Does Costco Install Car Batteries? (Try These Instead!)

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Curious whether Costco not only sells batteries but also provides installation services for your vehicle? Keep reading to discover the comprehensive answer you seek.

Numerous stores offer food supplies as well as other household products under one roof. Among these stores, here comes Costco as well. Costco is famous for its bulk packaging on groceries, which is only accessible at a friendly price tag compared to other online services.

However, you may wonder if Costco installs car batteries. If you are interested in exploring more, then keep reading our article to the end and find out more. We will share more, answer most of the FAQs and share a few of the alternative stores that guarantee you battery installation.

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Does Costco install Car Batteries?

Regrettably, Costco does not offer installation services for car batteries. While they do sell car batteries at competitive prices, installation is the responsibility of the customer, who must either self-install or find services elsewhere. However, Costco patrons can still benefit from purchasing batteries at reduced rates within their warehouses. For installation services, well-known options include Pep Boys, Walmart, and AutoZone. 

If you're seeking further information beyond this confirmation, continue reading our article. We will delve into deals, alternative locations for battery installation, replacement services, and more. Stay with us to learn additional details."

Alternatives When Costco Doesn't Provide Car Battery Installation

When you realize that Costco only offers car batteries without installation, you might be wondering what to do next. Don't worry; we will guide you through the process with perfect steps to take. In this section, we will highlight some of the alternative methods to consider in your struggle to get the battery installation.

When you understand the DIY steps, it becomes easy. as well, you can locate the neighboring store or local auto service center for assistance. Otherwise, here are a few steps recommended to consider:

1. Use third-party auto service center

This is the first step we recommend you consider car battery installation. Most of the auto-service centers are well-equipped and ready to offer assistance, though you must incur a small charge, which also varies from one location to the other. Thus, before you decide on the method, ask about their pricing. Many other auto service centers offer installation services online. Just click and confirm.

2. Mobile battery installation services

Many mobile companies offer car battery installation. In this case, the company sends the experts to your location to provide the installation services. Based on your locality, you can access them from the directories and online. It is a convenient method because, with dead batteries, some vehicles cannot move.

3. Self-installation

iF you are confident enough with your DIY skills, then you can move ahead and do the battery installation. The battery comes with well-explainable instructions that you can follow, but also keep in mind the safety precautions, such as having protective gear.

Check for the warranty and support of the manufacturer

Reviewing the warranty information is vital, and you can get the instructions on the car battery. Some manufacturers guarantee car installation through partnership service centers. Therefore, as long as you are within the warranty period, you can contact your manufacturer and seek assistance on the way forward.

Alternative Places or Retailers that Offer Battery Installation

In case you are struggling to locate alternative retailers and auto service centers to get the car battery installation, this is the right section to guide you. Costco doesn't install car batteries, but other companies do. Thus, purchase a car battery from Costco at a competitive price and get it installed into your car from the other alternative retailers, such as the below:

Pricing of Car Batteries at Costco

Though Costco warehouses feature car batteries, the store doesn't offer bulk selection. Regardless, they sell the car batteries at a friendly price.

The price of the car battery depends on the type of vehicle. Hence, pricing starts anywhere between 60$ to 100 $. Compared to other available retailers, you will notice a difference in pricing of about 15 to 40 bucks.

Additionally, it's worth noting that a battery core charge of $10.00 (refundable) may be added at checkout when purchasing a battery from Costco. This core charge is a deposit paid when purchasing a battery and is refunded when the old battery is returned for recycling.

Types of Batteries Available at Costco

Looking for a reliable battery for your vehicle or equipment? Costco has you covered with a wide range of Interstate brand batteries, catering to various needs. Let's dive into what they offer:

Automotive Batteries:

Recreational Batteries:

Specialty Batteries:

For those unique or hard-to-find battery types, availability might vary by location. It's a good idea to contact your local Costco Tire and Battery Center or use the "Find My Battery" tool on Costco's website to find exactly what you need.

Buying Car Battery online at Costco

When you want to purchase car batteries online at Costco, there is a simple procedure you need to follow. Stars by navigating through the Costco website and searching for the needed car battery in the search box.

You will be able to get the file or filtering aspects to indiacet your battery specifications as well as car specifications. You need to provide details like the models, make, type of engine, and the year to get relevant search results.

From the second step, Costco will evaluate your search information and bring you all the results if there is a car battery from the nearby Costco to purchase. The automotive battery is offered with a 36 months prorated warranty.

In case you realize there is no car battery from the research in the closed Costco store, then you can search using a different zip code. This will enable you to access the availability of batteries from different locations. The process is simple, easy, and fast. Keep on checking our website for more information on updates. You can also read our previous articles and add more knowledge and facts concerning Costco and car batteries.


Though Costco sells car batteries at a competitive pricing plan, they do not offer installation services even to their customers. Many customers prefer purchasing batteries from the Costco warehouse due to the friendly pricing compared to the alternative retail stores. You can get the standard as well as AGM batteries based on your demands and preferences. Refer to the above alternative solutions and auto-center locations to get the services at a fee.

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