Does Amazon Deliver To Mexico in 2023? (Everything Explained)

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Amazon is the world's largest e-commerce marketplace. As a result, many people worldwide rely on it to acquire various goods. As of 2023, Amazon ships globally through Amazon Global. Nevertheless, Amazon only ships a limited number of products to certain countries, such as Mexico.

Amazon operates officially in Mexico through its Spanish site Even though the site was initially designed to only offer e-books, Amazon has expanded its catalog to include a wide range of consumer items. Amazon also runs five fulfillment centers and two sorting centers in Monterrey that facilitate fast delivery.

The variety of products on is quite limited compared to the U.S site, Therefore, many Mexican customers turn to the U.S. site to access a broader range of products. Not all products in the U.S. site ship to Mexico. Furthermore, most AmazonMarketplace merchants are hesitant to support shipping to Mexico.

This blog article delves deeper into the subject. Keep reading if you're interested in learning more.

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Does Amazon Deliver To Mexico In 2023?

As of 2023, Amazon ships products to Mexico, however, not all products featured on ship to Mexico. Customers must also pay supplementary customs and import duty costs for shipping merchandise to Mexico. The shipping cost is variable and depends on many factors. The price ranges from $15 to $50. Amazon also offers free shipping to Mexico on select qualified items.

How To Ship Amazon Products To Mexico

It's simple to get products delivered to your Mexican address. It is as simple as changing your delivery address to your Mexican address in the settings. After logging into your Amazon account, hover your cursor over the 'Accounts and Lists' area, then click the 'Your Account' link. Choose 'Your Addresses' under 'Ordering and Shopping Preferences.' Input your address information for your location in Mexico after clicking 'Add A New Address.'

You must select Mexico as the country from the drop-down selection at the top. After entering all of your information accurately, click the 'Set As Default' button next to the newly created Mexican address.

How Much Does Amazon Charge For International Shipping?

The actual shipping charges are calculated at checkout and are based on various factors. Such factors include the number of products in the basket, weight, item category, and volume. Furthermore, Amazon offers three different shipping options: standard, expedited, and priority, all of which have varied delivery times. If you, however, buy something on Amazon Marketplace, the cost of shipping varies based on the seller. Additionally, any non-media goods sent to Mexico are subject to shipping charges determined by Amazon sellers.

Customers who select the standard shipping option should expect to get their order in three to six weeks. Delivery will cost them between $15 and $25. Customers who pick a speedier delivery option, on the other hand, may anticipate their product to arrive in three to seven days. The shipping costs are estimated to be roughly $50.

How To Get Free Shipping Of Amazon Products To Mexico

For selected purchases, Amazon offers free delivery to Mexico. However, customers must complete specific requirements to qualify. It's essential to remember that the free delivery offer does not apply to all Mexican addresses. It is, however, simple to figure out which goods are eligible for free delivery and which aren't. Customers may simply search for products offered on Amazon Global.

The first criterion for receiving free delivery is to place an order that totals more than $49 before taxes. Customers should ensure that they choose free Amazon Global Standard Shipping and 'Group My Items into as Few Shipments as Possible' when they check out.

Unfortunately, Amazon does not ship everything it sells to Mexico. Customers can save time by using the International Shipping filter to uncover items eligible for shipping to Mexico. Amazon will inform you whether or not a product ships to your Mexican address after you click on it. Aside from Mexico, Amazon ships to over 100 countries worldwide.

Does Amazon Charge Import Fees Deliver To Mexico?

When Mexican shoppers order things from, they are subject to import duty taxes. However, the cost that Amazon charges you may not represent the actual amount paid to customs at delivery. In the event that you paid more than the required amount, Amazon will reimburse the difference. The cost of import duty is determined by various criteria, including the country, categorization of the items, and the number of products requested.

Are There Amazon Warehouses In Mexico?

Amazon has built extensive facilities to streamline its delivery process and cut delivery times. Furthermore, Amazon has invested $125 million in developing the facilities. The building of the facilities was primarily motivated by creating jobs, according to Jeff Bezos, the former CEO of Amazon. The new jobs offer employees great benefits such as competitive wages and valuable work experience, just like their counterparts working in the U.S. Amazon warehouses.

Why Does Amazon Deliver In Mexico?

Amazon expands its international client base by delivering merchandise to Mexican customers.

How To Find Sellers Who Ship To Mexico

Try the following methods to quickly find Amazon Marketplace merchants who ship to Mexico to save time.  

1. Creating a 1-click Address

Because you only have one mailing address for all of your orders, a 1-click address streamlines the shipping procedure. Once you've set up your 1-click address, you'll be able to explore and purchase things that Amazon delivers to Mexico more simply.

2. Shop On Amazon’s International Page

Customers may utilize Amazon's international shopping page to avoid spending time with merchants that do not ship to Mexico. Items solely accessible in the United States are filtered out, and inventory eligible for online shipment is displayed instead. Customers can quickly know whether or not an item ships to Mexico.

3. Filter Using The Right Keyword

Filters aid in the refinement of your Amazon product search. Use criteria like "ship to Mexico" or "" to identify vendors on who ship to Mexico. It filters out things that don't ship to Mexico, saving you time.

Bottom Line

As of 2023, Amazon will only ship a restricted number of items to Mexico. Customers will, however, have to pay extra customs and import duty costs for the items that ship. You must update your delivery address in your settings to have your purchases mailed to your Mexican address. Customers can obtain free shipping on some qualifying goods if their order totals more than $49 before taxes.

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