Does FedEx Deliver to PO Boxes? (All You Interested In Is Here)

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Are you eager to get your package delivered to the PO Box address by FedEx? That is awesome, and here is everything you need to know from experts if FedEx provides packages to the PO Box.

Fedex is a long-time and famous carrier company that has established a strong reputation because of not only being able to deliver residential packages and business items to the respective addresses.

However, based on privacy concerns, a few businesses and individuals prefer not to receive the packages at their exact locations. Hence, there is something we call the PO Box. These addresses will protect your package against damage and keep you safe.

Because of their needs and curiosity, many people ask if FedEx delivers packages to the PO Box. Let us find out more in the next section.

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Does FedEx Deliver to PO Boxes?

We have researched enough and found that FedEx has a strict policy and prohibits delivery services into PO Boxes. This is because the acceptance in those facilities is the property of the USPS. However, there is a trick or exception to the restriction lately. FedEx has ground economic services that can be delivered to the P.O. Boxes. This is because this method relies on the USPS as the last mile in the delivery services.

Additionally, FedEx can deliver to larger post offices, known as  ' competitive' places. However, you need to format the address correctly to make work simpler and more accessible.

Though the above explanation sounds challenging, if you are curious to understand it more profoundly, keep reading our article until the end. We will explain more and go deeper into the details and how to proceed.

Does FedEx Express Deliver Packages to the PO Box Locations?

As often, we have seen or we all understand that FedEx Express does not and will not, in any case, deliver a package to the PO Box. This is because any package sent to PO Boxes is the property of the United States Postal Service. Hence, the only employees who can access such premises are the USPS. The same applies to all the packages that are delivered using FedEx Home Delivery and FedEx Ground. To get a more profound exception to the above rule, let us keep reading our article and learn more in the next section.

Why Does FedEx Not Deliver Packages to the PO Box?

FedEx cannot deliver any parcel or package to the PO Box because the facilities belong to the USPS, and only the employees are allowed into them or access the package.

Since USPS owns the PO Box receptacles, it is their responsibility to guard and protect the privacy of the parcel without giving any third party access to them.

How Does FedEx Ground Economy Deliver to the PO Boxes?

The Fedex Ground Economy is another unique carrier formerly popularly known as the Smartpost. This is the only FedEx carrier option to deliver the parcel to the PO Box. It has no special provision and goes beyond the stated exceptions, as we have seen with typical FedEx delivery services.

Fedex's ground economy, if you are not aware, is a collaboration between the USPS and Fedex. Thus, when delivering with the FedEx ground economy, FedEx will be responsible for shipping and picking up the packages.

However, the USPS will take over the delivery once the FedEx Ground economy ships to the final destination. After that, drop the parcel at the local post office for the USPS employee to deliver the final or last mile. Since the USPS takes up the last lapse or the package delivery, FedEx Ground Economy can deliver to the PO Boxes.

Also, remember that some international places grant the FedEx Express to deliver to the PO Boxes. A good example is Puerto Rico. However, the person responsible must provide all the needed information, such as the telephone number, valid phone number, or fax number.

Another thing to note here is that when shipping through FedEx Ground economy, make sure you include the relevant information. This consists of the street address, the PO Box number, the Post office, and your box number. Remember that you don't have to specify the reference.

Special Cases When FedEx Can Deliver to the PO Boxes

Though it rarely happens, there are a few cases under which FedEx will be granted permission to deliver the package to the PO Boxes. There are a few scenarios in this section for your understanding.

In this case, the last is when the customer has a mailbox in a non-post office location. A good example is Mailboxes and Postal Plus. FedEx has the right to deliver to such PO box locations as well. This is considered to be the independent pack and ship store. Even though FedEx is restricted when delivering packages to the PO Boxes, the above are rare cases when they have the right to deliver.

What Happens When You Send a Package to PO Boxes Using FedEx?

Try sending a package to the PO Box locations via FedEx. You are going to get an error notification, especially at the time of filling out the shipping label on the website. Hence, the error restricts your package from being mailed to these addresses as the first step.

In case the notification doesn't indicate an error and manages to go through to send the package to the PO Box, then understand that your package will get lost in the long run.

FedEx will utilize the ground economy for the final delivery part. This indicates that the USPS eUSPS employee hosts multiple packages for the customer. However, what we have claimed only applies to the domestic PO Boxes alone. This is because some international companies allow FedEx Express to deliver to the PO Box, such as Puerto Rico and other locations worldwide.

But everything applies to the packages shipped to the APO, DPO, and FPO addresses.


Q. Can customers deliver parcels to the PO Box using FedEx Ground or FedEx Home?

As of the moment, when delivering your package using the FedEx ground and FedEx home, then you can provide it to all the PO Boxes areas. The thing here is that FedEx will sue FedEx Ground Economy for the final delivery to the USPS facility, which will then take over for the last mile to hand over the package to the customer or add it to the box.

Q. What is FedEx SmartPost?

FedEx smart post is currently known as the FedEx Ground economy. This is one of the most affordable and effective shipping options for the lightweight package in the U and its territories. They handle the first leg of shipping and package collection before handing the last mile under the USPS facility for delivery to the PO Box location. You must sign the agreement form before shipping with the FedEx ground economy.

Q. How can customers utilize FedEx to deliver parcels to the PO Boxes?

You can use FedEx to deliver parcels to the PO Box by selecting the FedEx ground economy or under a particular exception. FedEx ground economy collects and ships the parcel, then hands it over to the USPS as the last mile to deliver to the box.


Fedex is highly restricted when delivering to PO Box locations. These PO Boxes are facilities owned by the USPS, and FedEx is not granted permission to access them unless under a particular exception. However, FedEx can deliver packages to the PO Box via the ground economy, which hands them over to the UPS employee of the last mile delivery to the box location or customer.

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