How Many Orders Does Amazon Get Every Second (More Than You Can Imagine!)

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It is no secret that Amazon is king when it comes to online shopping. In 2021, it was approximated that Amazon would account for more than 40% of all online shopping in America. It is, therefore, only natural to wonder how many orders Amazon gets in every second. In this post, you will gain some insight into Amazon’s massive scale of operation.

Amazon is the largest retailer in the world. The company ships to over 100 countries and regions outside the United States, giving it a massive user base shadowing all competitors. Even with its massive adoption and user base, most Americans shop offline rather than online.

For context, just $14 of every $100 spent on shopping is used online. Of the $14, Americans spend $5 on average for shopping on Amazon. That notwithstanding, Amazon still ships over 1.6 million packages daily, resulting in 18.5 packages per second.

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How Many Orders Does Amazon Get Every Second, Hour, Day, and Year?

Given the massive user base Amazon has, it does not come as a shock that the company ships over 1.6 million packages in a day. This estimate does not take into consideration bundled shipments or orders fulfilled by a single marketplace seller.

The 1.6 million shipments dispatched daily equates to 66,000 orders shipped each hour, 1,110 shipped per minute, and 18.5 shipped per second. Amazon Marketplace third-party vendors receive 67 orders on average per second. That works up to around 4,000 orders each minute and 240,000 orders per hour.

In 2019, Amazon generated a revenue of $346 billion from the orders shipped. This means that Amazon made an average of $950 million every day. This, however, does not indicate how much money the company made since most of the sales were from third-party sellers from the marketplace.

How Does Amazon Ship All The Packages?

As you would expect, shipping 1.6 million packages daily is not an easy undertaking. To help with logistics, Amazon has around 305 fulfillment centers in the United States. Additionally, Amazon has built out multiple Prime Now hubs to fulfill one and two-hour delivery.

It may come as a surprise to you that Amazon spends more money on shipping than it makes. The expansion of Prime Now hubs is not just a step toward Amazon's ultimate aim of delivering products to customers more quickly but also a crucial part of the company's plan to develop a logistics system that can compete on price and efficiency with the best in the business.

To facilitate fast shipping, Amazon has over 1 million employees to stow, sort, pick and pack packages from the warehouses. To handle international shipping, Amazon uses its fleet of Boeing 767-300 cargo aircraft.

According to David Glick, who is a former Amazon logistics executive, the company is building the world's most extensive logistics empire. The company is already competing with UPS and FedEx in the UK market and is working to develop a logistics system to do the same in the US.

How Does Amazon Ship So Fast?

Even with the massive number of packages that Amazon ships daily, Amazon is still able to deliver most packages before the deadline. So how is Amazon able to ship so many packages so fast? Let’s find out. At the core of Amazon’s logistics operations is the fulfillment center. Essentially, a fulfillment center is an advanced warehouse equipped with high tech such as robots, to carry the inventory around.

The fulfillment centers are crucial to Amazon’s logistics operations since most orders are shipped from massive warehouses. Amazon is the undisputed leader in the warehouse market, with over 175 such facilities located in over a dozen countries worldwide. When compared to its rivals, Amazon's ability to promptly reach customers is greatly enhanced by its vast network of warehouses.

How Quickly Does Amazon Ship?

We know from experience that Amazon has the resources to ship orders swiftly. But exactly how long does it take for Amazon to dispatch your order?

The time is taken to deliver mainly depends on where you live. With an Amazon Prime subscription, you can rest assured that your orders will be fulfilled quickly. When you sign up for Amazon Prime, you may choose between two shipping speeds: Same Day and Two Day.

You need a valid zip code to be able to get same-day shipping. You should also know that some things can't be delivered on the same day. In order to qualify, an item must bear the “Amazon Same-Day Delivery" emblem.

Orders placed by customers who are not Prime members typically arrive within five to eight business days.

How Many Active Customers Does Amazon Have?

To what extent does Amazon's user base extend? Over three hundred million people are thought to utilize the market regularly. In 2020, 65% of all Americans shopped on Amazon at least once a month.

During the peak of the pandemic, the number of visits to drastically increased. For instance, in September 2020, there were about 2.4 billion visits to

The number of people that visit the Amazon website every year is staggering. There are already 200 million paying members of Amazon Prime throughout the world who enjoy free delivery and other advantages.

What Makes Amazon The Number One Shopping Site?

Amazon is by far the largest and most valuable internet store because of various factors. Trust, competitive prices, a wide variety, easy checkout, speedy shipping, and other Prime-exclusive perks are all reasons why customers favor Amazon.

Amazon's competitive pricing is another reason the online retailer is so popular. Shoppers frequently choose Amazon as a starting point for their product research due to the site's convenient organization and extensive inventory.

Bottom Line

Amazon, the largest online retailer in the US, ships out about 1.6 million packages daily. This equates to 18.5 parcels being dispatched from Amazon's warehouses per second.

Amazon sends packages all over the world; thus, the primary factor in determining how long it takes to arrive will be the area to where the product is being shipped to. Amazon's use of cutting-edge technology in its warehouses is what allows them to meet its shipping goals.

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