12 Best Car Battery Brands: That Will Last The Longest

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You may be wondering how soon you should replace your car battery and which brand you should pick that is compatible with your car. With an endless list of overwhelming battery brands, we've narrowed down a list of the 12 best car battery brands to consider. Let's explore them!

Car batteries are essential components of any vehicle. Without one, of course, in good condition, your car will not start. Several car battery manufacturers in the market produce batteries with different features. Acquiring one for your car with excellent features and high quality is prudent. It will give you the comfort you need and keep your car moving. The following are some of the most preferred 12 best car battery brands.

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1. Optima Batteries

Optima batteries are high-quality batteries. The brand was established in 2012 and is best known for functioning well in extreme temperatures below -50F. If you live in freezing areas, you should consider this brand. It has a high vibration resistance preventing damages and is meant for marine vessels and automotive machines.

It comes in three varieties; the Red Top, which is suitable for ordinary cars. The Yellow Top is meant for advanced vehicles which are fitted with modern accessories like powerful radio systems, and finally, the Blue Top is designed for high cycling and starting. It is committed to continuous development, and in 2017, it unveiled a computerized battery charger designed by spiral technology.

They are pricey, with a starting price of $239, but it's worth the investment.

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2. Odyssey Batteries

With over 100 years in the market, Odyssey is the best brand known for its reliable and high-quality batteries. They can withstand extreme temperatures from -40F to 176F. Also, they have a large reserve capacity of 3 hours with a fast recharge capability, are vibration resistant and have a powerful cold cranking power Amp of 950A. Besides, it's long-lasting.

Odyssey is expensive, with a starting price of about $400 and is available in bigger sizes only. That is, they are meant for huge machines.

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3. DieHard Batteries

Since 1967, DieHard has been well-known for producing high-quality batteries. DieHard batteries are very powerful and can sustain multiple car accessories like radios. These batteries can function well despite of the weather condition and are available in all sizes for common and hybrid vehicles and electric vessels. It is made from 94% purely recycled materials, thus eco-friendly.

Are expensive, with its lowest quality DieHard silver selling at a discounted starting price of $200.

4. ACDelco Batteries

The brand was established in 1916. It manufactures high-quality AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat) batteries with non-corrosive terminals. ACDelco batteries are fitted with large reservoirs to hold the charge longer and have a high cycling capacity. They are powerful and designed for heavy and light cars, including marine and military vessels. Additionally, they can survive in extreme temperatures and are long-lasting.

They cost about $200.

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5. Bosch Batteries

Bosch was the oldest brand in the automotive industry, being established in 1880. It is best known for its innovative and long-lasting product lines. Their car batteries are very powerful, have excellent cranking power and are highly reliable as they can endure any weather condition. Even better, they are eco-friendly due to their ability to control leakages and a high recycling rate.

It is among the cheapest brand ever, with a price range of $100-$125. Bosch batteries are locally available in most countries.

6. Interstate Batteries

Established in the 1950s, Interstate is a famous brand. It is reliable as it produces high-quality AGM batteries which are available worldwide.  Additionally, it deals in multiple product lines for cars and marine vessels, including boats. The batteries can function well in any climate, whether extremely low or high temperature.

Batteries from this brand are costly, with those of regular cars priced at $180-$250, depending on their features.

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7. Duracell

Duracell has been a widespread brand since 1920. You may have used some of its batteries on your phone. The batteries are AGM, very powerful and long-lasting. They are available in numerous varieties designed for Electric vehicles and small cars. Duracell is an incredible brand with a good starting power that can endure harsh weather conditions.

The batteries are available in several countries worldwide. And, are very affordable, with a price range of $30-$180.s

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8. Antigravity Batteries

Antigravity batteries are heavy-duty AGM batteries made from Lithium-Ion. They are made with a Re-start technology of a wireless jump start which enables the batteries to recharge themselves, thus being very convenient. Unfortunately, these batteries are limited to motorcycles and race-car sized vehicles (low-engine cars) like Honda and Mazda, among others.

This brand is pricey, with a price range of $400-$1200. It has the longest five-year warranty, giving value for your money.

