FedEx Package Delivered to the Wrong Address - What Should We Do?

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What should I do when a FedEx package is delivered to the wrong address? You might be wondering. Please read our article, and make your FedEx experience seamless. We have you covered.

There are different mail carriers worldwide, and besides USPS, we also have the famous FedEx. In fact, FedEx has established a strong relationship with customers because of its timely delivery services.

However, there are some situations when the package delivery is delayed. That is not for today, though. We will focus on something else in this article.

If you frequently use FedEx for delivery services, you must have encountered packages delivered to the wrong address other than late deliveries. Hence, keep reading the article and learn more about what to do when a FedEx package is delivered to the incorrect address and many more tips. Here is all we have found from our research.

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FedEx Package Delivered to the Wrong Address

At some point, and for many reasons, FedEx might deliver packages to the wrong address. Some of the causes of these wrong-address deliveries are mislabeled packages, issues with unclear address markers, as well as misspelled address details.

In some cases, FedEx detects and quickly corrects the mistakes. In such a situation, FedEx dispatches a driver to deliver the package again to the right address. However, as the shipper, you must submit the missing package claim form, which is available on the website. The company recommends that when you get the wrong package or an error, you consider bringing it to the FedEx premises or location.

If you are curious about learning what to do when FedEx delivers to the wrong address, learn tips, and more, then we advise you to pay attention, read the article, and explore and unlock information.

Reason FedEx Delivers to the Wrong Address

Before we go into details, packages delivered to the wrong address are not often done. However, at some point, FedEx might make a mistake, which results in delivering a package to the wrong address. Many people, especially our readers, are asking why FedEx delivers packages to the wrong address. We have a simple explanation.

First, when you recently moved to a different premise, FedEx will deliver the package to your old address or neighbors. Problems like misspelled addresses are also common reasons FedEx delivers packages to the wrong address.

Not forgetting, it can still be because of the fault caused by human error on FedEx's part. As such, expect incorrect deliveries with even a slight error made at the dispatch centers.

From the above explanation, it is clear that you must have a visible address market at your premises. This will help you avoid the challenges of a driver dropping the package to the wrong location.

The last reason why FedEx delivered the package to the wrong address is issues brought about because the package was mislabeled while processing at the FedEx premises. This likely causes misdeliveries. At this point, there is not much you can do from your side to prevent this error or misdeliveries.

What Should We Do If FedEx Delivers to the Wrong Address?

Misdelivery is when FedEx delivers a package to the wrong address. Therefore, if you are confused about what to do when FedEx delivers a package to the wrong address, there are some steps that FedEx can take. Based on the outlines highlighted on the FedEx website here. You can follow the below procedure to retrieve the shipment. However, for you to achieve results, your delivery needs to be most recent. If so, here is what to do:

We have just covered the steps FedEx takes when they deliver packages to the wrong address. On the contrary, the customer also plays a role in this issue. Thus, when you realize the status shows the package has been delivered to the wrong address, you can work around it to retrieve it. Hence, when FedEx is not able to correct the misdelivery quickly, you have a role in contacting the FedEx support team at the service center over the matter.

If so, there are multiple methods to contact FedEx. You can call them at their toll-free hotline, 1-800-463-3339, or write them an email to inform them of the matter. However, while calling, we recommend having the tracking number for your package on standby and providing a brief description of the misdelivery.

You may also get or receive the wrong package. Thus, when you receive a package that is not yours, you are recommended to drop it off at the FedEx location, office, or any authorized third-party retailer. Some of these retailers are Dollar General and Walgreens.

Ensure you explain the condition to the FedEx associate so they understand what is happening and what steps to take. With reliable information, they can make the right and informed decision.

Still, when FedEx delivers a tote package with the wrong apartment number, and you know that package belongs to your neighbor, bring it to them and explain what happened so they can correct the address.

Who Is Responsible If Package Is Delivered to Wrong Address?

Some people are eager to understand who is responsible when FedEx delivers a package to the wrong address. The truth is that when the package is delivered to the wrong address, it is the responsibility as the courier to retrieve it and redeliver it to the correct address.

But keep in mind that if your package is damaged or lost while under the procedure, FedEx will still be liable and will compensate or refund you the value of your package.

How to Avoid FedEx Delivering Packages to the Wrong Address?

While there is nothing at times that customers can do to prevent FedEx from delivering packages to the wrong address, there are still some essential tips you need to have at hand. A misdelivered package is challenging to evade, but keep in mind that there are some steps you can take to help reduce the chances of this issue happening.

Therefore, one of the simplest approaches to help minimize or prevent FedEx from delivering to the wrong address is to double-check the address before you finish up with the purchase. This is essential, mainly when you recently relocated and are using the old address to purchase on the website. Your addresses are usually saved; consider changing and verifying them.

Secondly, we encourage our readers to add extra delivery instructions in the FedEx delivery manager feature when purchasing online. Using the tool or feature makes it easy to add details describing the appearance of your home and delivery. When the driver gets all the details, it helps reduce the chances of encountering delivery errors.

Other than what we mentioned above, contact details and introduction ensure that your address is visible on your premises. In this case, we should buy a noticeable address marker to enhance visibility.

Note that when you realize your package has been delivered to the wrong address, you can file a claim when using FedEx Express, FedEx Freight Shipment, or FedEx Ground. Once you file a claim as directed in the above article, you can still track its status on the website.


FedEx will likely deliver packages to the wrong location because of human error, mislabeled packages, and incorrect addresses. Don't worry; file the claim and get the company to do the trace or refund. However, in the above article, we have seen that double-checking the address before purchase minimizes such errors.

Always have a clear address marker on your apartment to avoid confusion during delivery. Also, attach a delivery introduction to make work easy for the FedEx driver in charge. When your package is misdelivered, contact FedEx support service for assistance.

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