you dont have to worry. There are plenty of other ways to save money while shopping at the hardware store. The following are some ways you can save money when shopping at Ace Hardware stores.

Bottom Line

Since each of Ace Hardware's 500 locations is privately owned, their respective online price-matching policies vary widely. Regardless, most Ace Hardware locations will match the prices of big competitors and similar businesses. For an item to qualify for price matching, it must resemble the sold item at Ace Hardware. Additionally, the item must not be under a special discount at the time of purchase.

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