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9. Everstart Batteries

Despite being designed for ordinary cars, Everstart is a reliable brand producing quality batteries. Its batteries are available in all sizes and markets worldwide, thus very convenient. However, they have the shortest warranty of only one year.

If you're on a tight budget, consider this brand, as it has pocket-friendly prices.

10. Napa Batteries

Napa batteries have been on the market since 1925. It is a subsidiary of Optima and thus produces powerful and long-lasting batteries. It has a high reserve capacity to retain charge for longer hours thus, can endure extreme temperatures. The brand is made of AGM, hence non-corrosive, and it is maintenance-free as it does not require adding water and checking fluid levels.

It’s among the cheapest brands, with a price range of $100-$170.

11. ExpertPower Batteries

Since 1987, ExpertPower has been an expert in the automotive industry. The brand has three product lines of high-quality brands for both common engines and heavy engines. LifeP04 series is designed for Electric vessels, while the Power station series is rechargeable and contains USB charging ports that can be used to charge mobile phones. Lastly is the Lead-acid series, a low-power type designed for toys, security systems and other low-power general accessories.

12. XS-Power

It has been in existence since 2005 with diverse product lines. XS-Power batteries are of high quality and long-lasting. They are cheaper and very convenient as they are available locally and online in most stores.

What are the Tips for Choosing the Correct Car Battery?

Your choice of battery entirely depends on your type of car. Study your car battery requirements before you get down to finding a replacement. Here are some tips for making an informed choice;

1. The Brand

Some brands are known to manufacture high-quality but affordable car batteries. Sample reviews of various brands and prioritize the ones with the most positive reviews if you can afford them.

2. Battery Size

Just like you fit an outfit before purchasing, ensure the car battery you choose is of the right size that can fit in your car battery tray properly. Some brands are limited to a specific size, while some manufacture multiple sizes for different vehicles.

Also, consider the voltage size, as most car batteries require 12 voltage per cell. Check on the manual to ascertain this in case your car requires a higher voltage battery.

3. Battery Age

Newer batteries are more durable compared to older ones. Check the manufacturing date for the recently manufactured, preferably one below six months from the date of purchase.

4. Reserve Capacity

This is the ability of the battery to retain power. Some car batteries have high reserve power, while others have low. Check the manual to pick the one suitable for your car type.

5. Cold- Cranking Amps

Your car may fail to ignite, especially during winter, leaving you wondering if it has broken down. No, some car batteries may not have the ability to start in extreme conditions due to the thickening of oil. While some batteries are designed to function in extreme temperatures or specific conditions, some are not. Choose one that matches the condition of your area of residence or a multi-purpose one.

6. Cost

The cost of a battery is a primary determinant. While some brands may be cheaper but durable, most cheap brands do not guarantee durability, they are just entrepreneurs. If you can afford to, spend some extra coins on a better brand that assures quality. Besides, you can use the extended warranty period for costly car batteries.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: What is the difference between AGM and conventional batteries?

A: AGM batteries are designed with soaked sponges coating interior lead plates and are more powerful than conventional or regular car batteries, which use free-flowing fluid.

Q: Which battery brand is the most durable?

A: Just as its name, DieHard is said to last longer. It lasts about 3-5 years, with an average battery lifespan being three years. However, durability also depends on the climate, how well you maintain your battery and how frequently you use your car besides the brand, as cheaper brands tend to wear out quickly.

Q: How can I tell whether my car battery is worn out?

A: When a car battery begins to lose power, you will notice the following;

Q: How should I dispose of my old car battery?

A: Car batteries can be very harmful to the environment. Therefore ensure proper disposal of the bad car battery. Instead of throwing it away, you can make a few coins from it by re-selling batteries made of lithium-ion at your local recycling store or take the lead-acid battery to a waste collection site near you.


A fancy car with a lousy battery may keep you stuck amid a forest for hours waiting for someone to help jump-start it. With the knowledge provided above, you can make informed choices on the best car battery brands to invest on to avoid inconveniences. Don't wait for your car battery to stall on the road for you to replace it! Once you begin experiencing weird signs, as discussed above, replace it as soon as possible because it will eventually fail.

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